OBJECTIVES  Review American political Culture  Examine public opinion and polling  Identify Political ideology and the source of public opinion BELL.

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Public Opinion Ch. 5

Today we will ObjectivesReview American political CultureExamine public opinion and pollingIdentify Political ideology and the source of public opinionBell ringerGive examples to help compare/contrast:Equality of opportunity vs. equality of resultsOrthodox vs. ProgressiveLiberal vs. LibertarianConservative vs. PopulistAgendaPolitical Culture review key pointsPublic Opinion - slide notesQuiz ch. 4 and 5Closure and start HW

Public Opinion Ch. 5Day 2

Public OpinionWhat the public thinks about a particular issue or set of issues at a given timeCleavagesSocial ClassRace and ethnicity Region

When all these cleavages intersect, we say crosscutting cleavages

Marco Rubio, the Hispanic son of exiles from Cuba is a conservative Republican elected from Florida to the US Senate in 2010.

Political SocializationProcess by which an individual acquires his/her political orientationsknowledge, attitudes, opinionsWhen? Basics by age 12, but continuesAgents?FamilySchoolPeersMediaReligionGender GapDifference between men & women on issues & ideologyMore women identify as democrats than men do.Men deserted the Democratic party more than women did.Presidential elections

Influence of the MediaFig. 8-2a, p. 26711Figure 8.2a: Partisan Differences in News.

Fig. 8-2b, p. 26712Figure 8.2b: Partisan Differences in Credibility of News Sources.Political IdeologyPolitical ideology a more or less consistent set of beliefs about what policies gov. ought to pursue.Mass ideology = TypologyLiberal & Conservative Elites: people who have a disproportionate amount of some valued resourceDefining Liberal & ConservativeLiberal = one who supports active gov involvement in regulating our economy & providing safety net programs, but expects gov to be tolerant on social issues (gay rights & abortion)Conservative = one who supports minimal gov oversight in the economy, but expects gov to uphold traditional values on social issuesCheck for UnderstandingWhat do liberals call themselves?What do liberals call conservatives?

What do conservatives call themselves?What do conservatives call liberals?How do we measure public opinion?

How polling worksPoll/SurveyRandom SampleSampling Error difference of results between 2 equally randomized methodsLarger sample size gives a lower margin of errorExit polls after voting

Check for UnderstandingIdentify two characteristics of a valid, scientific, public opinion poll. What might a state legislator do with this information? When would a rep want to follow public opinion, why might they not follow public opinion?

Changing DemographicsRace/EthnicityAgeFamily/Family SizeGender Composition of Workforce

QuizNo TalkingKeep your eyes on your own paperYou may use your notes. Put in basket when you are done. Closure3 - Ways you form your ideology (political socialization)2 - Cleavages in public opinion1 - Question about polling

Homework: Chapter 6 Questions and go to http://www.people-press.org/typology/quiz/Search Pew Political Ideology quiz


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