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OBD II Pro Plus Enhanced GM Engine Module List Sensors Commands Supported Systems 4 WAL Air Suspension Amplifier (Delco) Auto HVAC CVRTD Classic Radio DIM DRP/ABS/TCS/VSES Digital Radio Receiver Driver Door Switch Driver Seat Module Electric Power Steering End Gate Module HVAC Headlamp Display Heating And Air Conditioning Instrument Panel Cluster Integrated Radio Chassis Left Rear Door Module Memory Mirror Module Navigation Radio Onstar Passenger Door Switch Power Roof Module Powertrain Interface Module 4WAL 3 Sensor Amplifier Body Control Module Cellular Telephone Climate Control Panel DRP/ABS/TCS Door Module ESC ABS/DRP/TCS Amplifier (Bose) CD Changer Chime Cruise Control DRP/ABS/TCS/TIM Driver Door Module EVO

Anti-Lock Brake System Auto Disconnect

Dash Integration Module Delco/Bosch ABS/TCS Driver Information Center Driver Position Module Electronic Brake Control Electronic Suspension Control Module Folding Top Module HVAC Control Manual Heads Up Display Heating and Air Conditioning Left Door Control Module Lift Gate Module Memory Seat Module OnStar Park Assist Module Passenger Seat Module Power Steering Control Module RTD Generator Battery Control Module Head Up Display Heated Seat Module Immobilizer

Instrument Panel Module Integrated Navigation Radio Left Power Sliding Door Module Magna Steer Multifunction Alarm Module OnStar (VS-3B) Passenger Door Module Passlock Powertrain RTD/EVO

Radio Rear HVAC Rear Integration Module Rear Seat Module Remote Function Actuation Right Rear Door Module SDM Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Theft Deterrent Module Traction Assist VSES Vehicle Immobilizer Module

Rear Aux. Climate Module Rear Heated Seat Module Rear Seat Audio Rear Wheel Steering Right Door Control Module Roof And Door Module Seat Control Module TV Antenna Module Tilt Telescope Module Up-Level Radio Vehicle Communication Deterrent Vehicle Theft Deterrent Engine Sensors

Rear Door Module Rear Heating And Air Conditioning Rear Seat Entertainment Remote Control Door Lock Receiver Right Power Sliding Door Module Roof And Door Module Steering Column Lock Module TV Antennae Tire Pressure Monitor VES Vehicle Communication Interface Module Transmission

1-2 Shift Time 18x Crank Sensor 2-3 Solenoid 3-4 Shift Time Error 5 Volt Reference 1 A/C Clutch A/C High Side Pressure Volts A/C Off for WOT A/C Relay Circuit Status A/C Status Accelerator Pedal Position Average Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 - Volts Accelerator Pedal Position

1-2 Shift Time Error 2-3 Shift Time 24x Crank Sensor 3x Crank Sensor 5 Volt Reference 2 A/C EVAP Temperature

1-2 Solenoid 2-3 Shift Time Error 3-4 Shift Time 4x Reference Pulse Counter 5 Volt Reference 3 A/C High Side Pressure

A/C High Side Temperature A/C Low Side Temperature A/C Pressure Disable A/C Relay Command Abuse Management Accelerator Pedal Position Indicated Angle Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Accelerator Pedal Position A/C Relay A/C Request Accelerator Pedal Position Angle Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 - Volts Active AWD Mode

Sensor 3 Actual EGR Actual Injection Pump Timing Air Flow Calculated Air Pressure Sensor

Sensor 3 - Volts Actual EGR Position Adaptive Knock Retard Air Fuel Ratio Air Pump Relay Circuit Status Actual Fuel Rail Pressure Air Flow Air Indicated Pressure Air Pump Relay Command Air Pump System Time Rich Alternative Fuel Level ATC Application ATC Hardware Part Number ATC Slip Speed Balancing Rate Cycle 2 Balancing Rate Cycle 5 Balancing Rate Cycle 8 Balancing Rate Cylinder 3 Balancing Rate Cylinder 6 Barometric Pressure Base PWM Cylinder 2 Battery Voltage Boost Solenoid Command Calculated A/C Load Calculated ECT

Air Pump System Diag. Time Air Pump System Time Lean Air Solenoid Circuit Status Alternative Fuel Mileage Log ATC Calibration Part Number ATC Julian Date ATC Software Level Avg. Air Flow Sen. 2 HO2S Balancing Rate Cycle 3 Balancing Rate Cycle 6 Balancing Rate Cylinder 1 Balancing Rate Cylinder 4 Balancing Rate Cylinder 7 Barometric Pressure - Volts Base PWM Cylinder 3 Boost Duty Cycle Brake Booster Vacuum Calculated Air Flow Air Solenoid Command Alternative Fuel Run Time Log ATC EEPROM ATC Part Number Balancing Rate Cycle 1 Balancing Rate Cycle 4 Balancing Rate Cycle 7 Balancing Rate Cylinder 2 Balancing Rate Cylinder 5 Balancing Rate Cylinder 8 Base PWM Cylinder 1 Base PWM Cylinder 4 Boost Pressure Sensor Brake Switch Calculated Converter Temperature

ATC Software Part Number Auto Learn Timer

Calculated ECT Closed Loop Calculated ECT Thermostat Calculated ECT Performance Fuel Control Diagnosis Calculated Fuel Rate CAM Phased Angle Variance CAM Signal Input-Low CAN Purge Driver Low CAM Phased Angle Actual CAM Reference Signal Missed Camshaft Phase Solenoid DC Catalyst EWMA Samples CAM Phased Angle Desired CAM Signal Input-High CAN Purge Driver High Catalyst Misfire Timer

Catalyst Test Fail Threshold CKP Engine Speed CKP Sensor Pulses Missed CMP Retard CMP Sensor - Low to High Commanded A/C Commanded Fan Commanded GEN Coolant Fan Relay Cmd. Crank Reference Missed

Catalyst Test Time Difference EWMA CMP Active Counter CMP Sensor CMP Sensor Signal Present Commanded EGR Commanded Fuel Pump Consecutive CNG Starts Cooling Fan Command Crank Request Signal

CKP Active Counter

CKP Low Resolution Angle CKP Sensor CMP Resync Counter CMP Sensor - High to Low Cold Startup Commanded EGR - Volts Commanded Gear Converter Test Sample Crank Learned Crankshaft Position Sensor A Cruise Clutch Command Cruise Direction Commanded Cruise Inhibit Signal Circuit Status Cruise Release Clutch/TCC Pedal Switches Cruise Set/Coast Current Gear Current Slip Adapts Cycles of Misfire Data Cylinder 1 Knock Retard Cylinder 2 Knock Retard Cylinder 3 Knock Retard Cylinder 4 Knock Retard Cylinder 5 Knock Retard Cylinder 6 Knock Retard Cylinder Air Decel Fuel Cutoff Desired Cylinder Air

Crankshaft Position Sensor B Cruise Cruise Control Active Cruise In Release State Cruise Inhibit Signal Command Cruise Resume/Accel Cruise Switch Current IAC Memory Current Tap Cell Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 3 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 5 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 6 Injector Circuit History Cylinder 7 Knock Retard Cylinder Air Flow Per TDC Decel Fuel Mode Cruise Delta Cruise Inhibit Reason Cruise Mode Signal Cruise Set Speed Cruise Switch Voltage Current Octane Level Current Tap Memory Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 3 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 5 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 6 Injector Circuit Status Cylinder 8 Knock Retard Cylinder Mode Misfire 1 Delivered Torque

Desired Cylinder Air Flow Per TDC Desired EGR Position - Volts Desired Fan Speed Desired Gas Mass Flow

Desired EGR

Desired EGR Position

Desired Exhaust CMP Bank Desired Exhaust CMP Bank 1 2 Desired FRP Regulator Desired HO2S 1 Desired Fuel Rail Pressure Desired HO2S Bank 1 Sensor 1 Desired IAC Air Flow Desired Idle Speed Desired Int CMP Bank 1 Desired TC Vane Position Control Distance Since Code Cleared Driver Module 2 Status DTC Set This Ignition ECT at Misfire EGR Closed Valve Pintle EGR Decel Threshold EGR Feedback EGR Pintle Position EGR Position Error EGR Sensor - Volts EGR Vacuum Sensor Engine Coolant Temperature Engine Off Time Engine Oil Life Remaining Engine Oil Pressure Sensor - Volts

Desired HO2S Bank 2 Sensor Desired IAC 1 Desired IAC Position Desired Ignition Spark Efficiency Desired Int CMP Bank 2 Desired Torque Driver Demanded Engine Torque Driver Module 3 Status EC Ignition Relay Feedback Signal Desired Idle Desired Injection Pump Desired TC Vane Position Desired Torque ABS/TCS Driver Module 1 Status Driver Module 4 Status ECL

EGR Adaptive Learn Matrix EGR Closed Pintle Position Cell EGR CV Fail Pending EGR Delta MAP Calculated EGR Flow Test Count EGR Position - Actual EGR Position Sensor EGR Pressure Sensor EGR Solenoid - Low Volts Encoder Return Voltage EGR Decel Test Filter EGR Duty Cycle EGR Learned Minimum Position EGR Position - Command EGR Sensor - Closed EGR Solenoid Command Encoder Supply Voltage

EGR Position Sensor - Volts EGR Position Variance

Engine Coolant Temperature Engine Load - Volts Engine Oil Level Engine Oil Life Reset Engine Oil Life Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

Engine Oil Pressure Switch Engine Speed ESC Pass Counter EVAP Duty Cycle EVAP Purge Solenoid EVAP Purge Solenoid DC EVAP System Small Leak EVAP Tank Vacuum Slope EVAP Test Result EVAP Vent Blockage EVAP Vent Solenoid Command EVO Feedback Exhaust CMP Angle Bank 1 Variance Fail Counter Fan Speed FC Relay 1 Command FC Relay 2 and 3 Command Front Propshaft Speed Fuel Alcohol Content Fuel Control PWM Signal Command Fuel Level

Engine Oil Temperature Engine Speed at Misfire EVAP Canister Purge EVAP Fault History EVAP Purge Solenoid Circuit Status EVAP Purge Solenoid Driver EVAP Tank Vacuum Decay

Engine Run Time Engine Torque EVAP Canister Vent Valve EVAP Large Leak EVAP Purge Solenoid Command EVAP Purge Valve Leak EVAP Tank Vacuum Filtered EVAP Vacuum Switch EVAP Vent Solenoid Circuit Status

EVAP Tank Vapor Pressure EVAP Test Abort Reason EVAP Test State EVAP Vent Solenoid

EVAP Vent Solenoid Driver EVO Duty Cycle Excess Vacuum Test Exhaust CMP Angle Bank 2 Fan 1 FC Relay 1 FC Relay 2 and 3 Exhaust CMP Angle Bank 1 Exhaust CMP Angle Bank 2 Variance Fan 2 FC Relay 1 Circuit Status FC Relay 2 and 3 Circuit Status

FP Speed Control Feedback FP Voltage Feedback Signal FRP Regulator Command Fuel Composition Sensor Fuel Cutoff Fuel Level Sensor FRP Regulator Fuel Flow Command Fuel Composition Sensor On Time Fuel Gauge Control Fuel Level Sensor - Volts

Fuel Le