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Choose from 9 different volunteering paths to help you get involved at St. John's and in your community!


<ul><li><p> to our parishioners and in the com-munity is huge. And our outreach is growing all the time. We love volun-teers. And you cant have too many.</p><p>St. Johns in the past scheduled a Ministry Fair to demonstrate the many different types of time and talent opportunities throughout the church. Dwindling attendance in re-cent years was a good indicator that it was time to develop a new approach to show and explain volunteer op-portunities. This publication is one of the avenues we believe will help to generate awareness. Along with our website, reminders in The Epistle, weekly headlines, e-mails, and through old-fashioned face-to-face communication, St. Johns is looking at all ways it can get the message out that there are volunteer opportunities of all kinds for nearly every prefer-ence.</p><p>So you know what your strengths are, and you want to learn what vol-unteer opportunities might be a good match for you. Our senior and junior wardens and each vestry member oversee operations of the church by committee, and they can direct you. A very talented group of seasoned volunteers can also provide guidance. Are you ready?</p><p>Lets take a walk ...</p><p>(Continued On Next Page)</p><p>St. JohnsEpiscopal Church</p><p>Let me guess. You are no different than anyone else.For example, there are </p><p>times when you avoid ag-gravating chores that you think can wait until later. Then there are times when you handle other pressing matters with ease because they dont feel burden-some. Give me a rake for one hour of yard work, and I will find a thousand excuses to wait until next week. Put me in the garden with a tiller or a tractor for an entire day and its heav-en on earth.</p><p>Volunteerism is no different. We gravitate to volunteer activities that are enjoyable. We avoid volunteer activities that do not mesh with our natural abilities or interests. The key is to find a volunteer activity that works for you.</p><p>Here is the wonderful thing. When it comes to volunteer opportunities at St. Johns, there are many different selections on the menu. I guarantee there is one that matches your skill set.</p><p>Can you cook?St. Johns has a committee that </p><p>meets a few times a year to make casseroles for house-bound parishio-ners or members in need.</p><p>Do you have writing skills to craft a letter of sympathy or good wishes?</p><p>A committee sends letters of sympathy to parishioners who are ill, bereaved, or have a long-term illness.</p><p>Do you work well with youth? There are volunteer instructor/teacher opportunities for Childrens Chapel, the J2A Sunday school program and Vacation Bible School.</p><p>Other Volunteer OpportunitiesYou can be a lay reader at one of </p><p>our services, lend a hand to help the homeless, usher, sign up to par-ticipate in a community event, help coach a basketball team, sing in the choir, participate in church activities such as the parish beach weekend, or serve as a greeter at a church service. Here is the bottom line: St. Johns, if you choose, can be so much more than a church service and an annual pledge. The impact we have on those in need through our volunteer efforts </p><p>Lets Take A Walk</p><p>302 Green Street, Fayetteville N.C. 28301 </p><p>There Is A Volunteer Opportunity To Match Your Skill SetBy Richard Evans, vestry liaison </p><p>for the In-Reach Committee</p><p>www.stjohnsnc.org Phone483-7405 </p></li><li><p>Its a volunteer walk, an edu-cational walk, a ministry walk or a time and talent walk. </p><p>You can also call it a spiritual walk because the end result is indisput-able. Volunteering your services really, really helps St. Johns. There is a grow-ing level of need in virtu-ally all aspects of church life, and we all should pitch in so the good work can be sustained. Most importantly, volunteering is good for your soul.</p><p> The Ministry Fair for years suc-cessfully put volunteer opportunities in front of parishioners before losing its punch. The goal of the Volunteer Walk is the same: Educate parishio-ners on the needs of the church and encourage participation, Hopefully, a new and different approach will </p><p>work. Your feedback is important. Are we connecting with parishio-ners? Is this an effective way to communicate the many different ways we can contribute as a vol-unteer? Please let a vestry member know if this strategy helped identify the various types of volunteer oppor-</p><p>tunities available at St. Johns. A summary of committee activi-</p><p>ties is listed on the pages that follow. It includes the core responsibilities, and typically there are volunteer op-portunities associated with each one. Remember that the work require-ments in each committee change from year to year and so will volun-teer responsibilities. </p><p>St. Johns Volunteer WalkThe opportunities you see on </p><p>the following pages represent just the tip of the iceberg. If you have questions, please contact the vestry liaison. It is likely that you know someone who is currently a volun-teer, and they can point you in the right direction. On the last page, </p><p>there is a list of key con-tacts. You can always start your volunteer walk by contacting any one of those individuals.</p><p>A final note: Some committees have a much greater need for volun-teers than others. Please do not be discouraged </p><p>if you reach out and discover that your choice of a volunteer activity is not available. While it is a pos-sibility, in most cases this will be unlikely. Let it be known that you want to serve and ask to put your name on a waiting list. Or even better, consider another volunteer opportunity.</p><p>There are many! Take a look.</p><p>PLEASE NOTE: Some committees have a much greater need for volunteers than others. Please do not be discouraged if you reach out and discover that your choice of a volunteer activity is not available. While it is a possibil-</p><p>ity, in most cases this will be unlikely. </p><p>The St. JohnsVolunteer Walk</p><p>Volunteer Opportunities By Committee</p><p>Core Responsibilities Acolytes Altar Guild (by committee ap-</p><p>pointment) Lay Readers Lay Eucharistic Ministers (by ap-</p><p>pointment) Music (by approval) Ushers Wedding Guild</p><p>The Worship committee is filled with volunteer opportunities for all ages. It is a committee with high visibility since </p><p>many of the volunteers play significant roles in and/or during church services. Volunteer needs and opportunities each Sunday are numerous. They set up the sanctuary prior to each service, read the lessons and usher. Our younger parish-ioners serve as acolytes. And of course, the choir fills the church with beautiful music. Please sign up - there are never too many volunteers to help with the responsibilities that are part of the Wor-ship Committee.</p><p>Vestry LiaisonGlenn Chandler</p><p>Worship Committee</p><p>E-Mail:gbchandler@nc.rr.com</p><p>Page 2</p></li><li><p>Core Responsibilities Sunday School Vacation Bible School Childrens Chapel Nursery Wed. Night Youth Programs Christmas Pageant</p><p>Children Christian Formation always has a need for volunteers as Sunday School Teachers, Childrens Chapel leaders, Christmas Pageant </p><p>leaders and Vacation Bible School counselors and support staff. Adults are needed during the Sunday School year to ensure complete coverage. Next summer, St. Johns will host Childrens Vacation Bible School on June 23-26, 2014, and Childrens Christian Formation would love vol-unteers to assist in the organization of many other activities.</p><p>E-Mail:youngdac@earthlink.net</p><p>Vestry LiaisonDrew Young</p><p>Childrens Christian Formation</p><p>Core Responsibilities Preschool Board Preschool Budget Oversight Journey to Adulthood Guardian Angel Diocesan Youth Events Youth Basketball</p><p>You know how important youth programs are to any church. Well, youth programs at St. Johns are top notch.</p><p>The Journey to Adulthood youth program includes youth from 6th -12th grade, but separated into three different classes. They mainly meet on Sunday at 9:15 a.m. during the school year. The </p><p>Guardian Angel program pairs each of our youth with an adult parishioner throughout lent with the task of pray-ing and sending encouraging notes. About 50-60 volunteers are needed for this event, culminating with a din-ner on Palm Sunday. The community church basketball league runs Decem-ber through February. Do you have coaching skills? Volunteers from St. Johns are needed. The Preschool Board is made up of parents with children enrolled in the preschool, as well as the vestry liaison. Interested in the pre-schools success? This is for you.</p><p>pre-sChool/Youth Christian Formation</p><p>Vestry LiaisonPaige Naylor</p><p>E-Mail:pnaylor1@nc.rr.com</p><p>Vestry LiaisonJean Moore</p><p>parish FamilY liFeCore Responsibilities</p><p> Breakfast Parish Dinners Parish Beach Weekend Saints And Sinners Movie Foyers Rood Screen</p><p>If you like food, fun and entertain-ment, this committee is for you. It is a blend of many facets of church life. You can participate in different ways in many wonderful activities such as the annual Parish Beach Weekend at Trin-</p><p>ity Center (yes, that is volunteerism), assist in preparation of the rood screen for Advent services, or join a St. Johns group for caroling at Christmas. There are movies, breakfasts, dinners and special outings. Volunteers can host an event, be the guest chef for a Wednesday night dinner, join in a potluck event, make an hors doeuvre and then go to a movie. One of the best ways to meet parishioners, and get to know them, is by participating or volunteering with the Parish Family Life Committee.</p><p>E-Mail:jean@MooreExposure.com</p><p>Volunteer Opportunities By Committee</p><p>Page 3</p></li><li><p>Vestry LiaisonPatsy Politowicz</p><p>CommuniCations &amp; WelComing</p><p>E-Mail:champers1231@yahoo.com</p><p>Core Responsibilities Epistle Website Advertising Audio/Video Bulletin Board Pictorial Directory Newcomers Incorporation Good Shepherd Pew Cards</p><p>This committee works hard to keep parishioners, new members and visitors informed. Newsletters, pew cards, pamphlets, bulletin boards and the church pictorial directory all </p><p>are part of this committees respon-sibility. Do you fancy yourself as a budding Ernest Hemingway? Good. This committee needs writers. Have you visited the churchs new web-site - www.stjohnsnc.org? It is part of the Communications Committee responsibility, working closely with St. Johns Communications Coordinator Anthony Ramos. Surveys always point to communications as one of the most important aspects of any organization, business or governing body. Thats why this committee continues to work hard on behalf of St. Johns.</p><p>Vestry LiaisonJudy Klinck</p><p>adult Christian Formation</p><p>E-Mail:JBKlinck@aol.com</p><p>Core Responsibilities Adult Christian Education Book Study Library Daughters of the King Cursillo Education For Ministry Episcopal Church Women Guest Speakers</p><p>Volunteer opportunities as coordi-nators exist in two classes within this </p><p>committee. Presenters and teachers are used for the Bible Study class held in the Kyle House. The Contemporary class is a facilitated group study, usu-ally with a DVD. And if you like to do research, there is a need to find the right volunteer to research adult education topics for Sunday or Wednesday nights. Participation is a big opportunity - sat-isfy your spiritual hunger.</p><p>Volunteer Opportunities By Committee</p><p>Vestry LiaisonDavid Guzman</p><p>outreaCh Committee</p><p>E-Mail:guzmand59@hotmail.com</p><p>Core Responsibilities Philanthropies CIHN Farm Workers Ministry Operation Inasmuch Breakfast Salvation Army Love Lunches Homeless Support Christmas Charitable Activities Stop Hunger Now</p><p>If you feel you are best suited to participate a volunteer activity that helps others, the Outreach Committee is the perfect fit. This is a worker op-</p><p>portunity. You can lend your talents to a county-wide project during Operation Inasmuch, working side by side for a day with other church volunteers, civic groups, and city, local and state politi-cians to help people in need. Or help feed the homeless as part of St. Johns monthly rotation at the Salvation Army Love Lunch program. The committee also assists with the philanthropic re-quests of St. Johns, reviewing and ap-proving requests for financial assistance from several gifts and/or endowments.</p><p>Page 4</p></li><li><p>Core Responsibilities Pastoral Care Committee Bereavement Military Support Gift Shop</p><p>The scope of this committees work is far-reaching. The Pastoral Care Committee within In-Reach could not function without a very active and dedicated group of vol-unteers. Formed in 2009, it has expanded quickly and now enjoys the services of approximately 70 volunteers who tend to </p><p>those who are ill, bereaved, suffering long-term illness, or simply in need. Committed volunteers write cards or notes, prepare and deliver food and flowers and prayer shawls. The parish gift shop is also a part of In-Reach, and volunteers are responsible for its operation. It is open following most regularly scheduled services. If you would like to volunteer, please stop by after a church service and inquire with one of the gift shop assistants. But do come by - it is a parish gift shop second to none.</p><p>Vestry LiaisonRichard Evans</p><p>in-reaCh Committee</p><p>E-Mail:revans144@nc.rr.com</p><p>Volunteer Opportunities By Committee</p><p>Vestry LiaisonJohn Holmes</p><p>personnel/investments/planned giving</p><p>E-Mail:jholmes14@nc.rr.com</p><p>Core Responsibilities Personnel Committee Investments Planned Giving</p><p>Three important, but separate, com-mittees at St. Johns are Personnel, Investments and Planned Giving. Like Finance, committee members are ap-proved by the Vestry. Typically, com-mittee members are long-time parish-ioners who can commit to serve over a period of years.</p><p>Personnel - Assist Rector and com-</p><p>mittee chair with recruitment, reten-tion, salary administration and employ-ee relations for office staff.</p><p>Investments - Manage endowment assets of St. Johns with long-term fo-cus to maximize income and minimize risk. Hire professional money manag-ers and monitor performance.</p><p>Planned Giving - Encourage and facilitate stewardship through planned gifts to build the endowment of St. Johns.</p><p>Vestry LiaisonJeff Baker</p><p>FinanCe Committee</p><p>E-Mail:jeffbaker.cpa@hotmail.com</p><p>Core Responsibilities Budget Narrative Budget Property, Casualty &amp; Directors </p><p>Insurance Memorials</p><p>The Finance Committee oversees a very critical part of church operations. Among the responsibilities, prepara-tion of the annual budget and the </p><p>compilation of financial reports are time-consuming tasks which require specialized talents. If you have an interest in this committee, there may be an opportunity to serve sometime in the future. But please remember, unlike other volunteer opportunities at St. Johns, Finance Committee mem-bers are appointed by vestry. Contact Jeff Baker if you are interested.</p><p>Committee Appointments By Vestry</p><p>Page 5</p></li><li><p>Key Contacts At St. Johns </p><p>Dear St. Johns Parishioner,</p><p>The current ministry and future growth of St. Johns depends on the faithful commit-ment of time, tal-ent and treasure by the members of St. Johns. Serving Christ as volunteers is at the core of Christian Stewardship. Your support forms the heart and soul of St. Johns. Please review the opportunities for ministry and consider prayerfully your God given gifts and the current needs of our parish.</p><p>Our souls are fed by the beauty of w...</p></li></ul>