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Introduction to ENGLISH Constitutionalism

Introduction to ENGLISH Constitutionalism

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Introduction to ENGLISH Constitutionalism. ABSOLUT GOVERNMENT. You are bottled up. LIMITED GOVERNMENT. A Constitution LIMITS GOVERNMENT. LIMITED. Absolute. Common Law. Judges decide by PRECEDENT. Henry II. LIMITED. Absolute. Common. Arbitrary. Magna Carta (1215). “Great Charter”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Introduction to ENGLISH Constitutionalism

Absolutism vs. Constitutionalism

Introduction to ENGLISHConstitutionalismPhoto Credit: Rui Vale De Sousa1


You are bottled up.


A ConstitutionLIMITSGOVERNMENTAbsolutismConstitutionalismGovernment PowerLawsTaxationRepresentative BodiesSovereigntyAbsoluteLIMITEDCommon LawJudges decide by PRECEDENT

Henry IIAbsolutismConstitutionalismGovernment PowerLawsTaxationRepresentative BodiesSovereigntyAbsoluteLIMITEDArbitraryCommon

Magna Carta (1215)The Holy Grail of English ConstitutionalismGreat Charter

King John Signs the Magna Carta

Who is present? What is the general mood?

A CONTRACTPhoto by One lucky guy

Between the people and their rulerPhoto by One lucky guy

Taxation by CONSENT

Can I tax you?

Can I tax you?NO!!!NO!!!

More CharterPhoto by JTSiemerAbsolutismConstitutionalismGovernment PowerLawsTaxationRepresentative BodiesSovereigntyAbsoluteLIMITEDArbitraryCommonBy DecreeBy Consent

ParliamentSome rights reserved by UK Parliament

The Power of the PurseThe English ConstitutionParliament(Bicameral)

LordsCommonsKINGAbsolutismConstitutionalismGovernment PowerLawsTaxationRepresentative BodiesSovereigntyAbsoluteLIMITEDArbitraryCommonBy DecreeBy ConsentNOYESAbsolutismConstitutionalismGovernment PowerLawsTaxationRepresentative BodiesSovereigntyAbsoluteLIMITEDArbitraryCommonBy DecreeBy ConsentNOYESMonarchPeople