Gabs Franco Gabbrielli - Taschenkaufhaus Gabs Franco Gabbrielli is a dynamic and innovative Italian

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Text of Gabs Franco Gabbrielli - Taschenkaufhaus Gabs Franco Gabbrielli is a dynamic and innovative Italian

  • Gabs Franco Gabbrielli is a dynamic and innovative Italian handbags brand, which combines leather craftsmanship with an original and breakthrough formula: creating bags that can be transformed and adapted to each consumer’s needs. Founded by the Florentine designer Franco Gabbrielli, Gabs handbags are unique as the customers using them – colorful, fantastic and versatile.

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  • Franco Gabbrielli’s creativity was born through his deep family roots. In the 1970’s, his father Vittorio founded Beghè, a company based in Florence producing high quality leather goods. Franco, enamored with his father’s passionate devotion to the family business, combined that with his own love for beauty and design. In 2000, after several travels around the world, Franco started a brand new and innovative project: handbags designed around the idea of transformation and fun.

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  • Designer Franco Gabbrielli

  • The light blue branded buttons are the distinctive hallmark of Gabs Franco Gabbrielli, present in each model to create the different shapes and transformations. A few simple gestures are enough to transform each Gabs into a new object. Each Gabs model and transformation is registered and patented, carefully studied by an internal team of designers who analyze and design the product with attention to detail, testing the structure and resistance. Each bag’s development is the result of a constant study of innovative solutions and market trends.

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  • A Gabs handbag is

    state-of-the-art design

    and the G3 Bag, Gab’s

    iconic model, is no

    exception. With its


    quality it can be

    transformed into

    three different bags –

    shopper, bucket and

    bowling. Whichever

    bag form is chosen,

    the G3’s colorful and

    whimsical materials

    reflect the ingenuity

    and artistry of the Gabs


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  • Each Gabs Franco

    Gabbrielli bag is

    designed, created and

    produced with loving

    care in Italy, with

    high quality leather

    and technical and

    innovative materials,

    well representing the

    typical Italian style,

    quality and design . Each

    Gabs encompasses all

    the best of traditional

    Italian leather goods:

    first quality materials,

    elegance and

    functionality. Gabs is

    part of Gruppo Emergenti

    Italiani, a 100% Italian

    team of well renowned

    brands of handbags

    and accessories, entirely

    produced in a modern

    plant in Cesena, Italy.

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  • The objective of

    creating lasting

    and beautiful bags

    translates into the

    choice of fine and

    valuable materials,

    carefully selected

    among the best Italian

    tanneries. Each Gabs

    Franco Gabbrielli

    collection contains

    over 10.000 different

    combinations of

    colors and materials,

    seasoned with purely

    Italian love and

    creativity, to offer

    all world’s clients

    glamorous, fun

    and immediately

    recognizable bags.

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  • Details do make a

    difference, for this

    reason nothing is left

    to chance in a Gabs’

    bag. The small paper

    notebook on the

    handles, the shoulder

    straps in different

    sizes and materials:

    each Gabs accessory

    is aimed at meeting

    everyone’s need.

    Moreover each Gabs

    model has a shopping

    bag in nylon, a leather

    insert to change the

    bag’s shape, as well

    as the cover made in

    cotton, all simple but

    important details that

    make each bag unique.

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