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  1. 1. Corporate Overview PerspectManagementConsultingInc.( incorporated in 2008. We are a trusted advisor to Fortune 500s, leading businesses and governments as well as correctional, healthcare and educational institutions, not for profits, small and medium enterprises and pre-IPO companies. Our consultants and associates are recognized as thought leaders in the areas of executive coaching, Lean deployment, education/certification and methodology, strategy development and deployment, process improvement, enterprise and organizational change management, program/ project management and business and technological innovation. Our successful partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect. We establish trust with clients by first ensuring you are seen, heard and understood. We approach each engagement with humility, empathy and the utmost regard for your situation. Our experience and expertise allows us to share insights that will empower you and your team to advance your objectives in a way you had perhaps not thought possible. We are passionate about working side- by-side with clients to tackle challenging issues and identify and implement transformational and sustainable change. We thrive on inspiring clients with new perspectives, allowing you to realize your impossible futures. We help you achieve success by partnering from conception to completion. Our mission is Your Business even Better. We only achieve this when you say so! ORGANIZATIONAL MISSION, VALUES AND CODE OF CONDUCT Organizational Mission Perspect Management Consultings organizational mission is Your Business even Better. Our drive as an organization is to ensure we add value to your overall business at each step of our engagement. Corporate Values Integrity - We will represent our capabilities honestly, we will maintain client confidentiality, we will seek information only when necessary and we will not compromise our reputation for special interests. Respect - We will listen to and value the talents and beliefs of clients, partners and colleagues, we will exhibit deferential regard for all manners of diversity, we will exhibit truthfulness and empathy in an honest and open manner, we will lead by example and we will reward contribution and accomplishment consistent with our values. We thrive on inspiring clients with new perspectives, allowing you to realize your impossible futures. CORPORATE OVERVIEW | 1INFO@PERSPECT.CA WWW.PERSPECT.CA
  2. 2. Teamwork - We realize that success can only be achieved if we work as a team, be it with colleagues, clients or the public at large. Customer Satisfaction - The goal of our team is to understand client philosophies, processes, goals and expectations so well that we think like clients think. We empower our consultants with the authority and tools to enable them to respond to client request at all times. This allows our company to have a resource on each engagement who ensures we adopt and effectively execute a customer service philosophy that aligns to client needs. We place a high value on functioning with integrity and professionalism, providing a positive customer experience each step of the way.Through a combination of systems support, training and performance management techniques, we ensure our consultants possess professional services delivery knowledge and customer service skills to seamlessly represent our firm to clients. We truly believe that satisfied clients become repeat clients, and this is the root of our success. By collaborating to define your needs and providing dedicated services, we will ensure all expectations are systematically met. Code of Conduct Perspects consultants continually strive to fulfill our mission statement with all engagements, balancing this goal with our organizational values of integrity, respect, teamwork and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. Our consultants are bound by the ethical standards of the associations they are affiliated with and certified by. Associations our consultants have ties to include the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, the Association of Certified Management Consultants and the International Coaching Federation. PHILOSOPHY Unlike other firms, we do not employ a large base of full- time employees providing generic business consulting services. We deliver services requiring significant expertise, often specialized education and certification and years of experience, and are committed to delivering high-quality deliverables and sustainable solutions for clients. We therefore form Associate relationships with highly qualified and specialized consultants throughout Canada and beyond to meet client demand in the areas of executive coaching, change management, strategic planning and deployment, continuous improvement, business and technological innovation. This model allows clients to partner with us and access not only our full-time resources, but also a range of carefully selected high-quality consultants/coaches under one agreement. This business model has served our clients, associates and firm well since inception as it protects us against turnover, illness and other unforeseen circumstances. We continue to expand our employee and associate base with reputable, credentialed and experienced consultants to ensure seamless and rich client service. For more information on the above services please contact us at Corporate Overview Cont. We ensure that each client is seen, heard and uderstood on each engagement. We understand that only satisfied clients become repeat clients - youre success is our success! CORPORATE OVERVIEW | 2INFO@PERSPECT.CA WWW.PERSPECT.CA
  3. 3. Management Consulting When a clients strategic and operational situation is no longer business as usual, we offer support in finding the most effective solutions. Our expertise enables you to respond to unique opportunities, or confront issues that are keeping your business from realizing its full potential, that may fall outside your teams core set of responsibilities. As Certified Management Consultants (CMC), we bring an objective viewpoint and a focused skill set to the task of recognizing and resolving many types of challenges. Furthermore, we can apply these skills to your business however short the engagement. This structure makes our resources less costly to engage than a full-time employee, and also ensures your own employees are not diverted from their core responsibilities. We approach each situation with a structured diagnostic process, which considers all aspects of the business: strategy; marketing and sales; product development and process; operations and order fulfillment; staff development and management; and finance and administration. We are able to get past the organizations observable problems, identify the underlying causes and partner with your team to understand solutions. We also learn the capabilities and limitations of the people involved and ensure the priorities established and action plans developed engage them effectively to ensure sustainability. We work with leadership and management so they are aware of the need to purposefully implement these plans, and to help them establish a process to do so. We provide professional services that complement your teams skills so they can continue to concentrate on their core competencies as you refine your business practices. We are there to partner with you as you grow and enhance your success. Our core focus areas include: Strategy Development and Deployment Leadership Development / Executive Coaching Continuous Imrovement / Lean Program / Portfolio and Change Management Integrated Innovation / Sustainable Growth For more information on the above services please contact us at Our team has more than two centuries of multi-functional experience across nearly every industry in five continents. This allows us to provide turnkey solutions when you need it. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING | 1INFO@PERSPECT.CA WWW.PERSPECT.CA
  4. 4. Regardless of the challenge, coaching is about bringing more depth and focus. Often we find that people simply need a thinking partner to engage in confidential, honest dialogue about complex issues. Executive Coaching The philosophy that Perspect has developed and employs when engaging coaching clients is that - coaching is about connecting with motivated individuals at a deep personal level to uncover their genuine aspirations; humbly and sincerely admiring and acknowledging them for their greatness; understanding their holdbacks with empathy; and boldly holding them capable to translate their vision to reality through action by understanding who they need to be and what they need to do. Whether youre a senior executive, a board member or a leader in transition, when we work together youll receive support and motivation to move forward. We use a laser-like focus to evaluate your current performance, set realistic goals, and start implementing a plan to achieve tangible results. Top athletes employ coaches to help them achieve peak performance. As executive coaches, we are skilled in observing performance and providing thorough and sincere feedback to help you set and achieve goals that push you to be your very best. The top 10 challenges we see senior leaders bring to the table are: 1. My people dont do what I need them to do. 2. Our team is not working well together. 3. We have a strategic plan, but it isnt being implemented. 4. We need more collaboration across units. 5. I have a performance problem with a member of my team. 6. The culture here needs to change. 7. I am burning out in my job and feel overwhelmed. 8. I am taking on a new role and want to be sure that I succeed. 9. I need to communicate with more impact. 10. I need to figure out whats next for my career, and how to get there. Regardless of the challenge, coaching is about bringing more d