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  • 1. My Totem Animaland Biome. BY Shareen Blake

2. C o r a lR e e fMy biome is located in the tropical areas which are closer to the equator. The development of coral reefs formed after the last frozen period when ice bergs were melting and caused the sea level to rise and flood the inland shelves. 3. What is The Temperature, Precipitation of Your Biome? The Coral Reef biome is found only in shallow, warm water. The water temperature is usually steady year round. 4. HumanContact:Even if you touch the reef slightly, it can harm it. Boats dropping their anchors can cause horrible damage to these fragile ecosystems. Humans occasionally kill the reefs over time. Fertilizers & Pollution: Fertilizers go off into the reefs which cause pesticides and other chemicals which can poison reefs. How has man affected your biome? 5. What is The Plant Life and Animal Life in Your Biome? Marine Algae Seagrasses Mangroves Tube Sponge Vase Sponge YellowTubeSponge Red Tree Sponge Common Sea Squirt Pineapple Coral Staghorn Coral Brain Coral Torch Coral Star Coral Christmas Tree Worm Magnificent Feather Duster Large-eyed Feather Duster Orange Fireworm Red-rim Flatworm 6. Arrow Crab Red Hermit Crab Purple Shore Crab Anemone Crab Cleaner Shrimp Yellow Nudibranch Giant Clam Giant Clam 2 Flame Scallop Flamingo Tongue Cowrie Clown Triggerfish Orange-green Triggerfish Black Triggerfish Falco Hawkfish Longnosed Hawkfish Regal Tang Percula Clownfish Southern Stingray Blue Spotted Stingray Lesser Electric Ray Pacific Manta Ray 7. Great White Shark Tiger Shark Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Blue Shark Gray Reef Shark Yellow Bellied Sea Snake Marine Iguana Hawksbill Turtle Olive Ridley Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Pilot Whale West Indian Manatee California Sea Lion Killer Whale 8. Wow Facts there are many different reefs like theAtoll reef, theBarrier Reef, and the Fringing Reef? theGreat BarrierReef is the only natural structure that you can see from space? full grown coral will eat little baby coral? if you cut yourself on coral and you don't clean it, the coral will grow inside your skin? DID YOU KNOW? 9. Totem Animal My totem animal is the percula clown fish. 10. The Percula clown fisheshabitat is the coral reef the fishlives in the sea anemone. Habitat 11. Food The clown fishes diet is plakton and also the clown fish feeds on little crustaceans. 12. The clown fish is suited for its environment because the fish lives in the sea anemone which the fish does not get stung by the tentacles. So the fish survives by living in the sea anemone because the anemone does all the work by killing the other fishes that would try to eat the clown fish. 13. Wow Facts clown fish have a slimy substence on their body and thats the reason why they can live in the sea anemone? there are many different colours of clown fish? clown fish are born males then transition into females? DID YOU KNOW? 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Tomato Clownfish Pink Skunk Clownfish Maroon Clownfish This are the 3 different kinds of clown fish. 20. The End Percula clown fish