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  • Invisible CitiesOnline Greenlight Review

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  • Octavia 34-36, Thekla 38-40, Sophronia 37,41,42

  • Leonia 59-66, Isaura 76-69 and Moriana 70-74

  • Tamara 75-79, Zenobia 80-84 and Phyllis 85-88

  • Zirma 89-92

  • Fedora 93-96

  • Armilla #97-100

  • Armilla - Chosen CityOut of all 19 Italo Calvinos cities weve explored so far, I chose Armilla, because I am captivated by

    its idea of hidden beauty. I city told to be demolished and lifeless due to its, at first glimpse,

    unfinished look. But this is its secret, because Armilla is not deserted nor unfinished.

    Sometimes unfinished things are better off this way. Beauty is not always visible to the eye at first

    glimpse, you need to look deeper. At first look, when one is reading the description of this city, the

    imagination creates images of something foggy, dark and forgotten. A city that nobody would want to

    visit, because there is nothing beautiful or amazing to it. The seemingly unfinished and gloomy Armilla

    is actually finished and its true beauty is hidden there.

    Just because it is deserted by humans doesnt mean that its completely useless. The useless thing for

    someone can be useful for another as it turns out to be with Armilla. It transformed into a fairground

    for all kinds of mythical and fantasy creatures. They give Armilla life and new look. From a dark and

    forgotten place it turns into a bright and enchanted place with bright and warm colors.

    My idea is driven from mythical creatures like nymphs, elves, fairies and folklore. I want to create a

    peaceful and living nature-like place. A place where nature is growing wild, giving life to the dead

    tubes and showers. A simple looking tubes that are part of human civilization and usually wouldnt fit

    amongst trees and grass. The tubes are usually situated under the city, unseen, while here they could be

    used as structures, decoration and maybe statues. The design Im going for is something simple, a little

    bit bizzare, but at the same time at harmony when combined, part of a city, of one world and nature, part

    of the mythical world. Its almost like strangely fitting things are creating a new world, where humans

    and mythical creatures find something in common.

    I want to show this amazing look of this city. I want to prove that everything has its own beauty and

    even though for someone it may appear ugly it still has its charm and uniqueness.

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