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Text of HALO-HALOWEEN 2014

  • Our Mission Statement

    To unite the Filipino students within the Rutgers community by

    establishing solidarity on the basis of a common heritage, to educate

    the Rutgers community on various aspects of the Philippine culture, to

    provide information of current socioeconomic and political conditions

    about the Philippines, and to provide services and programs that will be

    beneficial to Filipinos both within and outside the Rutgers community.

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    Inside this issue:

    Page 2 Issue II, Oct. 18, 2014

  • Issue II, Oct. 18, 2014 Page 3

    Dear friends, family, and guests,

    Welcome you to RAPS annual Halo-Haloween! Tonights event will

    be full of music, dancing, and laughter! I would like to applaud the many

    performers who will showcase their amazing talents! RAPS is excited and

    honored to have Jeremy Passion as our headliner for Halo-Haloween!

    I would also like to congratulate and welcome this years Under-

    classmen Representatives! On behalf of RAPS E-board and myself, we wish them best of luck with their first event as Underclassmen Repre-


    On a final note, the Balita is always accepting admissions! Hopefully,

    the Balita will be able to spark your interests! If you would like to con-

    tribute to an issue of an upcoming Balita, please do not hesitate to con-

    tact me!

    Sincerely, Katrina Iledan

    Balita Editor



    Halo-Haloween is Rutgers Association

    of Philippine Students (RAPS) showcas-

    es talents from RAPS itself and its ex-

    tended community. At this event, we

    come together to support the amazing

    performers all while enjoying the night

    with friends. Make sure to indulge in

    the Filipino food we will be serving as

    well! We would also like to welcome

    our headliner, Jeremy Passion, to our

    biggest event of the Fall semester!


    Halo-Halo is a popular Filipino dessert

    with mixtures of fruits, jelly, legumes,

    crushed ice, and evaporated milk. The

    Tagalog name translates to mix-mix which is an apt description for the col-

    orful ingredients that is typically

    served in a tall, clear glass.

  • Jeremy Passion Manongdo is a singer/songwriter known for his soulful, melodic voice, and

    delivers his music with messages on love, life and faith. Born and raised in San Francisco, he

    grew up with an immense appreciation and love for music. At the age of 4, he taught himself to

    play piano and, at 15, started songwriting. By the following year he was self-taught on the gui-

    tar and developed his talents into his signature style today.

    Considered a YouTube Sensation to his fans and musical peers, he is acknowledged as a pi-

    oneer of the acoustic R&B /soul movement on the internet. Passion was one of the first Asian-

    Americans to go viral online with his famous original songs Lemonade and Well Done, and

    his acoustic covers of So Sick and Cater 2 U featuring Melvin. His subscriber base has ex-

    ceeded 243,000 followers and has over 37 million channel views.

    Passion is well versed in travel as he has toured across North America and internationally in

    more than a dozen countries. He has performed with artists including Colbie Caillat, Kirk

    Franklin, Bobby Valentino, Jo Koy, Ernie Halter, Alain Clark and Goapele, among others. In ad-

    dition to his writing and vocal talents, he is also an up-and-coming producer, creating tracks

    for Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Slim (112), Megan Rochelle and more.



  • Page 6 Issue II, Oct. 18, 2014

    ANN CLAIRE MACALINTAL is from North Jersey, and music has always been a part of her

    life ever since she could talk. Throughout high school, Ann Claires teachers introduced her to

    new perspectives on music and helped her grow as an overall person. And because of them, she

    created her first Youtube channel and started from there. Although music is such a big part of

    her life, she still plans to hopefully work with special needs children down the line.

    CHRISTINA ROGADO is a sophomore at Rutgers.

    She was involved in RAPS last year as a freshmen repre-

    sentative and is glad to have made such a loving family at

    RAPS. Her accompanist for the night is Jasmine Cheung

    who is also a sophomore at Rutgers. Jasmine and Christi-

    na have been friends since middle school and they hope

    you enjoy their rendition of Jessie Ware's "Say You Love


    TEAM TECHNIQUE, established in 1998, originally consisted of a group of bboys who

    switched to choreography in hopes to attract girls. Now, they have expanded their team to in-

    clude a variety of people, such as; Lemur Experts, Ninjas, and Leprechauns. They strive to edu-

    cate the dance community of the ever dwindling lemur population through the art of dance, and

    they hope that you enjoy their show!


    dedicated to exposing the Rutgers Community to the ancient and traditional art of Eskrima. Eskrima is a

    martial art that is part of a larger group generally referred to as Filipino Martial arts or FMA, which in-

    clude but are not limited to Arnis, Filipino Kali, Eskrima, and Eskrido. We offer students a stepping-stone

    into the FMA world and encourage members to seek out and experience various styles. Eskrima, unlike

    other martial arts, starts by teaching students to defend themselves using either one or a pair of sticks.

    The stick fighting techniques taught are instrumental in developing quick reflexes and becoming ambi-

    dextrous. Students go on to learn empty hand fighting, where many of the techniques they have learned

    using sticks is applicable to empty hand. We welcome all Rutgers students who are interested in experi-

    encing Filipino Martial Arts. Our meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 pm at the Werblin Rec-

    reation Center in the Multi-purpose room across the weight room.


  • Issue II, Oct. 18, 2014 Page 7

    CARL DEL ROSARIO is a sophomore and an Electrical/Computer En-

    gineering major here at Rutgers. He occasionally enjoys writing poetry

    when I need to get away from all the math and physics. Hes only become

    active in RAPS this semester, but hes felt nothing but love from them ever

    LESTER PERNALA is an audio engineering student at

    SAE in NYC. He has been an avid performer for a few

    years now and loves to entertain. Hes always happy to

    play music for RAPS.

    CHEESE BANDITS was established in 2010 by a couple of friends who shared a love of dance.

    Since then, many members have come and gone, but we try to uphold the ambition and style

    that the team originates from. Cheese Bandits draw inspiration from not only the dancers we

    look up to, but our fellow teammates. Above image and competition, we value just spreading

    our love of dance and catering to the growth of everyone who comes our way.

    PI DELTA PSI was founded on February

    20, 1994. Members of Pi Delta Psi seek to

    bring about Asian-American unity by break-

    ing down cultural barriers amongst Asian

    communities by upholding and/or instilling

    the fraternitys pillars of: academic achieve-

    ment, cultural awareness, righteousness, and


  • RAPS CULTURAL DANCE TROUPE (RCDT) is a performing subcommittee of RAPS that uses

    dance as a medium to showcase Filipino pride. Being

    a member of RCDT means to explore and appreciate

    one's heritage, to honor a rich history influenced by

    both Spanish colonization and native Filipino cus-

    toms. RCDT holds meetings every Tuesday and

    Thursday at 9 pm at the Richardson Community Cen-

    ter, and is always ready to welcome new members.

    DOMINADOR JOSEPH UY is a freshman at Rutgers University

    class of 2018, He enjoys swimming, wrestling and mixed martial arts.

    Dom plays the ukulele in his free time. He is studying exercise science/

    pre med courses. Proud to be Pinoy!

    MARC INTAL is a RAPS Senior, making this his last time performing at HaloHaloween. He's a

    self-taught musician who loves sharing what he

    enjoys doing. He is accompanied by a talented

    musician and good friend, Lester Pernala, the

    current RAGS Co-Coordinator, Gabe Tecson,

    and his little, Bernadette Corpuz.

    MOSHI MOSHI is a band of college music majors who are addicted to anime and video games. Based in Fort Lee, Tim, Victory, Caleb, Raychel, Karen, and Nelson perform music that

    has been featured in video games, anime, and Japanese pop culture. Along with performing

    these songs in the original style you are familiar with and nostalgiasize over, Mshi's repertoire also includes many freshly rearranged versions in styles ranging from lounge jazz to hard rock

    that are certain to take you by surprise! Be sure to check out their Facebook page

    (Facebook.com/MoshiMoshiBand) for music,