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  • Fun Outdoor Team Games

    Team games are an interesting way to enhance communication, friendship and trust amongst themembers. Sports such as football, volleyball and soccer, are some of the excellent examples ofoutdoor team activities, which if planned well, can bring the members closer. Besides these regularsports, there are many other fun games, which can contribute a lot towards your team's unity. Hereare a few of such interesting activities...

    Outdoor Games for Kids

    Racy Runs!

    Nothing can be more fun for kids than a grouprace. An interesting idea for a race is to dividethe kids into teams of four each. Give each ofthem a white sheet, which all of them have tohold. Mark a starting line and a finishing line.Place a number of stones, in between theselines, randomly. The groups now have to runfrom the starting line to the finishing line,carrying the blanket between them, the twistis that they have to take along five stones tothe finishing line too, in this blanket! So, thekids will have to hold the blanket from thecorners, run across, pickup stones from themiddle, put them on the sheet and finally,reach the finishing line! To be successful in this group race, the kids will have to come up with astrategy together, communicate with one another and coordinate their steps too! This will definitelyincrease cooperation between them.

    Shape Up!

    To play this game, divide the kids intogroups of ten each. Next, give theminstructions that as soon as you call out ageometric shape, be it circle, square,triangle or a straight line, the groupmembers have to arrange themselves in it.The group which is able to do so first, getsfive points. So, you will see the kidscommunicate with one another and worktogether to form a specific geometric shape.In the end, points of each of the groups arecounted to declare the winner.

  • Team Games for Adults

    Nature's Hunt!

    Treasure hunt is a classic game for adults. So,gather all the group members and take them to thecountryside. A park, with lots of trees, birds,plants, river streams, in the middle of the city,would do too. As soon as you reach the venue,divide the adults into groups of five to six each.Next, hand them over a list of things that they have to gather. Your list can have things like - thelightest thing around, a black colored stone, a yellow flower, an unusually shaped leave, water fromthe river stream (give them a glass to carry it back), etc. As the teams go in this expedition and lookfor things together, it improves communication and camaraderie between them, both of which arehallmarks of a good team. In the end, the group which comes back with maximum number of itemson the list, and takes the least time, is declared the winner.

    Balloon Fort!

    Divide the adults into two teams. Next, ask one ofthem to form a circle. The members have to lookoutwards though. Give the other team some waterballoons and buckets of water. The rules of thegame are that the team which is outside, has to fillwater in the balloons and try to throw them insidethe circle. The other group has to prevent theballoons from entering their "Fort", by using theirhands or any other body part. The members canhowever, not move their feet even a bit. The one

    who does is disqualified and thus, is asked to leave the game mid-way. Each team is given fifteenminutes to attack the other. The team which is able to throw maximum balloons inside the circle(you can count them after the play is over) is the winner.

    Whether it is children or youngsters or office going adults, everyone is sure to enjoy participating inthese activities. Such games serve as a booster to the team performance and thus, improve thegroup's productivity and output, considerably!