Germany Berlin Emmanuel Quinones. Travel Plans Will fly from Providence Promet Airport Will land at Berlin Airport 8hours 15minutes A Laptop.

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GermanyBerlinEmmanuel Quinones

Travel PlansWill fly from Providence Promet AirportWill land at Berlin Airport8hours 15minutesA Laptop

WeatherIn AugustPleasantly Warm But Unexpected WeatherJeans Leather Jacket Coat just in case

PackingCrystal-Clear WaterBicycle Bug SprayCombat KnifeHunting RifleMoneyEuros1 Euro equals $1.38 in the US70-100 EurosCities And TownsBerlinMagdeburgHanoverBerlin has a lot of historical land-marksIn Berlin you can go bicycling mountain-climbing and trackFamous LandmarksIn Neuschwanstein, Bavaria you can take a flamboyant through King Ludwigs the seconds Castle the most famous castle in the World , Ludwig's castle also inspired Disney to create Sleeping Beauties' castle. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is the national symbol of Germany.The Romantic Road is a great scenic route and has lots of charming mid-evil times.

FoodSauer BratenBlack Forest CakeBread RollsPretzelsSolyankaThe Solyanka sounds and looks goodLanguageHalloAuf WiedersehenBitteDankeBe Careful!The Poisonous Snake KreuzotterBearWolvesWild Boar


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