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Overview of Appriss Helping government keep people safe

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CHOICE Presentation. Overview of Appriss Helping government keep people safe. Feb 2011. Home Page - Current. Home Page - New. Dashboard - Current. Dashboard - New. Message Center – Alert Details. Message Center – Notification History. Offender Detail Page. Offender Details - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Overview of Appriss Helping government keep people safe

  • Overview of Appriss

    Helping government keep people safe

    Feb 2011CHOICE Presentation

  • Home Page - Current

  • Home Page - New

  • Dashboard - Current

  • Dashboard - New

  • Message Center Alert Details

  • Message Center Notification History

  • Offender Detail Page

  • Offender Details Show additional information.Agent & Alternate ID information

  • Broadcast Manager Multiple Groups

  • Broadcast Manager Messages

  • Letters

  • Letters (cont.)

  • Letters (cont.)

  • Letters (cont.)

  • Other Goodies! (RFE # 13827) Informational Section How to WelcomeLinks to user guideLinks to Video TutorialUser sees information based on their permissions (RFE #13599) - Allow for Multiple Email and/or Phone numbers to be associated with a user account. User account can have multiple phone numbers of the same type, e.g. 2 work phone numbers.One number will still be designated as a Primary Number.Other Category will also be available.

    (RFE #13604) - Do not require an email address to be entered in the following Areas:Create Account - from main pageRequest Account - from main pageAdd User - from Admin pageEdit User - from Admin page

  • Release #5 Q2 2011Key ConsiderationsLocked out users will be distinguished in User listingAbility to assign multiple victim advocates to a victim profile accountAdd two additional columns of information on the victim search results page email and user IDUser Experience (UI) Explanation of how to change initial password, Captcha, user ID, and how deactivated users show up in the admin search screen.Emergency Override Line (EOL) Feature / Functionality in CHOICEBase Restitution Module(s) WI

  • Add Video Tutorials Links

    Samples: (have 17 identified). Linked to help section.Password change: search: Forgot Password:

  • Contact InformationTim BinghamVINE Product Director

    1-866-APPRISS x [email protected]

    Letters, Welcome Info, History, re-arranged layout*