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<ul><li><p>HR as a STRATEGIC PARTNER17 - 21 Jul 2017, New York</p><p>01 - 05 Oct 2017, Dubai</p><p>18 - 22 Dec 2017, New York</p><p>The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.</p></li><li><p>INTRoduCTIoN</p><p>Organizations that are successful at strategy have mastered certain </p><p>skills and all of them relate directly to the competencies and </p><p>responsibilities of human resources. As a result, human resources </p><p>must be aware of what value it creates, how it creates value and what </p><p>interests affect and are affected by HR activities.</p><p>Since HR has a unique cross-functional and global perspective of the </p><p>organizations most critical asset-the knowledge, skills and abilities of </p><p>its workforce-HR leaders can create value by consulting and advising </p><p>on aligning workforce assets with strategic demands. HR can also </p><p>apply value chain analysis to its own business, identifying cost </p><p>centers, its core competencies and activities that may be candidates </p><p>for outsourcing.</p><p>The course will focus on why HR should become a strategic partner, </p><p>how HR can become a strategic partner and, more importantly, </p><p>how do we change the HR function to better support the business </p><p>objectives and become a true business partner. </p><p>This seminar will highlight:</p><p> The argument for strategic partnering; scanning the </p><p>environment, identifying the challenges, focusing on </p><p>continuous improvement</p><p> How to prepare the current workforce for the future of work </p><p>and identify the workers of the future</p><p> Identifying which HR strategic activities help move the </p><p>organization toward its strategic goals</p><p> How to identify and focus on core competencies in order to </p><p>direct efforts where they will have the best impact</p><p> Systems thinking and making changes in one area to achieve </p><p>strategic goals</p><p>objECTIvES</p><p>It is not enough to call ourselves a strategic partner. To be a strategic </p><p>partner we must focus on outcomes. In addition, HR must be </p><p>credible to the business. Credibility requires different competencies </p><p>and this course will focus on those competencies.</p><p>At the end of the seminar, participants will understand how to:</p><p> Improve the strategic relationship between effective HRM and </p><p>core business functions</p><p> Better apply information with which to contribute to the </p><p>organizations strategic plan</p><p> Design strategies to ensure a strong customer service culture in </p><p>the HR function</p><p> Develop visions for critical solutions to organizational human </p><p>capital challenges</p><p> Make better decisions with confidence based on analysis of </p><p>available information to drive business success</p><p> Create a strategy to develop a culture that fosters efficient and </p><p>effective interactions and decision making</p><p>TRAINING METHodoloGy</p><p>The is a very practical, interactive course that will utilize a variety of </p><p>methods including case studies, videos and other media as well as </p><p>PowerPoint slides to communicate and deliver the course objectives. </p><p>The seminar is interactive and will require participation in both small </p><p>groups and with the entire audience.</p><p>oRGANISATIoNAl IMPACT</p><p>HR can have a direct impact on the organizations strategy through </p><p>its input into the strategic planning process and through its own </p><p>strategic initiatives.</p><p> Develop results oriented metrics and scorecards that </p><p>contribute to organizational success</p><p> Use knowledge of business and metrics to make workforce and </p><p>business decisions</p><p> Ensure that all HR initiatives demonstrate a measurable value </p><p>to the organization</p><p> Create an action plan for managing talent within the confines </p><p>of the labor market</p><p> Develop and evaluate business cases proposed for HR and </p><p>other functional projects and initiatives</p><p> Maintain a systems wide perspective when making business </p><p>decisions</p><p>PERSoNAl IMPACT</p><p>The participant will enhance their own competencies as human </p><p>resources professional and be able to apply these competencies to </p><p>their own organizations.</p><p> The ability to understand and apply information to develop the </p><p>organizations strategic plan</p><p> The ability to interpret information and data to make business </p><p>decisions and recommendations</p><p> The ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes </p><p>with the organization</p><p> The ability to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders</p><p> The ability to effectively exchange information with </p><p>stakeholders</p><p> The ability to manage interactions to provide service and </p><p>support to the organization</p><p>WHo SHould ATTENd?</p><p>HR professionals of all levels can benefit from the seminar as can </p><p>operational managers who needs Human Resource support to </p><p>achieve their strategic objectives.</p><p>This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:</p><p> HR Managers</p><p> Directors</p><p> CEOs</p><p> Line Managers</p><p> Anyone who is associated with strategic planning</p><p>GLOMACS Training and Consultancy</p><p>HR as a STRATEGIC PARTNER</p></li><li><p>dAy 1</p><p>The Strategic Role of Human Resources in Organizations</p><p> The Evolving Role of the HR Profession</p><p> Dimensions of Change in the HR Profession</p><p> Management Functions</p><p> Critical Management Skills for HR Professionals</p><p> Strategic Planning</p><p> Aligning the HR Function with the Strategic Plan</p><p> Emergent Strategy</p><p>dAy 2 </p><p>Assessing the Internal Environment</p><p> Assessing an Organizations Internal Environment</p><p> HRs Internal Business Partners</p><p> Organizational Design</p><p> Organizational Structures</p><p> Building Partnerships in the Internal Environment</p><p> Building Credibility</p><p> Making a Business Case</p><p>dAy 3 </p><p>Scanning the External Environment</p><p> Environmental Scanning</p><p> Factors that Impact the External Environment</p><p> Demographics</p><p> Economic factors</p><p> International and Globalization</p><p> Political Factors</p><p> Social Factors</p><p>dAy 4</p><p>Measuring Strategic Outcomes</p><p> Strategic Measurements</p><p> The Use of Technology</p><p> Measurement Techniques</p><p> Understanding Research Terms and Techniques</p><p> Human Resource Auditing</p><p> Indicators of HR Strategic Performance</p><p>dAy 5</p><p>Issues Affecting Organizations</p><p> Ethics and Creating an Ethical Environment</p><p> The Legislative and Regulatory Environment</p><p> Precautionary Exercises</p><p> Preparing for the Future</p><p>HR as a Strategic Partner</p><p>This seminar is pre-approved by HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) which qualify for general re-certification </p><p>credit hours of HR Professionals. The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the </p><p>seminar. It means that this seminar has met HR Certification Institutes criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.</p><p>SEMINAR ouTlINE</p></li><li><p>REGISTRATIoN dETAIlS</p><p>LAST NAME:________________________________________FIRST NAME:_______________________________________DESIGNATION:_____________________________________ COMPANY: ________________________________________ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________________CITY:______________________________________________COUNTRY: ________________________________________TELEPHONE:______________________________________MOBILE: __________________________________________FAX:________________________________________________EMAIL:_____________________________________________</p><p>AuTHoRISATIoN dETAIlS</p><p>AUTHORISED BY:_____________________________________________________________________________________DESIGNATION:_____________________________________ COMPANY: ________________________________________ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________________CITY:______________________________________________COUNTRY: ________________________________________TELEPHONE:______________________________________MOBILE: __________________________________________FAX:_____________________________________________EMAIL:_____________________________________________</p><p>PAyMENT dETAIlS</p><p>q Please invoice my company q Cheque payable to GLOMACSq Please invoice me</p><p>CERTIFICATIoN</p><p>Successful participants will receive GLOMACS Certificate of Completion</p><p>P.O. Box 74653 Dubai, U.A.E.T: +971 (04) 425 0700 | F: +971 (04) 425 0701E: | W:</p><p>Connect withUs On LinkedIn</p><p>Scan the QR Code* to visit and</p><p>connect to our LinkedIn profile.</p><p>*Requires QR code reader/scanner applicationto be installed on your smartphone.</p><p>Code Date Venue FeesHR038 17 - 21 Jul 2017 New York - USA $6,950</p><p>HR038 01 - 05 Oct 2017 Dubai $4,500</p><p>HR038 18 - 22 Dec 2017 New York - USA $6,950</p><p>4 WAyS To REGISTER</p><p>Tel: +971 (04) 425 0700 Fax: +971 (04) 425 0701Email: info@glomacs.aeWebsite:</p><p>TERMS ANd CoNdITIoNS</p><p> Fees Each fee is inclusive of Documentation, Lunch and refreshments served during the entire seminar.</p><p> Mode of Payment The delegate has the option to pay the course fee directly or request to send an invoice to his/her company/sponsor. Credit card and cheque payments are both acceptable.</p><p> Cancellation / Substitution Request for seminar cancellation must be made in writing &amp; received three (3) weeks prior to the seminar date. A US$ 250.00 processing fee will be charged per delegate for each cancellation. Thereafter, we regret that we are unable to refund any fees due, although in such cases we would be happy to welcome a colleague who would substitute for you.</p><p> Hotel Accommodation is not included in the course fee. A reduced corporate rate and a limited number of rooms may be available for attendees wishing to stay at the hotel venue. Requests for hotel reservations should be made at least three (3) weeks prior to the commencement of the seminar. All hotel accommodation is strictly subject to availability and terms and conditions imposed by the hotel will apply.</p><p> Attendance Certificate a certificate of attendance will only be awarded to those delegates who successfully completed/attended the entire seminar including the awarding of applicable Continuing Professional Education Units/Hours.</p><p> Force Majeure any circumstances beyond the control of the Company may necessitate postponement, change of seminar venue or substitution of assigned Instructor. The Company reserves the right to exercise this clause and implement such amendments.</p><p> Fair Access / Equal Opportunities In the provision of its services as a world-class Training Provider, the Company is committed to provide fair access / equal opportunities throughout the delivery of its courses and assessment leading to the completion of training seminars, or 3rd party qualifications/certifications.</p><p>HR as a STRATEGIC PARTNER</p></li></ul>