LOREM IPSUM T£†TULO - Mota- Page 5 Mota-Engil Mining is a division of the Mota-Engil Group which provides

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Text of LOREM IPSUM T£†TULO - Mota- Page 5 Mota-Engil Mining is a division of the Mota-Engil...

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    Mota-Engil Group Mota-Engil Mining

    Mining Activities

    Know-How, Equipment and Experience


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    Business Areas

    International Presence

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    The Mota-Engil Group is engaged in a wide range of activities associated with the design, construction, management and operation of

    infrastructures, and boasts a long and recognised experience, accompanied by an high level of technical know-how in the development

    of various areas such as:

     Infrastructures

     Civil Construction

     Mining

     Real Estate

     Waste Collection and Treatment:

     Mechanical Sorting

     Biological Processing

     Incinerators

     Landfills

     Energy Production

     Transport Concessions

     Maintenance Services

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    The Mota-Engil World comprises 3 continents and 28 countries:

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    Mota-Engil Mining is a division of the Mota-Engil Group which provides the best solutions to develop and mine valuable resources,

    benefiting from the Group’s long experience gained in the execution of civil construction and earthmoving projects. This division is

    essentially focused on giving support to the mining exploration of its clients, particularly through the development of the following



    • Drilling and blasting

    • Exploration drilling

    • Grade control

    • Load and haul

    • Pit dewatering

    • Rehabilitation

    • Crushing and screening

    • Environmental qualification


    • Mine planning and design

    • Earthworks

    • Roads

    • Buildings

    • Accommodation camps

    • Water reservoirs

    • Tailings dams

    • Pipelines

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    Mota-Engil Mining is the right partner for a turnkey solution with fast mobilizations, exigent production plans and for the planning, design, construction and commissioning of all mining infrastructures, guaranteeing an effective implementation capacity for all types of commodities and mining lay-outs, in remote and difficult locations:

    The division has a global network of professionals with diversified skills, expertise and competences in all areas of mining operations, being able to work with a wide range of softwares in Mine Planning, such as Surpac, Vulcan, Micromine and Primavera.

    Mota-Engil Mining is the owner of a large and flexible fleet and a set of equipment for mining operations from top brands, including dump trucks (40, 60, 100, 240 tons), excavators (35, 45, 70, 250, 300, 600 tons), dozers (40, 50, 70 tons), loaders (25, 30, 40, 50, 100 tons), drilling rigs (200Kw, 354Kw), compactors and water tanks, graders (25, 30 tons) and crushers (150, 200 tons/h).

    The track-record in the development of projects for some of the world’s largest mining companies demonstrates the experience and reputation acquired by the division and the trust and satisfaction of its clients with the services provided. With more than 50 projects developed over the past two decades in 7 countries (Malawi, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Guinea Conakry, Brazil and Peru) and 2 continents (Africa and Latin America), Mota-Engil Mining operations contributed with more than 2 billion USD of revenues to the Mota-Engil Group since 2000.

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    KAYELEKERA PROJECT Project divided in two phases executed in the Kayelekera Uranium Mine, located approximately 52km by road to the west of Karonga township, in the Northern Region of Malawi.

    The first phase of the project involved the construction of all the infrastructures required for the mine exploration, such as the residential camp, processing plant, dumps, ponds, dams, mine accesses and haul roads, namely through the execution of earthworks, drainage works, plumbing/piping works, pavement works and steelworks.

    The second phase of the project consisted not only in the maintenance of the infrastructures executed in the phase I, but also in the provision of services related with the mine exploitation, particularly the execution of drilling and blasting, excavation, loading and transportation of material from the stripping mine to the processing plant and to the waste dumps, stockpiles and infrastructures associated to services in the areas designated by the client.

    Location: Karonga, Malawi

    Client: Paladin Africa Limited

    Status: Closed

    Start Date: August 2007

    End Date: May 2016

    Value: 228 million USD

    Volume: 19.000.000 BCM


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    FCKS PROJECT Project currently under execution in the limestone and clay mines of the client Fábrica de Cimento do Kwanza Sul (FCKS), located at Sumbe, Angola.

    The contract includes mining services in order to provide the raw materials limestone and clay for the production of cement and clinker according with the production plan of the client FCKS.

    The exploration activity is based on cleaning and deforestation works of the entire exploration area, blasting in the case of limestone, excavation in the case of clay, with transportation of both raw materials to the respective crushers and stocking areas and of waste material to landfill, considering that the contract establishes a monthly average amount of limestone and clay movement of 161.000 tons and 36.000 tons, respectively.


    Location: Sumbe, Angola

    Client: Fábrica de Cimento do Kwanza Sul, SA

    Status: Closed

    Start Date: October 2013

    End Date: October 2015

    Value: 94 million USD

    Volume: 7.000.000 BCM

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    CHABA PROJECT Project currently under execution in the Chaba Coal Mine, located in Hwange, Northern Zimbabwe, about 100 Km from Victoria Falls, 335 Km from Bulawayo and 780 km from the capital Harare.

    The contract includes the services of drilling, blasting, loading and hauling of coal in the client Hwange Collery's coal mine, for a total volume of 62.000.000 BCM, considering an average of 800.000 BCM per month and producing 200.000 tons of coal per month.

    The project also includes the rehabilitation of mined out areas following the mine’s standards and procedures on rehabilitation.


    Location: Hwange, Zimbabwe

    Client: Hwange Colliery Company Ltd

    Status: Ongoing

    Start Date: April 2014

    End Date: April 2019

    Value: 260 million USD

    Volume: 62.000.000 BCM

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    MOATIZE PROJECT Project under execution in the Moatize Coal Mine, located at Tete Province, in Mozambique.

    The first phase of the project, already concluded, involved maintenance works of the mine infrastructures, namely the wetting of access roads and loading/unloading pads, cut and fill earthworks for construction and maintenance of ramps and accesses, drainage and adequate banks re-slopping.

    The second phase of the project, includes the operation and maintenance of the continuous miner “Surface Miner Wirtgen 4200", as part of a program to transfer skills and training of the mining operators, for an annual production of 5.622.000 tons.

    Finally, the third phase of the project also currently ongoing involves the expansion of the existing operations of the mine, through the execution of mining works such as drilling, loading and transportation of 70.356.000 m3 of overburden to the waste dumps, stockpile and infrastructure associated to services in the areas designated.


    Location: Moatize, Mozambique

    Client: VALE Moçambique, SA

    Status: Ongoing

    Start Date: February 2015

    End Date: September 2022

    Value: 570 million USD

    Volume: 140.000.000 BCM

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    SIGUIRI PROJECT Project currently under execution in the Siguiri Gold Mine, located in Siguiri, approximately 850 km north east of Conakry city in Guinea.

    The contract entails mining services in this gold mine which has been under operation since 1996, namely drilling, blasting, excavation, loading and hauling, pit dewatering, re-handling, crusher feeding and transportation, as well as providing equipment and installations, for an annual production of 10.000.000 tons.

    The services also include the maintenance of the existing mine access roads, performing dust control on all roads and the operation of the gates that provide access to the mine roads, since 80.000 people live within the mine area, and the transport distances of the gold ore from the various open mine pits to the treatment installation vary from 2.2 km to 11.3 km.


    Location: Siguiri, Guinea Conakry

    Client: Société Anglo Gold Ashanti, SA

    Status: Ongoing

    Start Date: October 2017

    End Date: May 2022

    Value: 195 million USD

    Production: 50.000.000 tons

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    MINAS-RIO PROJECT Project divided in two phases executed in the mining enterprise named Minas-Rio Project, located in the Municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro and Alvorada de Minas, located at Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    The first phase of the project included the construction of the tailings dam of the iron ore processing plant, particularly the preliminary works, earthworks and landscaping, drainage system and concrete structures.

    The second phase of the project consisted in the construction of a containment dam, namely through the execut

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