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  • 1. Understanding Micro Elements inFilm Openings Drag Me To Hell. Amber Pothecary

2. Setting The setting gives an impression of a richfamily, as there is a big house & multiple cars 3. Dcor 4. Props In this opening of this film multiple props areused such as the cars the mail box and thelight outside the house. 5. Costume & make upThe costume & make up gives the impression that the characters looklike they are not very well off. With a rag covering the boys body. 6. Figure expression & movementThe characters arriving at the house are slouched over listening to the ownerof the house showing shes more important. With scared worried facialexpressions om there faces. 7. Off Screen SpaceYou hear the door opening and the woman turnsaround to look at whos coming in. 8. Extreme close upThis is a shot of an extremeclose up of the characters facegiving more enthuses on whatshes saying. 9. Close upThis is a shot of a close up so youcan see the necklace has impotence,playing a big role within the film. 10. Medium shotThis is a shot of a medium shotof the characters face so youcan see that what thecharacter is saying moreclearly & what she is sayinghas importance. 11. Long shotThis is a shot of a long shot,its a long shot as it showsthe characters whole bodywith little space the spearat the top and bottom ofthe shot. 12. Extreme long shot 13. Extreme long shot This is a shot of a extreme long shot as it showthe whole house, the cars and all the scenery. 14. PanThis is a shot of a pan as thecamera doesnt physicallymove but just moves thecamera lens to follow thecar. 15. TiltThis is shot is showing thecamera tilting downwards, it istilting to show the whole of thehouse(location). 16. ZoomThis is a shot of azoom the camerastarts close up to thecar radio to give itsome importance asshe just turned in on.the camera slowlythen comes one togive you a view of thewhole radio. 17. Cut Cuts are used in the film opening sequence toshowdifferent scenes within the movie. This isdone for speed, it cuts out the time it wouldtake to for example zoom all the way out. InDrag me to hell a cut is used when thecharacters drive half way into the drive way, itthen cuts to them exiting the car.