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  • Museum Label for KidsAjeng Ayu Arainikasih, S. Hum., M. Arts

    Departemen Arkeologi FIB Universitas Indonesia

    Workshop How to Write Good Museum Label 13 Mei 2015

  • What do you think about

    Kids Label?

    what is the


    how is the

    vocab?how is



    why it is


    who write it?

  • why it is important for museums

    to have kids label?

  • Museum should become inclusive institution, thus it should accommodate the needs of its

    diverse audience!

  • what is the content?

    how is the


  • Interpretive LabelInterpretive labels tells stories; they are narratives, not lists of facts. Any label that serves to explain, guide, question, inform, or provoke in a way that invites participation by the reader is

    interpretive (Serrell, 1996).

  • Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

  • Hyde Park Barrack Museum, Sydney

  • Question LabelThree basic reasons to ask visitors questions in exhibitions: 1. Toencourage visitors to engage deeply and personally with a specificobject; 2. To motivate interpersonal dialogue among visitors around aparticular object or idea; 3. To provide feedback or useful informationto staff about the object or exhibition (Simon, 2010).

  • Question LabelTwo basic types of questions that are most successful at eliciting authentic,

    confident, diverse responses: personal questions and speculative questions.

    Personal questions help visitors connect their own experience to the objectson display. Speculative questions ask visitors to imagine scenarios involvingobjects or ideas that are foreign to their experience (Simon, 2010).

  • Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

  • how is the


  • Musee du Choco-Story,


  • Peranakan Museum, Singapore

  • So, museum label for kids should be written interpretively; telling stories in a simple way be written in short sentences and paragraphs, using kids friendly

    vocabulary provoke participatory - make kids engage with the exhibits be designed attractively, easy to spot, easy to read, and its placement is

    easily accessible

  • who write the kids label?

  • It is now your honor to write the kids label

  • Pssssttt.

    Dont forget to always perform evaluation during

    the writing process!

  • Bibliography

    Serrell, Beverly. 1996. Exhibit Labels: An InterpretiveApproach. Walnut Creek: Altamira Press.

    Simon, Nina. 2010. The Participatory Museum. Santa Cruz:Museum 2.0.

    Photo courtesy: Ajeng Ayu Arainikasih, 2012-2015

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