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Sue Hitchen, Angela McKean, Caroline Whitham, Malcolm Irving, Lucy Wormell Foley, Lisa Chanos, Charis Stewart, and Rebecca Bain.


<ul><li><p>AGA RANGEMASTER CHEFS THEATRE BBQ ARENA POP UP RESTAURANTS</p><p>Brighton Hove Lawns May 4, 5 &amp; 6</p><p> Foodies Festival with top chefs</p><p>DRINKS THEATRE CHILDRENS COOKERY CLASSES ARTISAN FOOD</p><p>NEW CAKE &amp; BAKE ANDCHOCOLATE THEATRES</p><p>3</p><p>ChefsRECIPESINSIDE</p><p>001_FFCover_Bright.indd 1 22/04/2013 15:11</p></li><li><p>002_FFBright_LittleBay.indd 10 19/04/2013 16:35</p></li><li><p>Chefs Theatre </p><p>Drinks Theatre</p><p>Kids Cookery Theatre</p><p>Cake &amp; Bake Theatre</p><p>Chocolate Theatre</p><p>Restaurant Tents</p><p>Producers Market</p><p>BBQ Arena</p><p>City Beach</p><p>Bar Bus</p><p>VIP Tent</p><p>Exhibitors</p><p>Street Food Arena</p><p>First Aid</p><p>Cash Machines</p><p>Stage ENTRANCE</p><p>TOILETS</p><p>EXIT</p><p>EXIT</p><p>welcome foodies festival</p><p>foodies 3</p><p>F oodies Festival is back for another year at Brighton Hove lawns, and what a treat we have for you this weekend. italian maestro Gennaro Contaldo, mentor to Jamie oliver and the force behind Jamies italian, will be cooking up a storm in the Chefs theatre. Meanwhile in our all-new Chocolate theatre, Fiona sciolti will be melting our hearts with her ethical treats, using flowers picked from her garden. We also have our first Cake and Bake theatre this year for you to master the art of desserts. Head to the Registration desk to sign up for any of the events. Wed like to extend a massive thank you to Jamie Magazine and aga Rangemaster for their support, along with all the wonderful top chefs whove come out this weekend. l</p><p>Published by theMedia CompanyPublications Ltd21 Royal Circus,edinburgh eH3 6tltel: 0131 226 7766Fax: 0131 225</p><p>coNtRiBUtoRs</p><p>Gennaro contaldo inspiration behind Jamies italian</p><p>charles metcalfe Food and drink expert, a regular on GMtv </p><p>lisa marley Chocolatier and director of the Cocoa Box</p><p>matt Gillan Michelin star chef recently on Great British Menu</p><p> Welcome to Foodies </p><p>Brighton Hove Lawns May 4, 5 &amp; 6 l Tatton Park Cheshire May 17, 18 &amp; 19 Hampton Court Palace May 25, 26 &amp; 27 l London Clapham Common June 7, 8 &amp; 9Bristol Harbourside July 12, 13 &amp; 14 l Edinburgh Inverleith Park august 9, 10 &amp; 11 London Battersea Park august 16, 17 &amp; 18 l Oxford South Park august 24, 25 &amp; 26</p><p> Foodies Festival with top chefs</p><p>editoRialEditor sue HitchenDesign angela McKeanSub Editing Caroline WhithamDigital Imaging Malcolm irvingProduction lucy WormellPublishing Assistantamy McGoldricklisa ChanosAdvertising DesignCharis stewart</p><p>adveRtisiNGSales ManagerBill MackayBusiness DevelopmentMatthew MageeRyan sutherland</p><p>with thaNks tooUR spoNsoRs</p><p>003_FFWelcome_Bright.indd 3 22/04/2013 15:15</p></li><li><p>004_FFBright_Sussexlife.indd 10 19/04/2013 16:36</p></li><li><p>FOODIES FESTIVAL NEWSBRIGHTON HOVE LAWNS MAY 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>foodies 5</p><p>Wine timeChapel Down Winery will be showcasing their wonderful wines over the weekend. Sample a glass of award-winning sparkling wine, or a pint of their renowned Curious Brew or Curious IPA. Head along for a taste from Englands leading wine producer.</p><p>Gennaro Contaldo is an Italian legend, mentoring Jamie Oliver in all he knows about Italian cooking. One of the </p><p>most respected chefs in London, he is a TV regular and has authored several books. Hes cooking one of his signature recipes </p><p>in the Chefs Theatre on Saturday 4th May at 2pm. Sign up for your tickets at the registration desk near the entrance. </p><p>ITALIAN STYLE</p><p>New additions!Come along to our all-new Cake and Bake Theatre, with baking sessions taking place all day. Those with a sweet tooth will also be pleased to hear of our Chocolate Theatre, featuring demos and wine matching with Coeur De Xocolat and even fl ower infusionsfrom Sciolti Botanical Chocolates. Sign up at the registration desk for free tickets. </p><p>featuring demos and wine matching with Coeur </p><p>A wealth of Michelin-starred Sussex talent are cooking their signature recipes. The Curlews Andrew Scott, Stephen Crane of Ockenden Manor, Sam Metcalfe from Sams of Brighton, The Pass Restaurants Matt Gillan and many more will be cooking every hour in the Chefs Theatre. </p><p>CREAM OF THE CROP</p><p>Bar Bus is backWelcome back to Bar Bus! A star attraction from last year, just sit back and relax on the top deck of the glorious double decker bus and enjoy a glass of bubbly. Take in the views, fantastic atmosphere and amazing music!</p><p>Gennaro Contaldo is an Italian legend, mentoring Jamie Oliver in all he knows about Italian cooking. One of the </p><p>ITALIAN STYLE</p><p>005_FFNews_Bright.indd 5 19/04/2013 14:27</p></li><li><p>006_FFBright_BestofB.indd 10 19/04/2013 16:55</p></li><li><p>FOODIES FESTIVAL MASTERCLASS NEWSBRIGHTON HOVE LAWNS MAY 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>foodies 7</p><p>Charles Metcalfe Presents Charles Metcalfe is a fi rm favourite of ours and is GMTVs wine expert. Co-Chairman of the International Wine Challenge, his expertise on wine precedes him. Be sure to catch him in action!Witness his champagne, wine and sherry tastings every day in the Drinks Theatre at 13:30, 14:30 and 16:30</p><p>Hendricks Gin are in the Drinks Theatre. Learn all about cocktail making and how to mix them. Every day at 17:30</p><p>HENDRICKS GIN</p><p>Chocolate!Lisa Marley has trained as a chocolatier, and has a passion and enthusiasm for good ingredients and delicious fl avours! Come along to the Cake and Bake section to see her mastery at work. Her expertise will take you through her chocolate and baking demos, which include gooey chocolate caramel fudge and lemon cheesecake. See Lisa in the Chocolate Theatre on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th at 15:45</p><p>Melissa Cole has made her name as a forerunner in beer expertise. An international judge, she has also written a well-received book, </p><p>Let Me Tell You All About Beer: A Beginners Guide to All Things Brewed. Recently awarded </p><p>Imbibe magazines </p><p>Educator of the Year award, she blazes a trail and delivers a forthright, enthusiastic approach to beer. Catch her in the Drinks Theatre every day at 12:30</p><p>ICE COLE-D BEER</p><p>FLOWER POWER Kids CookeryChildren can learn to cook with Cookery Doodle Doo, where theyll be baking whilst trying new foods, get involved with craft activities and even face-painting. Watch them make Panda Cupcakes, Bee Muffi ns and Caterpillar Cheese Boards! From 11:30 onwards every day in the Childrens Cookery Theatre</p><p>Hendricks Gin are in the Drinks Theatre. Learn all about cocktail making and how to mix them.Every day at 17:30</p><p>Sean Bird is an award-winning chef, food writer and columnist. His masterclasses on dough and bread making are a feast for the imagination. Make sure to head along to the Cake and Bake Theatre for top tips and recipes to take home with you. Twice daily in the Cake and Bake Theatre, 15:15 and 16:45</p><p>CAKE AND BAKE </p><p>Charles Metcalfe </p><p>Fiona Scioltis botanical chocolates are elegantly simple; take the nations favourite indulgence and source the ingredients from the local countryside! Come along and see Fiona talk about her beautiful creations, and to ask her questions about how she does it. Fionas in the Chocolate Theatre every day at 13:45</p><p>MASTERCLASS </p><p>TICKETSAVAILABLE </p><p>THROUGHOUT</p><p>THE DAY AT </p><p>REGISTRATION</p><p>DESK</p><p>007_FFNewsMaster_Bright.indd 7 19/04/2013 12:35</p></li><li><p>008_FFBright_Mix.indd 12 24/04/2013 12:16</p></li><li><p>FOODIES FEStIval rEStaurantSbrighton hove lawns may 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>foodies 9</p><p>FISHY FISHYAvid seafood lovers with a sustainable ethos. This means using hook and line-caught fish, pot-caught seafood or fish caught in tidal gill nets that have big holes in them, so that the smaller fish can fall back through. Fishy Fishy are big believers in using British alternatives to foreign imports, looking to the English Channel for most of their menu. Enjoy their delicious, ethical meals!Tel: 01273 723750Web:</p><p>SamS oF brIgHtonSams of Brighton brings seasonal, local food cooked to perfection. As owner and Head Chef, the eponymous Sam Metcalfe cut his teeth at such illustrious venues at The Groucho Club and </p><p>LEscargot and as such has brought with him the quality and and elegance that you would expect from such a talent. Tel: 01273 676222Web: www.samsof</p><p>jamIeS ItalIanSince meeting the eccentric genius Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie Oliver has been obsessed with the purity of flavours and ingredients to be found in Italian cuisine. Jamies Italian was born. In the famous Laines, Jamies Italian Brighton reflects the humble, passionate and social attitudes of Italian cooking, and Gennaro himself will be creating these delicious dishes for you this weekend. Tel: 01273 915480Web:</p><p>009_FFNews_Restaurants_Bright.indd 9 19/04/2013 12:52</p></li><li><p>FOODIES FEStIval thE aga rangEmaStEr chEFS thEatrEbrighton hove lawns may 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>sponsored by</p><p>10 foodies</p><p>Cooking live at FoodiesMichelin star and top chefs cook favourite recipes in the </p><p>Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre. Register for free entry at the registration point. Tickets are released throughout the day and subject to availability </p><p>GeorGie FuGGle Georgie Fuggle trained at Leiths, worked for Green &amp; Blacks and then as a food stylist. She has also run two pop-up restaurants in London called Hart &amp; Fuggle. Take One Pot is published by Kyle Books, priced 15.99.</p><p>Blog: www.fuggleantics.blogspot.comTwitter: @apronantics</p><p>See Georgina in the Chefs Theatre Sunday 5th, 16:00</p><p>rose Harissa Pork witH Quinoa and dates</p><p>Serves 2-3</p><p>1 tablespoon olive oil300400g pork tenderloin1 medium onion, peeled and roughly chopped1 tbsp rose harissa paste100g quinoa80g dried dates, pitted and roughly chopped3 large, ripe tomatoes, roughly chopped400ml hot chicken stock4 tbsp roughly chopped flat-leaf parsleysea salt and freshly ground black pepper</p><p>l Preheat the oven to 180C/gas mark 4.l Heat the oil in the base of a shallow, ovenproof pot over a high heat. Season your meat and, using tongs, sear the pork on all sides until beautifully golden.l Remove from the pot and set aside to rest.l Add a drop more oil to the pot if needed and fry the onion for a few minutes until translucent, then stir through the harissa. Add the quinoa, </p><p>dates, tomatoes and just 300ml of the hot stock. Give everything a good muddle, season well and simmer for 10 minutes. l Stir through the remaining stock and half the parsley once the 10 minutes are up.l Place the pork fillet on top of your quinoa mixture and place the pot in the oven for 20 </p><p>minutes, until the quinoa is plump and the pork is cooked through. l Remove from the oven and allow the dish to sit for 57 minutes so the pork can rest and tenderise. l Sprinkle generously with the rest of the parsley, and serve the pork sliced on a bed of quinoa.</p><p>QWho would you most like to cook for?</p><p>aDelia Smith - She is from my home county and Ive spent years admiring her as I grew up!</p><p>010_017_FFChefs_Bright.indd 10 22/04/2013 15:03</p></li><li><p>FOODIES FEStIval thE aga rangEmaStEr chEFS thEatrEbrighton hove lawns may 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>sponsored by</p><p>Serves 4 </p><p>1.5 litres vegetable stock4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 small onion, finely chopped350g arborio risotto rice50ml white wine200g small peeled prawns1 small courgette, finely chopped10 courgette flowers, </p><p>roughly torna handful of basil leaves, roughly torn</p><p>l Bring the stock to the boil in a saucepan and keep it at a low simmer.l In a separate saucepan, heat half the oil, add the onion and sweat until softened. Stir in the rice. Add the wine stir until it evaporates. Stir in the prawns and courgette. </p><p>Then add the stock, ladle by ladle, waiting until each ladleful has been absorbed. l Continue to do this for about 1520 minutes until the rice is al dente. l About 5 minutes before the end of cooking, stir in the courgette flowers.l Remove from the heat and beat in the remaining oil and basil. Serve immediately.</p><p>Gennaro ContaldoGennaro e toured Italy for a BBC series entitled, The Two Greedy Italians, and is collaborating with Jamie Oliver to create the nationwide storm that is Jamies Italian.</p><p>Web: www.gennaro</p><p>See Gennaro in the Chefs Theatre Saturday 4th, 14:00</p><p>rISotto Con GaMBerettI e FIorI dI ZUCCHInI</p><p>010_017_FFChefs_Bright.indd 11 19/04/2013 13:00</p></li><li><p>12 foodies</p><p>2 x 100g sea trout fillets8 small new potatoes60g Kaolin (edible clay)40g lactose80g water50g marsh samphire80g picked white crab meat10g mayonnaise2 tbsp chopped chives1 lime (zest and juice)100g shellfish stock2 tsp lecithin500g chicken fat</p><p>l Warm the chicken fat to 47C.l Boil the new potatoes until soft, remove from the water and allow to dry.l Mix kaolin, lactose and water together to form </p><p>a paste.l Dip the potatoes in the paste and place on a baking tray. Bake at 50C for 30 minutes until crisp.l Mix the crab with the mayonnaise, chives and lime. Season with salt to taste. l Heat the shellfish stock and then add the lecithin. Use a hand blender to mix in. l Place the trout in the chicken fat and cook for 12 minutes. l Remove and place onto kitchen paper. l Warm the samphire in an equal amount of butter and water until it just starts to soften. </p><p>MATT GILLANTHE PASS RESTAURANTMatt Gillan is Head Chef at The Pass restaurant. It was awarded 3 AA rosettes and in 2011 enjoyed their first Michelin star. Matt focuses on tastes, flavours, temperature and textures to create food experiences. </p><p>CoNfIT SeA TrouT, BrIGhToN peBBLeS, SAMphIre AND CrAB</p><p>Q Whats your favourite meal?ALasagne, homemade garlic bread and a nice cold Corona.</p><p>Brighton Rd, Horsham, Lower Beeding, West Sussex Tel: 01403 891 711Web:</p><p>See Matt in the Chefs Theatre Sunday 5th, 13:00</p><p>010_017_FFChefs_Bright.indd 12 24/04/2013 12:26</p></li><li><p>the aga rangemaster chefs theatre fOODIes festIvalbrighton hove lawns may 4, 5 &amp; 6 2013</p><p>1 carrot, peeled and thinly sliced into ribbons1 small shallot, thinly sliced into rings1 clove garlic, thinly sliced tsp coriander seeds tsp fennel seeds3 star anise100ml white wine vinegar100ml white wine100ml water200g sugar150ml olive oil4 oranges, segmented2 red bell pepper, roasted, peeled and cut </p><p>into squares200g natural greek yoghurt1 green mango (ripe mango if preferred!)4 lemons1 tsp saltsplash tabasco (green if possible!)</p><p>l Slice the mango thinly, sprinkle with salt and sugar, marinade for 20mins and rinse in cold water. l Dry roast the coriander and fennel seeds. Add star anise, vinegar, white </p><p>wine, water and 100g sugar. Boil, remove from heat add oil and infuse for 10 mins. Strain over carrot, shallot and garlic and let marinade. l Cover lemons and boil for 1 min. Remove lemons and change the water. Repeat 3 times. Blend with 100g sugar, 1tsp salt and tobasco. Pass through sieve and chill. l Rub 50ml oil over peppers. Place on a tray, season and roast at 180C until brown. Cut into 1 inch squares.</p><p>michaelbremnerFOOD FOR FRIENDSMichael joined Food for Friends as Head Chef in August 2012. He began his career at the Pittodrie House Hotel in Aberdeenshirer for Michael was spending a year at Quo Vadis (owned at the time by Marco Pierre White) as head pastry chef where he learnt a huge amount from head chef Curtis Stone. </p><p>17-18 Prince Albert St The LanesBrightonBN1 1HF</p><p>Tel: 01273 202310Web:</p><p>See Michael in the Chefs Theatre Sunday 5th, 14:00</p><p>marinated carrot and orange salad with roasted bell peppers, lemo...</p></li></ul>