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  • 1. ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD What We Teach today Others Adopt Tomorrow ROOMAN TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD #130, 1 STFLOOR,1 STBLOCK, DR. RAJKUMAR ROAD RAJAJINAGAR, BANGALORE INDIA. PH:+91(0)80 23127771/2 Fax:+91(0)80 23127773email: [email protected] Copyright2003, Rooman Technologies pvt. Ltd.,India All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners

2. ROOMANINSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Future of Hardware & Networking Education Welcome 3. ROOMAN Your Role Project Details Our Role About ROOMAN Support Opportunity & Benefits 4.

  • ROOMAN envisions itself as one of the leading providers of Computer Hardware and Networking training internationally, leveraging its innovative franchise program to create promising opportunities for investors to establish the brandname as a prominent international institution

ROOMAN Institute of Technology Main 5. ROOMAN Institute of Technology

  • ROOMAN was established in 1999 to meet the local demand for Hardware and Networking professionals by offering internationally recognized certifications of the highest standards

Main The Need 6.


3 Verticals of ROOMAN Main 7.

  • In association with its International affiliates like Comptia, Microsoft,IBM, Vmware, Checkpoint, Ec-Council, CIW, ISS, Trend Micro etc. , Rooman adapted certain aspects of curriculum to make the content more in line with the need of the hour

The Edge ROOMAN Institute of Technology Main 8.

  • ROOMAN scommitment to providing the finest Networking training manifest itself in many unique ways.

The Commitment .. ROOMAN Institute of Technology Main 9.

  • Considering the adage of Customer is the King we developed our ERP which offers transparent information and the student can reach to any one on our Organizational Hierarchy with their Complaint/Suggestion.
  • ROOMAN worked hard to attain its ISO 9001:2008 certification, recognizing the vital role, the certification would play in independently evaluating the institutesstringent quality control policies

The Commitment .. ROOMAN Institute of Technology 10.

  • ROOMANs mission is to fulfill the massive requirements of IT industry, rendering IT education to broad spectrum of people, from students seeking a career in computers to IT professionals requiring more advanced skills,
  • from managers giving career a polished edge, to children using computers, as a efficient tutor.

The Commitment .. ROOMAN Institute of Technology 11.

  • ROOMAN svision is to be one of the leading Hardware and Networking training providers internationally.
  • ROOMAN is now poised to expand its operations all over India and provide studentsinternationally recognized qualifications in the domain of Networking and Internet Security.
  • This Stratergic expansion of the institute s vision promises to innovate Networking training in the country and further reinforce the value of the Rooman name

The Future ROOMAN Institute of Technology Main 12. Opportunity & Benefits A Golden Opportunity Opportunity & Benefits Main 13. Opportunity & Benefits Opportunity & Benefits Main 14. ROOMAN Franchise Program

  • As an Investment proposal the ROOMAN franchise program stands up well to evaluation and analysis; as an investment opportunity it simply stands out

Main 15. ROOMAN Franchise Program A tried and tested formula with a proven track record and the name of a leading internationally recognized institution combine to create a Franchise Opportunity which promises exceptional returns and incredible possibilities LOW RISK 16. ROOMAN Franchise Program The Concept

  • ROOMAN has always been committed to organized,professional and streamlined approach to providing education.
  • ROOMANs system of education has been developed and perfected to such a degree that it is now easy to transfer this knowledge and experience via franchise program

Main 17. ROOMAN Franchise Program The Opportunity

  • Globally speaking, there has never been a better time to invest in Hardware, and Networking. Both sectors , individually and jointly are poised for remarkable growth.
  • Not only will the investor have instant access to methods, materials and international affiliations, but he or she will also gain instant brand recognition as a reputed training institute

Main 18. ROOMAN Franchise Program The Benefits

  • Join the ROOMAN Franchise Program makes sound business to anyone interested in a lucrative and rewarding investment opportunity.

Main 19.

  • ROOMANFranchise Program offers a variety of business benefits which ease the transfer of expertise and ensure a smooth transition from initial investment to profitable operation in the shortest time possible.

ROOMAN Franchise Program The Benefits 20. ROOMAN Franchise Program

  • ROOMAN iscommitted to ensuring the success of each franchised centre and theprogram includes constant advertisement supportand assistance in key areas

The Benefits 21.

  • Advertisement and Marketing Support

Marketing Marketing

  • Assuring you of our
    • On-going
    • On-time
    • On line

SUPPORT Main 22. Marketing

  • Marketing Manual
  • AdvertisementSupport
  • Marketing Plan
  • Product & Sales Training
  • Budgeting & Costoperating Insights
  • ERP Software for Center Management
  • Online support

Marketing We provide you with Main 23. Marketing

  • People
  • Product
  • Price
  • Processes
  • Promotion

Marketing Critical success factors Main 24. Marketing

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training
  • Hand-holding
  • Building Career paths
  • Professional Development

Marketing PEOPLE Main 25. Marketing

  • Sales Process
  • Enquiry forms / analysis
  • Software for proper follow up
  • Market demand analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Scheduling Course Calendar

Marketing Process Main 26. Marketing

  • Notice Board Management
  • Internal student communication
  • Newsletter
  • Loyalty Program (Value Plus)
  • Student incentive scheme

Marketing Promotion In House Main 27. Marketing

  • Design for Hand outs
  • Presentations
  • Events: Careerfairs/Exhibitions/Road Shows
  • Tele Sales
  • Web Marketing
  • Direct mailers
  • Govt and Corporate Training

Marketing Promotion In Outdoor ROOMAN ROOMAN Main 28. Marketing

  • Advertisements
    • Media Mix
    • Content and Design Template
  • Public relations
    • Press Releases
  • Cross branding

Marketing Promotions.. Contd Main 29. Success Factors Academics Success Factors Main Marketing 30. Academics Teaching Quality Student Assessment Curriculum Alliance Academics Main 31. Alliance

  • ISS (ATP)

ACADEMICS Alliance Main 32. Curriculum

  • Entry Level
      • Basic Electronics
      • Diploma in Computer Hardware
      • Comptia- A+
      • Comptia N+
  • JOBBased Courses
      • Microsoft(MCSA, MCSE)
      • RED HAT (RHCT, RHCE)
      • CISCO (CCNA, CCNP)
  • Advanced Courses
      • Checkpoint (CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+)
      • ISS (ISS-CS, ISS-CE)
      • EC-Council (CEH, CHFI, ECSA)
      • Vmware VCP
  • Customized Courses
      • CVP, UFP
      • Based on the requirement of Corporate

Program Offerings ACADEMICS Curriculum Main 33. Placement

  • IBM

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