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  • 1. Magna Carta

2. Background onKing JohnKing John 3. Prince JohnKing Henry II believed that his youngest sonJohn would in the end will insult (him and hisfamily) more grievously and more dangerouslythan any of the others.When his brother Richard became King, Johnbegan to plot against him.When Richard was captured on his way homefrom a crusade, John pretended to raise moneyfor his release! 4. Prince JohnJohn actually tried to bribe Richardscaptor to hold him longer!!!Richard eventually returned toEngland, but died 5 years later.John was crowned King one monthafter Richards death! 5. Johns MistakesAllegedly had his nephew killed becausepeople believed that the nephew should be king.He would falsely accuse someone in order tocollect fines in order to get money to fightFrance.He forced the barons (lords) to pay scutages(taxes) instead of supplying soldiers for thecampaigns against France. What happened isEngland lost many battles & land because theydidnt have a strong army. 6. Disneys Song about the Nasty King John 7. Johns MistakesKing John was excommunicated by the Pope due toan argument over power. King John was the first Kingto ever be excommunicated. This meant that all of thechurches in England were closed and priests couldnthear confessions, perform marriages, funerals andbaptisms.The people were nervous of not going to heaven andstarted to rebel.John finally agreed with the Pope only because hislords werent supporting him, they were supportingthe church. 8. John Isnt All Bad!!Expanded the civil service system whichallowed courts to maintain the law andresolve disputes.Granted self-government to growing cities.Established a uniform system of weightsand measures.creating a royal navyrequiring government offices to keep formalarchives. 9. Runneymede ~ site of Magna Carta Signing ~Monday, June 15, 1215throughJune 19, 1215June 19, 1215June 19, 1215 10. Runnymede was used a meeting place. 11. Memorial of WhereSignature took place 12. One of the four remaining 13. Scribes wrote very small becauseparchment paper was expensive.It was written in Latin because Latin was the universal language.It was written in Latin because Latin was the universal language. 14. Negotiated for fourdays on anagreement called theArticles of the Barons 15. These demands became known asthe Magna Carta or also known asGreat Charter.Great Charter. 16. Has 63 articlesMost famous article ~ Article 39No free man shall be...put in prison ordeprived of his possessions except bythe legal judgment of his peers or by thelaw of the land.(Peasants unfortunately were notconsidered free so they could still beput in jail for no apparent reason.) 17. Good News!!!The Magna Carta limited the Kingspower and strengthened the rights ofthe nobles. 18. John up to his Old Tricks King John did not want to follow this charter. However, he made an OATH. King John asked Pope Innocent III to release him from the OATH, and the Pope agreed. The Pope stated that any oath made under such frightening circumstances could not be enforced. 19. WAIT...theres more Drama!!King John overlooked the fact that if he did nothold up his end of the deal, the nobles andtownspeople were willing to fight to make sure itgoes through...a civil war broke out!!The nobles got an army form the French King tohelp them fight against King John! 20. BAD NEWS FOR JOHN!!!King John fought back until he wasshipwrecked and ate a bad meal ofpeaches and cider.This meal turned out to be his LAST!!