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I want my MTV

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    • Bheja Fry is a mind boggling game show with VJ Syra. If you think you have it in you then step up to the podium and put your smarts on the line. Win fabulous prizes in every round. Outwit, outplay and win your way to the grand bumper prize!
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    • Take a first-class joy ride through the most luxurious living in Bollywood. This latest season of The Fabulous Life is spotlighting the hottest names out there.
    • Each episode uncovers the stories and numbers behind the biggest purchases of Bollywood's super spenders.
    • Each episode combines expert interviews, investigative field segments, giving you a glimpse into The Fabulous Life of the most popular stars in Bollywood.
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    • A request to everyone from MTV especially the youth. Step forward and donate open heartedly for the victims of most devastating flood in our beloved country's history. More than 3 million homeless people are waiting for our help.
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    • Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul
    • to make it the real MTV give you medium from where you can share your every memory, every celebration and every musical taste with your beloved one. Whoever you are, whatever music you love, youll find the sound track to your life on LOVE STOIES on MTV. Pakistan ENJOYY
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    • Trailers of recent, classic films and the making- of, as it offers more insight into how it was made, and to credit the film crew.
    • The content of MTV Big Picture is released by 20th Century Fox on MTV Pakistan by Spell Movies. It highlights movies available now on original DVDs and Blue- Ray in Pakistan.
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    • MTV Indias biggest youth-based reality show. Each episode features a vote-out consisting of number of tasks or challenges which they have to perform at the end in which the Roadies eliminate one of their fellow Roadies by an anonymous vote till the winner stands alone.
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    • Music creates the sound track to your life; you can enjoy a journey through every musical style from around the world through the Groove you can access to the worlds largest digital music library with MTV Pakistan.
    • Only we provide uninterrupted music to suit every occasion and every taste. From popular favorites such as rock, pop, dance, hip hop, R&B, reggae, jazz, blues, classical, opera and more, to the Oldies and the latest cutting-edge music the most popular and current songs, A danceable mix of tempos featuring international artists access to GROOVE on MTV Pakistan.
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    • A show where you can delight with danceable mix of tempos featuring national and international artists. Moreover you can call us to share youre inspiring, motivational and amusing stories via listening with upcoming and latest songs on request.
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