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  • Issue 1/2012

    Dear business partner,ladies and gentlemen,

    in this issue of ROWAnews, weare proud to report on the commissioning of our new production facilities for ROMIRAGmbH as well as the completionof a new, central high bay shelvewarehouse.

    These two major, highly innovative investments alone willgreatly improve our performance in multiple disciplines aswell as that of our long-term business partners, whose patience has often been tested as of late as we were notalways able to deliver with the usual speed. These worriesare now a thing of the past and we offer our customersmore flexibility than ever.

    The past cold winter days and the resulting high costs ofenergy and fuels have been a reason for concern for us all.This is why it is certainly of interest to ROWAnews readersthat our group of companies has recently focused specialattention on this area with respect to all current conversionsand modifications.

    In addition to the replacement and consolidation of partiallyoutdated heating technology, further insulation work andultra-modern LED lighting technology, the ROWA GROUPhas extensively invested in the recovery and consequentlythe reuse of thermal energy.

    We have therefore not only permanently reduced recurrentcosts and optimised our production processes, but are alsoplaying a major role in protecting our environment.

    Finally, we wish to emphasise our common understandingthat oil is much too valuable a raw material to be used asa primary fuel. After all, we use it to manufacture technicalplastics, masterbatches, coating systems and other products that offer considerable, long-lasting added valuein their respective product applications.

    Speaking of masterbatch colours, lacquers as well as technical plastic granulates, we have always particularlyliked the colour GREEN. Our long-standing customers andbusiness partners will be happy to confirm this fact!

    With best regards, Arne Hck

    ROWA Inc. prevails in adverse US economic climate



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    The US subsidiary of the ROWA GROUP, ROWA Inc.

    continued to report successful figures despite stagnating

    economic growth in the USA in 2011. A broad range of

    new innovative products and solid customer base helped

    the company headquartered in Hammonton, New Jersey,

    expand business in the North American market.

    Aligned with the wishes of its customers and current

    market requirements, ROWA Inc. presented a multitude

    of new products in the new business year 2012 in an effort

    to continue to promote further positive growth of turnover

    figures and its business relations in the future.

    As part of comprehensive restructuring activities of the

    ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH on American soil, ROWA

    Inc. recently relocated its headquarters to Hammonton,

    NJ, on the premises of Polyvel Inc. The strategic

    partnership aims to bundle resources and synergies,

    optimise process flows and consequently expand the

    business activities and customer relations of ROWA

    GROUP in the global market place. ROWA Inc. is

    currently producing proprietary developments and

    products for the companies TRAMACO, ROMIRA and

    ROWA Masterbatch in North America. ROWA Inc. also

    distributes chemical foaming and nucleating agents

    (TRACEL brand) in North America and is producing

    these products on location in part under TRAMACO


    ROWA Inc., TAMACO, ROMIRA and ROWA Masterbatch

    will be operating booths at the NPE 2012 in Orlando/


    The following highlights will be presented at the

    NPE 2012:

    Cycle Plus: The crystallisation accele

    rator for partially crystalline materials,

    which reduces cycle times by up to 30 %

    Cycle Plus also offers a substantial reduction of flow

    fronts and optical flow lines in metall ic pigments.

    70 % foaming agent masterbatches for the polyolefin

    casting improve the surface properties and reduce the

    weight of the moulds:

    NE 7200 SF, NE 7135 SF, IM 6500 SF

    Powder foaming agent compounds for PVC profiles,

    PVC sheets and PVC signs:

    NE 5303 LDP: 75 % non-dusting foaming agent

    DB 140 US: 95 % foaming agent powder

    NE 170: 95 % foaming agent powder

    PC flame retardant masterbatches

    PC flame retardant compounds for thin foils

    From 2 - 5 April our employees in south

    hall, level 1, booth 31022, look forward

    to welcoming visiting professionals

    where new innovative products and

    the group's global service portfolio offered will be


    More information

    www.rowainc.netDave Baglia . Tel.: +1 856 824 9200

    Production site ROWA Inc., Hammonton, NJ

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    From 12 to 15 September 2011, ROWA Inc. exhibited

    at the FOAMS Conference in Iselin, N J, USA. Inter-

    national representatives of the plastics industry

    convened for the ninth time to actively discuss the

    standards, production possibilities and new inno -

    vations in the industry. After four days filled with

    plenty of visitors, ROWA Inc. came to a very positive


    The subsidiary of the ROWA GROUP took advantage

    of the US conference in order to solidify and further

    expand business relations on the North American

    continent. In addition to an information booth on

    location, ROWA Inc. also presented its strategic part-

    ner Polyvel Inc.. Professionals visiting the booth were

    therefore able to gain a good overview of the activities

    of both companies and became more familiar with the

    comprehensive product portfolio.

    NPE 2012

    South Hall, Level 1, booth 31022ROWA Inc. Orange County Convention CenterOrlando, Florida, USA2 5 April 2012


    Stand-Nr. B05:62ROWASOL/TRAMACO/ Kemi-IntressenJnkping, Schweden8 11 May 2012


    Halle 6, Stand-Nr. 6/120 ROMIRA mit Marubeni Europe Wolfsburg10 12 October 2012


    Halle B1, Stand Nr. 1212ROWA GROUPFriedrichshafen16 20 October 2012


    ROWA MasterbatchDsseldorf14 16 November 2012


    at trade fairs


    Why not take these opportunities to meet the

    ROWA GROUP at trade fairs this year

    and get the latest news on our products.

    With the new high bay shelve warehouse, which was

    already completed in the fall of 2011, the ROWA

    GROUP laid the foundation for the strategic expan-

    sion of usable space for the group at the Pinneberg

    site. All resident group companies now have sufficient

    space for production, operational logistics, raw

    materials and finished goods.

    The recent improvement in the economic climate led

    the ROWA GROUP to expand numerous business

    areas, which made the construction of a new hall

    necessary. Initial stockpiling using the total of 4,176

    drop positions was performed in late 2011. Euro

    pallets have been stored in 14 rows covering a total

    width of 46 metres. All drop positions can be easily

    accessed with the new fork lifts.

    In addition to a new hall, the

    ROWA GROUP also invested in

    the purchase of a neighbouring

    property, expanding the premis -

    es to cover a total area of nearly

    49,000 m2. The new property is

    not only easy to access from the

    main site; it also guarantees

    the ROWA GROUP additional

    access to the network of public


    Hall and property guarantee reliable capacity

    ROWA Inc. reports positive experience at the FOAMS Conference

    Industry and business constantly strive to reduce global

    energy consumption and to operate in an environ -

    mentally-friendly manner. Numerous approaches to the

    above have already been discussed for years, for

    example, planning a CO2 or eco-balance.

    A common term in this context is the "Product Carbon

    Footprint" (PCF). A PCF represents the energy

    consumption required to manufacture a product. Its

    goal is to find methods and possibilities for reducing

    energy requirements in production. The ROWA GROUP

    has taken on the objective pursued with the PCF and

    is implementing various technical measures to cut

    energy consumption based on the consumption data

    collected at the Pinneberg plant. The installation of a

    new boiler is a prominent example of the steps