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Imperial China and The Weimar Republic

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Imperial China and The Weimar Republic. China. Early 1900s Ready for Revolution Humiliation of foreign control on trade. Nationalism. Kuomintang or Nationalist Party (1911) Succeeded in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. Shaky Republic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Imperial China and The Weimar Republic

  • Imperial China and The Weimar Republic

  • ChinaEarly 1900sReady for RevolutionHumiliation of foreign control on trade

  • NationalismKuomintang or Nationalist Party (1911)Succeeded in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty

  • Shaky RepublicThree principles 1. End Foreign Trade 2. Peoples rights-democracy 3. Economic SecurityThis would fail--leader had no authority

  • May Fourth MovementUnfair Treaty of Versailles-Gave Japan ControlAngry Students ProtestedNational Movement=National Unity

  • Communist Party1921Mao Zedong was the founderRevolution to the rural country

  • Jiang JieshiPromised Democracy- but government corrupt1928, President of the Nationalist Republic of China

  • Civil WarBetween Communist (Mao) and Nationalist (Jiang)The Long March-Communist force to flee

  • The Long MarchHazardous 6,000 mile journey Thousands died Mao and the communist settled in caves

  • Germany Before WW1Proud HeritageFastest Growing Nation in Europe Well Educated Children

  • German CultureMostly Christians1% were Jews-Prominent middle classHatred towards Jews (Anti-Semitism)

  • Germany WW1Germany enthusiastic about war 1917-public opinion shifts-workers strikeProtest against war hardened the resolve of German officials to continue fighting

  • End of WW1Germany exhausted!!Hunger, economic shortages

  • Weimar Republic1919 German ElectionsShaky start to DemocracyGermany blamed the Weimar Leaders for the unfair treaty

  • Political InstabilityWeakness withinLack of confidence in governmentMany competing political parties

  • BitternessOver Treaty of VersaillesReparationsLoss of territory

  • Weak EconomyHyperinflation- rise in prices because of too much money in the economyUnemploymentDepression

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