Math Journal Prompt: All the 5th graders at Ella’s school are going on a field trip to Bush Gardens. There are 180 people going on the trip. Each bus

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  • Math Journal Prompt:All the 5th graders at Ellas school are going on a field trip to Bush Gardens. There are 180 people going on the trip. Each bus holds 40 people. How many buses are needed? Explain why your answer makes sense.Dont Forget, restate the question with your answer and justify it.Tuesday, February 3, 20158:10 8:40

  • Restroom Break8:40 8:50

  • Language Arts Benchmark Test 8:50 10:20When finished: Extra time to work on your Magazine Project

  • SCIENCE TIME10:20 10:55

  • Igneous- large intergrown crystals, glassy texture, porous (vesicular)Do you remember what rock we learned about last time?

  • How is an igneous rock formed?Melted rock or magma can come out of a

  • Volcano


  • Our Second Rock Study!

  • sedimentary rockSedimentary- visible particles or sediments, layers, and fossils (typically feels grainy)

  • Review Science Binder Page

  • Rocks made of bits & pieces of other rocks. Rocks

  • Sedimentary RocksIgneous rocks are the most common rocks on Earth, but because most of them exist below the surface you might not have seen too many of them.75 percent of the rocks exposed at the surface are sedimentary rocks.

  • What is sediment?Sediments are loose materials such as rock fragments, mineral grains, and bits of shell that have been moved by wind, water, ice, or gravity.Sediments come from already-existing rocks that are weathered and eroded. Sedimentary rock forms when sediments are pressed and cemented together, or when minerals form from solutions.

  • Sedimentary RocksSedimentary rocks may be made of rock fragmentssedimentsor by chemical reactions. The classification of sediments is shown below.

  • Clastic rocksmade of cemented sedimentsare classified by their grain sizes.

  • Non-clastic rocks form by chemical precipitation (settling out from a solution.) Limestone is made from calcite, chert from quartz, and halite is rock salt.

  • Biologic sedimentary rocks come from the remains of organic matter.The most important of these is coal. Anthracite coal results from the greatest pressure and releases the most energy when burned. Other varieties are bituminous and lignite. Petrified (permineralized) wood is another organic rock.

  • More about sedimentary rocksShale is the most common sedimentary rockSedimentary rocks cover about three-quarters of the land surfaceFor more about sedimentary rocks:

  • Types of Sedimentary Rocks


  • Radiometric dating provides an accurate way to estimate the age of fossils. Relative dating estimates the time during which an organism lived.It compares the placement of fossils in layers of rock.Scientists infer the order in which species existed.

  • Hands On Activity!Sedimentary Sandwich!

  • Vocabulary Activity Imagine That!Close your eyes and imagine:As the bulldozer dug up your back yard, you happened to notice an interesting rock. It appeared to have an outline of a squid. Think-Pair-Share: What type of rock could it be and why? What could you infer about what your backyard looked like a million years ago?

  • What is the scientific theory that the Earths crust is broken up in to plates that move or float?Plate Tectonics

  • What is the crust and upper mantle called?lithosphere

  • What is the rock that is made from melted rock (called magma) that has cooled and hardened?igneous

  • Whats a solid nonliving substance found inside of rock?mineral

  • What is the rock that is made from small pieces (called sediment) that have pressed and cemented together called?sedimentary

  • Whats the hottest and hardest layer at the center of the Earth called?inner core

  • MOVE TO LEARN10:55 11:00

  • Math Time!11:00 12:00

  • Workbook pages 663-664

  • Workbook pages 665-666

  • Homework wkbk pages 667-668 Even numbers

  • Out of Classroom!12:00 12:45 Activity12:45 1:15 Lunch1:15 1:45 Recess

  • Expository NonfictionWriting Time!1:45 2:40W52 write informative/explanatory texts

  • Readers TheaterSequencing Text Structure

  • In-Class Magazine ProjectToday Write article using sequence & order text structure

  • Station Rotation B!2:40 3:10

  • 3:10 3:15Wrap Up!Pack-Up

    Office will announce:Car Riders Leave around 3:15Bus Riders Teacher walks out about 3:22(listen to intercom-dismisses by grade)



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