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  • 1. SCANIASpare parts for trucksQualitt made by dph GermanyDichtungspartner Hamburg SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/071

2. Important notes 1. This catalogue replaces all previous issues. 2. The catalogue is protected by copyright. The duplication of it or any part of it is prohibited. 3. The supply of dph components strictly adhere to our sales and delivery agreement and are subject to our conditions of payment. 4. We reserve the right to modify our components as necessary. 5. The original equipment part numbers, as well as SLP, Elring-No., etc. indicated in the catalogue only serve as a cross-reference comparison with dph numbers. They must not appear on any advice notes or invoices. 6. All original part numbers of engine or vehicle manufacturers in this catalogue are mentioned for comparison reasons only and should not be used in contacts with vehicle owners. 7. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this catalogue is correct at the time of printing, but dph cannot accept any responsibility for errors which may occur.Dichtungspartner Hamburg GmbH Ferdinand-Harten-Strae 15 D-22949 Ammersbek Germany P.O. Box 651144 D-22371 Hamburg Germany Phone Fax++49 (0)40-66 86 13-0 ++49 (0)40-66 86 13-90E-mail [email protected] www.dph.de2SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 3. Qualitt made by dph GermanyDichtungspartner Hamburg SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/073 4. High quality guarantees growing successWe have always supplied our customers with high quality seals for the following sectors: Automobile, hydraulic seals, mountings and other fields all at reasonable prices and quick delivery. We can count many well-known companies throughout the world as satisfied customers. Four strategies guarantee our success: First rate products with top class quality assured Short delivery times due to our own stock levels Flexibility in the procurement of all parts Attractive pricing policy Fully automated electronic quality checks and manufacturing to DIN standards guarantee continuous high quality products. To your advantage and always at very fair prices.4Perfect manufacturing and continuous quality assurance Together we are strong this is the maxim in our group. High quality is not achieved just as a result of monitoring but of production technique. Therefore, Dichtungspartner Hamburg receives the bulk of its products from OEM suppliers and from suppliers whose quality management is certified in accordance with DIN/ISO 9000/9001. Despite this, we still think it is necessary to check the finished products thoroughly once more within our group according to DIN/ISO 9001. Our high-grade measuring instruments are checking the radial force of oil seals, the tensile strength of elastomers, the compression set and the surface quality by means of computer-based cameras and many more. The results of the checks are registered and filed. It is good to have confidence but qualification is better!SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 5. ContentsGOEM numbers, reference list ..............................................................GEngine gaskets and gasket sets ........................................................ 14 246 13Cylinder head gaskets & sets, cylinder liner sealing rings & kits, complete gasket sets, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets & kits, manifold gaskets, gaskets flywheel, full setsGEngine parts, fuel, exhaust and cooling system parts .................... 25 44 Oil seals, washers, o-rings/seal rings, gaskets, repair kits compressor (engine) oil seals for hubs & wheels, oil seals crankshaft, cylinder liner shimsGRubber cushions for engine, exhaust systems and gearbox .......... 45 46 Oil seals, gasketsGClutch, gearbox ................................................................................... 47 48 Servo cylinders, repair kits, o-rings, oil sealsGBrake parts .......................................................................................... 49 56 Oil seals, valve lifter, valve guide, valves, repair kits, diaphragmsGFront and rear axle parts, steering ................................................... 57 60 Oil seals, gasketsGFront and rear suspension parts ....................................................... 61 62 Bushings, o-ringsGHose .....................................................................................................63GOverview of most popular oil seal types ......................................64GStandard terms and conditions .......................................................65 66SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/075 6. OEM numbers, reference listOEM-no.dph-no.descriptionpage_50826Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16_95842Cylinder liner sealing ring kit171 100 645109531Oil seal brake part551 101 27670432Gasket flywheel/gear housing231 103 236 1 103 42282835Repair kit/compressor (engine)41Valve lifterreplaced by 1 116 63550 311 107 09780236O-ring/seal ring engine1 107 09880411O-ring/seal ring engine311 108 22381677Repair kit/compressor (engine)411 108 228(300 162)1 109 869 1 109 87081715Repair kit41704341 109 288Manifold gasket22828711 114 036Oil seal engine25Oil seal enginereplaced by 310 9512533008Cylinder liner shim4351307Valve lifter501 301 62870435Manifold gasket221 301 62970436Manifold gasket221 302 24380404O-ring/seal ring engine321 302 55697850Gasket341 302 82736768Gasket3436769Cylinder liner sealing ring17Oil seals front and rear axle, steering591 303 78998260O-ring/seal ring engine321 304 293104348Gasket seal engine371 305 13997851Gasket461 305 34170437Gasket for steering571 305 59584528Gasket341 305 59684529Gasket seal engine361 305 59784530Gasket seal engine371 305 67397849Gasket seal engine3794530Valve cover gasket181 116 635(1 103 422, 131 105)1 302 828(170 951)1 303 673replaced by 1 363 6731 305 959(170 610)1 307 340replaced by 1 338 0181 312 934(323 641, 177 587)Brake part/front-/rear wheel brake501112691 312 934Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16 174212Cylinder liner sealing ring1 313 45970438Cylinder head gasket141 315 43798261O-ring/seal ring engine321 318 38896716Oil seal451 319 08198679Valve intake511 320 29870442Gasket461 327 88682836Repair kit411 329 58597852Gasket4681803Clutch servo cylinder471 334 29497290O-ring/seal ring engine321 334 53593430Oil seal front and rear axle, steering601 331 770(371 612)1 335 24384730Oil seal front and rear axle, steering601 336 159(550 455/6)51926Repair kit clutch servo471 338 018(1 307 340)104111Brake part/front-/rear wheel brake501 338 019(391 962)69230Brake part front-/rear wheel brake491 342 36393428Oil seal front and rear axle, steering601 343 372109530Oil seal brake part551 345 27895457Oil seal engine261 345 27996311Oil seal551 349 01898264O-ring/seal ring engine321 349 089695458Oil seal engine261 350 37870443Gasket35SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 7. OEM-no.dph-no.descriptionpage1 350 37970444Gasket351 350 38070445Gasket35Valve exhaust521 360 833(366 256)1 360 834(352 347)1 360 836 1 361 189Valve exhaust 110771(272 803)1 361 19051Valve intake 1107731 361 19552Valve intake11077251Valve intake51Valve exhaust52Valve exhaust5296111Oil seals front and rear axle, steering5982497Oil seal front and rear axle, steering601 367 027104470Valve cover gasket191 367 028104471Valve cover gasket191 374 326111443Gasket seal engine371 374 327111445Gasket seal engine381 374 334111442Gasket seal engine381 374 338Manifold gasket231 374 340Manifold gasket231 361 197(243 477)1 363 673(1 303 673)1 363 674(1 309 342)1 374 344111446Gasket seal engine381 375 002111452Oil seal crankshaft401 375 383111444Gasket seal engine38Cylinder head gasket141 377 039 1 380 83493808O-ring/seal ring engine331 383 12995649Oil seal differential bevel pinion601 384 004Gasket seal engine381 384 552Manifold gasket22 601 386 59498061Oil seal differential bevel pinion1 388 67895969Gasket seal engine38Gaskets flywheel/gear housing241 388 683 1 392 93696313Gasket461 393 331(371 500)98060Oil seals front and rear axle, steering591 395 999109529Oil seal brake part55O-ring kit engine331 398 810 1 401 982Valve cover gasket201 401 984110342Valve cover gasket191 403 129111440Gasket seal engine381 403 258Cylinder head gasket141 403 260Cylinder head gasket141 403 587Cylinder head gasket141 404 306Manifold gasket23 551 409 889112266Oil seal brake part1 409 890112282Oil seal brake part551 411 851109728Valve cover gasket20oil pan gasket201 414 422109729Valve cover gasket201 422 564111565O-ring kit engine331 423 290111441Gasket seal engine38111453Oil seal crankshaft40104473Cylinder head gasket141 412 6661 433 183 1 444 941(1 403 260, 1 377 039)1 459 004Oil pan gasket201 460 359111447Oil pan gasket201 476 506109730Valve cover gasket201 502 384111330Oil seal brake part561 502 384111330Oil seal differential bevel pinion60Manifold gasket231 516 145SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/077 8. OEM-no.dph-no.description1 516 474111568Manifold gasket23Gasket seal engine38 381 541 633page1 675 602111231Gasket seal engine120 31061641Oil seal for hubs and wheels40120 82868810Brake part front-/rear wheel brake4970446Oil seals front and rear axle, steering5970447Oil seal for hubs and wheels39 49120 979(227 138, 304 552)121 257 123 10269284Brake part front-/rear wheel brake34426Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59125 766110713Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59127mm94742124 268(388 728)Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16130 934-2Oil seal front and rear axle, steering60131 039Valve cover gasket18131 571Valve cover gasket19132 67282323Oil seal engine25135 03670172Shackle bushing61135 69870448Shackle bushing61136 083-6(294 674)136 106Valve intake136 119-5(168 843)137 207(332 738)51Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59Valve exhaust7044952Rubber bushing6270450139 02382302Oil seal engine2614 10770451Oil seal engine26141 96482837Repair kit42143 11269219Diaphragm/Brake part54143 11369220Diaphragm/Brake part54143 11869223Diaphragm/Brake part54144 11670452Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59151 47669218Diaphragm/Brake part54159 49634422Oil seal for hubs and wheels39160 34269217Diaphragm/Brake part54165 50770454Washer engine29168 84393996Valve exhaust5217 115(136 119-5)93997Valve seal ring5217 54393998Valve seal ring53170 20532990Seal ring/cooling system44170 22670455Oil seal engine26170 42421255O-ring/fuel system4432906Valve cover gasket18170 610replaced by 1 305 959170 700-9replaced by 371 505, 1 459 004170 761Oil pan gasket 7045720Oil seal engine25171 56669215Diaphragm/Brake part54173 32034423Oil seal for hubs and wheels39174 229 177 58732999 (1 312 934, 323 641)O-ring/seal ring engine32110487Cylinder liner sealing ring17178 56270460Washer engine27178 86670461Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58 27182 52470463Washer engine182 92961342O-ring for shackle pins61182 9303889Brake part front-/rear wheel brake49182 93161343O-ring for shackle pins61182 93594398O-ring/front axle57192 081Washer engine2770465Oil seal engine26192 633870464192 60070466Washer engine27SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 9. OEM-no.dph-no.description192 65170467Washer engine27192 820-970468Washer engine27192 87198658O-ring/fuel system43194 41496197O-ring/gearbox control48202 28881457Oil seal engine26page203 67069213Diaphragm/Brake part54204 46670469Washer engine27204 75095869Gasket bogie axle57209 26170470Washer engine28209 77070471Washer engine28210 64895850Oil seal engine26 28211 077 211 33770472215 242-9(371 503)215 715 216 60833Brake part front-/rear wheel brake4980016Oil pan gasket20Valve intake51Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59replaced by 211 337227 13859O-ring/seal ring engine93995214 008Oil seals front and rear axle, steering34425211 813Washer engine70473 93836(216 608)(304 552, 120 979)229 37381725Repair kit42230 29734434Gasket seal engine37231 93834428Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59232 01861145Valve exhaust52241 80581973Hose63242 67261151Valve seal ring53 43242 85793837O-ring/fuel system98682Valve exhaust52244 44632996O-ring/gearbox control48244 44895851Seal ring/wiper ring for gearbox62252 49698656O-ring/fuel system43254 63570475Oil seal45257 73784526O-ring/seal ring engine33258 45870476Valve cover gasket19258 459-761109Valve cover gasket18270 24793994Valve intake50 51243 477272 803(1 361 197)98681Valve intake272 80461144Valve intake50276 58781970O-ring/seal ring engine32277 272(1 361 189)(385 997)277 273Manifold gasket 7047922Manifold gasket22278 19881716Repair kit/compressor (engine)41280 75984543Oil seal engine26282 50181714Repair kit42282 79981717Repair kit42289 51761149Valve seal ring5334620O-ring/seal ring engine3034427Oil seal front and rear axle, steering60Cylinder head gasket14291 82670315Seal ring/cooling system44293 54682816Repair kit43294 27584541Oil seal4598678Valve intake51297 99170481Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58297 99961643Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59O-ring/hubs and wheels41290 534(372 984)291 076 291 159294 674298 021(136 083-6)(392 309)SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/079 10. dph-no.OEM-no. 300 162page82817Repair kit41300 27861645Oil seal for hubs and wheels39300 95761147Valve guide50300 95861148Valve guide50303 09870482Washer engine27Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59309 11398517Oil seal for hubs and wheels39309 164-270814Repair kit42309 16482818Repair kit air dryer drain valve55 25304 552310 951(1 108 228)description(227138, 120979)84537Oil seal engine313 00481718Repair kit42313 11482819Repair kit/brake valve53314 063-9(1 109 870)70483Oil seal/gearbox48315 022(388 528)81458Seal ring/wiper ring for gearbox62315 27095868Gasket seal engine36317 91695647Gasket seal engine36Manifold gasket22318 415 319 47581682Repair kit/brake valve53319 47781719Repair kit4332 20170484Oil seal4532 89870485Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58321 99180746O-ring/seal ring engine33321 99297479O-ring/seal ring engine32323 45169231O-ring/seal ring engine3032970Cylinder liner sealing ring17Cylinder liner sealing ring17323 641(1 312 934, 177 587)323 661 323 66232971Cylinder liner sealing ring17329 583(323 661)81975Vibration insulator (motor hood)62329 63881460Oil seal4533 32670486Oil seal brake part5633 3523888Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58330 32370487Washer engine28332 44884527Gasket seal engine37Rubber bushing62 58332 738 338 64334421Oil seals front and rear axle, steering340 89581971Rubber bushing62342 98936090Cylinder liner sealing ring17344 426 345 3622299519Clutch servo cylinder47Cylinder head gasket14Cylinder head gasket346 143Valve cover gasket81422 69286(550 720)14346 216 347 468109532Oil seal brake part56348 3394147Gasket seal engine37349 35380747O-ring/seal ring engine3335 52870488Washer engine2898683Valve exhaust5298692Washer engine28 23352 347 353 173(1 360 834)357 363Manifold gasket81524Clutch servo cylinder47361 52380408O-ring/seal ring engine33361 52680406O-ring/seal ring engine33362 12834432O-ring/seal ring engine33362 12994386O-ring/seal ring engine33364 79170503Manifold gasket21364 7921068531360 71770490Manifold gasket21SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 11. dph-no.OEM-no. 365 375 366 256descriptionpage 2870491366 303Washer engine98680Valve exhaust5269285(1 360 833)Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58 20366 53970494Oil pan gasket366 54670495Gasket46366 54770496Manifold gasket22366 55770501Gasket35369 22970502Gasket seal engine35369 27670503Manifold gasket21369 477111285Oil seal crankshaft40369 478111272Oil seal crankshaft40370 07461647Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59370 07550176Oil seal for hubs and wheels4050177Oil seal for hubs and wheels39370 076111548Oil seal rear axle60371 48370504Valve cover gasket19370 076(291 463)371 48670505Gaskets flywheel/gear housing24371 48770506Gasket flywheel/gear housing23371 49070507Gasket35371 49170508Gasket34371 49270314Gasket seal engine36371 49370509Gasket seal engine36371 49570510Gasket for steering57371 49870514Gasket46Manifold gasket23Gasket46371 499 371 50070515 replaced by 1 392 936371 50270518Gasket seal engine36371 503(215 242-9)68593Oil pan gasket20371 505(170 700-9, 1 459 004)2068592Oil pan gasket371 50768532Gasket seal engine36371 51070519Manifold gasket21371 612(1 331 770)81525Clutch servo cylinder47372 472(373 472, 346 143)93725Cylinder head gasket14372 984(290 534)3890O-ring/seal ring engine303891O-ring/seal ring engine30372 985 373 47269228Cylinder head gasket14375 08661649Oil seal for hubs and wheels40375 08761651Oil seal for hubs and wheels39378 26470521Manifold gasket23378 299(372 472, 346 143)(344 426)381 083 381 96280777Valve cover gasket1995648378 480Oil seal engine25O-ring/seal ring engine3080590 replaced by 1 338 019Brake part front-/rear wheel brake49382 361-469816Gasket for oil filter55383 9174143O-ring/seal ring engine30384 46468533Gasket34385 02270524Gasket flywheel/gear housing2397659Manifold gasket2295844Manifold gasket22386 90170525Oil seal45386 96770527Oil seals front and rear axle, steering58 14385 997(277 272)385 998387 50336494Cylinder head gasket388 42270529Gasket3481462Oil seal/gearbox48Oil seals front and rear axle, steering59388 528(314 063-9)388 728(124 268)SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0711 12. dph-no.description391 76680215Gasket34392 08898026O-ring/seal ring engine30OEM-no.392 309(298 021)page80851O-ring/hubs and wheels41392 65293835O-ring/seal ring engine31392 65394357O-ring/seal ring engine32393 82068534Manifold gasket22550 42281723Repair kit clutch servo47550 45381463Repair kit clutch servo47550 455/681724Repair kit clutch servo47550 469(551 363)111587Cylinder head gasket set15550 720(345 362)81092Clutch servo cylinder47551 350104472Cylinder head gasket set15551 356111287Full set15551 363111284Cylinder head gasket set15551 386111286Full set15551 43097486Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 44696430Oil pan gasket kit21551 44995241Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 45182873Oil pan gasket kit21551 45995242Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 46697485Oil pan gasket kit21551 46982868Cylinder head gasket set15551 47082869Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 48495825Cylinder head gasket set14551 51282872Cylinder head gasket set15551 51395824Cylinder head gasket set15Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 516 551 519111410Full set15551 519111410Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18551 570111547Full set15804 65594385O-ring/seal ring engine30804 66095693O-ring/seal ring engine31804 66293838O-ring/gearbox control48804 66495695O-ring/seal ring engine31804 66698262O-ring/seal ring engine31804 67497292O-ring/seal ring engine31804 71095991O-ring/seal ring engine31804 71397291O-ring/seal ring engine31810 95895694O-ring/seal ring engine31810 9703892Brake part front-/rear wheel brake49810 98381720O-ring/gearbox control48811 03870532O-ring/seal ring engine32811 045O-ring/front axle5732997O-ring/seal ring engine31811 94293594O-ring/seal ring engine32812 41170533Washer engine28812 41270534Washer engine27812 41370535Washer engine28812 41470536Washer engine28812 41570537Washer engine27812 41670316Washer engine28812 41770538Washer engine28812 41870539Washer engine28812 41970540Washer engine29812 4201281721811 92670317Washer engine29SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 13. OEM-no.dph-no.descriptionpage812 42170541Washer engine29812 42370543Washer engine29812 42470544Washer engine28812 42570545Washer engine29812 42670546Washer engine29837 61370547Oil seal engine25CLS662S94523Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16CLS827S48191Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16CLS828S50827Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16CLS934S61340Cylinder liner sealing ring kit17DS11/DSC1198210Cylinder liner sealing ring kit17DS14 8Zyl95099Cylinder liner sealing ring kit17DS9 6Zyl95100Cylinder liner sealing ring kit16SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0713 14. Engine gaskets and gasket setsG Cylinder head gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application36494387 503DN9, DS9, DSC9346 2166 cyl. from 1984291 159G, P82, F, G P, R,T92/93, K931 403 25893725372 472/D11, DS11 6 cyl. 1975.197969228373 472/L, LB, LS, LT, LBS, LBT11169286346 143DN11 up to motor 5258563 from 1980, 6 cyl., G, B, R, T112 DS11 up to motor 5307928SSS from 1980, 6 cyl., G, B, R, T112/113 DSC11 up to motor 40701045N from 1980, G, B, R, T112/113704381 313 459D14, DS14, DSC141 403 5878 cyl. up to 1979 L, LB, LS, LBS140/141, LBT141 LT146, B, CR145 from 1980 DS14, DSC14 R, T142/1431 444 941/DSC121 403 260application Scania 1241 377 039104473up to engine 6119599G Cylinder head gasket set dph-no.OEM-no.application95825551 484DN9, DS9, DSC9 6 cyl. Dia 115 1984G82, P82, G92, P92, R92, T92, P92HK, F92 H, K92, G93, P93, P93HK, P93MK, R93, T93, T93HK, F93 H, K9314SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 15. G Cylinder head gasket set dph-no.OEM-no.application95824551 513D11, DS11 1975-1979 6 cylinder L, LB, LS, LT, LS, LBT111 DN11 from 1980 up to motor 5258563, G, P, R, T112 DS11 6 cylinder from 1980 up to motor 5307928SSS, G, P, R, T112 DSC11 6 cylinder from 1980 up to motor 40701045N, G, P, R, T11282872551 512DS11, DSC11 Mot. 5307929 SSS, Mot. 4070105 SN, 6 cyl. Dia 127 P113, P113 HK, R113, R113 HK, T113, K113 CLB, K113 CLP, K113, TLB, K113 TLP82868551 469DS14, 8 cyl. Dia 127 1975 1979 L, LS, LB, LBS140, L, LS141, LB, LBS, LBT141, LT146 D14, CR, BR145 DS14, DSC14, 1980-, 8 cyl. Dia 127 R142 1981-1988, T142 1980-1988 R143 1988-, R143 HK1990-, T143 1988-104472551 350DSC12 application Scania 124 up to engine 6119599111587550 469DC 11111284551 363DC 12 DSC 12 DT 12G Full set dph-no.OEM-no.111287551 356application DC 11 up to engine 6119599 8004779111286551 386DC 11 up to engine 6119599 8004779111410551 519DS11, DSC11 up to engine 5307929 until year 12/1987111547551 570SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0715 16. G Cylinder liner sealing ring kit dph-no.OEM-no.application94523CLS662SDS8, D8, Contents: 3x 323 662 installation paste 6 cylinder dia. 115, 1975L, LS, LB80, LBS85, LB80H, L, LB81, L, LS, LB LBS86 DN8, DS8, DSI8 6 cylinder dia. 115, G82, P82 1981-, T82 1980-48191CLS827SDN9, DS9, DSC9 Contents: 2 o-rings 323 662 1 sealing ring 1302827 installation paste95100DS9 6ZylDS9, DN9, DSC9 Contents: 6x1 302 827 12x 323 662 6 cylinder dia. 115 1984G82, P82, G92, P92, R92, T92, P92HK, F92H, K92, G93, P93, P93HK, P93MK, R93, T93, T93HK, F93H, K9350827CLS828SDN11, DS11, DSC11, DSI11, DTC11 Late version with 2 o-rings and 1 sealing ring D14, DS14, DSC14, DS14 Contents: 2 o-rings 1312934 1 sealing ring 1302828 installation paste94742127mmDS111112691 312 934D11, DS11, DS145082616DS 11SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 17. G Cylinder liner sealing ring kit dph-no.OEM-no.9584261340application DS 8CLS934SD11, DN11, DS11, DSC11, DSI11, DTC11 Early version with 3 o-rings Contents: 3 o-rings 1312934 installation paste95099DS14 8ZylDS14 Contents: 16x 1 312 934, 8x 1 302 828, 8 cylinder/dia 127, 1975-1979 L, LS, LB, LBS140, L, LS141, LB, LBS, LBT141, LT146 D14, CR, BR145 DS14/DSC14 8 cylinder/dia 127, 1981-1988 R142, 1980-1988 T142, 1988- R143, 1990- R143 HK, 1988- T14398210DS11/DSC11DS11/DSC11 Contents: 3x 1 312 934 1x 148,10x153,7x 0,3 FLG Cylinder liner sealing ring dph-no.OEM-no.application42121 312 934/D11, DS11, DS1432970323 641/Size: 140x4 green FPM177 587360901 302 828D 14, DS 14, DSC 14(170 951)36769DS 11342 989DSC 11 8 pcs.required32971323 662Size: 128x4 green FPM323 661D8 DS 8 DS 9 DSC 9 DSI 8 18 pcs.requiredSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0717 18. G Gasket set complete engine overhaul incl. cylinder liner rings18dph-no.OEM-no.application95242551 459DN11551 516up to motor 5258563 DS11 up to motor 5307928SSS DSC11 up to motor 4070105SN 6 cylinder, from 1980 G, P, R, T11295241551 449DN9, DS9, DSC9 6 cylinder, from 1984 G, P, 82 F, G, P, R, T92/93, K9382869551 470DS14, DSC14 8 cylinder, from 1980 R, T142/14397486551 430D11, DS11 6 cyl. Dia 127 1975-1979 L, LB, LS, LT, LBS, LBT111111410551 519DS11 DSC11 from engine 5307929 until year 12/1987G Valve cover gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application61109258 459-7D11, DS11131 0396 cyl. Dia 127, 1974 L, LS, LT, LB, LBS110 1975-1979 L, LS, LT111, LB, LBS, LBT111 DN11, DS11, DSC11 up to motor 5258563 DS, DSC11 up to motor 5307928 SSS, G112, P112 1980-1987 R112 1981-, T112 1980-1973 L76, L, LS, LB, LBS11094530181 305 959/32906170 610D14, DS14, DSC14, DSI14SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 19. G Valve cover gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application80777378 299/DN9, DS9, DSC922995344 4266 cylinder dia 11570476258 458DN8, DS8, DSI8, D8131 5716 cylinder dia 11570504371 4831044701 367 027DSC12 Diesel Lower gasket up to engine 61195991044711 367 028DSC12 Diesel Upper gasket up to engine 61195991103421 401 984DSC 12 Upper gasket up to engine 6119599SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0719 20. G Valve cover gasket20dph-no.OEM-no.1097281 411 851application Upper gasket DC11 DC12 DT121097291 414 422Upper gasket DSC121097301 476 506Lower gasket1 401 982DC11 DC12 DSC12 DT12G Oil pan gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application68593371 503/DN11, DS11, DSC11, D11, DSI1180016215 242-968592371 505/DS14, DSC14170 700-9 1 459 00470494366 539DN9, DS9, DSC91 412 6661114471 460 359DC11 DC12 DSC12 DT1220SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 21. G Oil pan gasket kit dph-no.OEM-no.application96430551 446D8, DS8, DN8, DSI8 6 cylinder dia 11597485551 466D11, DS11, DSC1182873551 451DN9, DS9, DSC9G Manifold gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application70519371 510D14, DS14, DSC14 L, LB, LS, LBS14/141 LBT141, LT146, BR, CR145 R, T142/14370503369 276DS14 L, LS, LB, LBS140, L, LS141, LB, LBS, LBT141, LT146 D14 CR, BR145 1975-1979, 8 cylinder, 14190 ccm Exhaust manifold 8 pcs required70489364 791DN9, DS9, DSC9 G, P82 F, G, P, R, T92/93, K93 G, P82 F, G, P, R, T, 92/93, K9370490364 792DN9, DS9, DSC9 G, P82 F, G, P, R, T92/93, K93 G, P82 F,G,P,R,T, 92/93, K93SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0721 22. G Manifold gasket22dph-no.OEM-no.application70496366 547DN9, DS9, DSC9 G, P82 F, G, P, R, T92/93, K93 G, P82 F, G, P, R, T, 92/93, K93 INTAKE704351 301 628DS11, DSC11 6 cylinder from 1980 from motor 5307929SSS from motor 4070105SN K, P, R, T113704361 301 629DS11, DSC11 6 cylinder from 1980 from motor 5307929SSS from motor 4070105SN K, P, R, T113704341 109 2881,4 mm thickness318 415application: right T113, R113 DS 11, DSC 11 from engine 5307929 EXHAUST97659385 997/D11, DN 11277 272DN 8 DS 11 EXHAUST95844385 998/DS-DSI11, DN11, DSC1170479277 2736 cylinder, L76, L, LB, LS, LBS110, up to year 1974 L, LB, LS, LT, LBS, LBT111 year 1975-1979, G, P, R, T112 up to motor 5258563 DN11 up to motor 5307928SSS DS11 up to motor 4070104SN DSC11 from year 198068534INTAKE1 384 55222393 820EXHAUSTDN-DS-DSI11SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 23. G Manifold gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application68531357 363INTAKE DN-DS-DSC1170521378 264DS11, 6 cylinder DS11: from motor: 5307929SSS DSC11: from motor: 4070105SN K, P, R, T113, year 1980EXHAUST70515371 4991115681 516 474INTAKE1 516 145DC 111 404 306DC 121 374 340DSC 121 374 338DT 12G Gasket flywheel/gear housing dph-no.OEM-no.application70506371 487Fly wheel housing; T112/113, G-P-R112; P-R113704321 101 276Gear housing DN-DS DSI-DSC1170524385 022Gear housing DN-DS-DSI-DSC11SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0723 24. G Gaskets flywheel/gear housing dph-no.OEM-no.70505371 486/application1 388 68324SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 25. Engine parts, fuel, exhaust and cooling system partsG Oil seal enginedph-no.OEM-no.application70457170 761Size: 25x47x10 NBR A blue L, LS, LT, LB, LBS, LBT140/141; T142/143; R142 (M, H, E)/143828711 109 869Size: 30x47x10/7 ACM ASW WD DS14, DSC14, DSC1495648378 480Size: 70x85x8 NBR BS WD blue82323132 672Size: 35x58x10 NBR A D10, D11, DS11 L75, L76LS, LKS10184537310 951/Size: 35x62x7 ACM ASW F WD1 109 870injection pump K-92/112 N-112, P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143, T-82/92/112/14270547837 613Size: 22x32x8 NBR ASSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0725 26. G Oil seal engine dph-no.OEM-no.application954571 345 278Size: 44,45x60x7 BS SP NBR blue954581 349 089Size: 38,1x50x6,8 NBR AS W SP blue70450139 023Size: 30x47x10 NBR A D10, D11, DS11 8 cyl.: LK, LKS, LKT141 Water pump7045114 107Size: 50x70x10 NBR A70455170 226Size: 42x72x8 ACM AS WD D10, D11, DS11 8 cyl.: R142, LK, LKS, LKT14170465192 600Size: 25x35x7 AS NBR blue D10, D11, DS11 8 cyl R112 (112M, H, E), T112 (112M/H/E) Injection pump95850210 648Size: 17x28x7 NBR AS81457202 288Size: 42x62x6 AS W blue84543280 759Size: 30x42x6/6,8 BABSL WD NBR blue DN11, DS11, DSC11 6L: G112, P112, R112, T112 `80-> DS9 6L: G93, P93, R93 4x2; 6x2, 6x4 `86-> DS11, DSC11: K113 CLB Bus `91-> DS14 V8: L141, LB141, LS141; LBS141, LBT141, R142, T142 `80->, R143L-R4x2; 6x2-6x2/4; 8x2, 8x4 `88-> DS11, DSC11 6L: P113, R113 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 `88-> Injection pump26SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 27. G Washer enginedph-no.OEM-no.application70460178 562Size: 10x13,5x1 CU70534812 41270463182 524Size: 24x29x2 CU70466192 633Size: 14x20x1,5 CU70482303 09870464192 081Size: 12x15,5x1,5 ALU70467192 651Size: 16x20x1,5 CU70537812 41570468192 820-9Size: 6x10x1 CU70469204 466Size: 10x14x1 CUSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0727 28. G Washer engine dph-no.OEM-no.application70471209 770Size: 12x15,5x1,5 CU70535812 41370472211 077Size: 5x9x1 CU70487330 323Size: 6x12x1 CU7048835 528Size: 8x12x1 ALU98692353 173(screw, oil level)70544812 424DS-DSI-DSC14 Size: 36x42x2 AL U70491Size: 20x26x1,5 CU70533812 411Size: 8x11,5x1 CU70470209 26170536812 414Size: 14x18x1,5 CU70316812 416Size: 18x22x1,5 CU70538812 417Size: 20x24x1,5 CU7053928365 375812 418Size: 22x27x1,5 CUSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 29. G Washer engine dph-no.OEM-no.application70540812 419Size: 24x29x2 CU70317812 420Size: 26x31x2 CU70545812 425Size: 38x44x2 CU70454165 507Size: 17 x 22 x 1,5 CU70541812 421Size: 28 x 33 x 2 CU70543812 423Size: 32 x 38 x 2 CU70546812 426Size: 45 x 52 x 2 CUSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0729 30. G O-ring/seal ring enginedph-no.OEM-no.application69231323 451Size: 98,02x3,53 FPM LB82, LB-LBS86, L-LS-LT111, LB-LBS-LBT111, T112/113, G-P-R92/93, G-P-R112, P-R1133891372 985Size: 132,94x3,53 DN-DS-DSI8 DN-DS9 DN-DS-DSI-DSC11 DS-DSI-DSC143890372 984/Size: 111x3,5 NBR34620290 534DN-DS-DSI8, DN-DS9 DN-DS-DSI-DSC11 DS-DSI-DSC14 For oil filter housing80590381 083Size: 48x6 NBR4143383 917Size: 11x4 NBR For injection98026392 088Size: 12x2 NBR94385804 655Size: 9,3x2,4 FPM Model 94C Motorcode DCC9.12 For valve lid screw30SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 31. G O-ring/seal ring engine dph-no.OEM-no.application95693804 660Size: 19x3 NBR95695804 664Size: 29x3 NBR97291804 713Size: 70x3 NBR95694810 958Size: 11,3x2,4 NBR93835392 652Size: 90x3 MVQ red (intake manifold) T92/112/142/113/143, G-P-R92/112/93, P-R113, R143802361 107 097Size: 29,1x1,6 FPM green804111 107 098Size: 45,8x1,6 FPM green98262804 666Size: 21x3 NBR97292804 674Size: 59,2x5,7 NBR95991804 710Size: 54,5x3 NBR32997811 926Size: 26,2x3 NBRSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0731 32. G O-ring/seal ring engine dph-no.OEM-no.application93594811 942Size: 60x3 FPM70532811 038Size: 49,5x394357392 653Size: 22,1x1,6 MVQ804041 302 243Size: 108x3 MVQ982601 303 789Size: 34,2x3 NBR982611 315 437Size: 22x28x5 type 43972901 334 294O-ring kit 4x19,10x1,6 NBR 1x12,10x1,6 NBR 2x8,13x1,78 NBR98264Size: 99,2x5,7 FPM green32999174 229Size: 79,5x3 FPM81970276 587Size: 100x6,5 NBR97479321 349 018321 992Size: 106x3 FPMSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 33. G O-ring/seal ring engine dph-no.OEM-no.application93836211 813Size: 107,54x3,53 NBR80746321 991Size: 99,5x3 FPM green80747349 353Size: 79,2x5,7 FPM green80408361 523Size: 59,2x5,7 MVQ80406361 526Size: 94,1x5,7 MVQ34432362 128Size: 114,5x3 MVQ94386362 129Size: 149,2x5,7 MVQ938081 380 834Size: 252x6 FPM84526257 737GasketG O-ring kit engine dph-no.OEM-no.application1115651 422 564DC 161 398 8101 pc. 34x3 FPM purple 1 pc. 24,3x2,4 NBR blue 1 pc. 32x2,5 NBRSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0733 34. G Gasket dph-no.OEM-no.68533384 464978501 302 556367681 302 827application6 pcs required DN9, DS9, DSC9 6 cylinder, from 1984 G82, P82, G92, P92, R92, T92, P92HK, F92H, K92, G93, P93, P93HK, P93MK, R93, T93, T93HK, F93H, K9370508371 491(filling flange) DN-DS-DSI-DSC11 DS-DSI-DSC1480215845281 305 5957052934391 766388 422Size: 18,6x1,9 FPMSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 35. G Gasket dph-no.OEM-no.application70507371 490DN-DS9 DN-DS-DSI-DSC11 DS-DSI14704431 350 378704441 350 379704451 350 38070501366 557G Gasket seal engine dph-no.OEM-no.70502369 229SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07application35 36. G Gasket seal engine dph-no.OEM-no.application70314371 492Application: oil cooler70509371 49370518371 50268532371 50795868315 270V-ring NBR A50 V-4595647317 916U-ring type 90 16x22x684529361 305 596SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 37. G Gasket seal engine dph-no.OEM-no.845301 305 597978491 305 67384527332 4484147348 33934434230 2971043481 304 2931114431 374 326SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07applicationMaterial: rubber37 38. G Gasket seal engine dph-no.OEM-no.1114451 374 3271114421 374 3341114461 374 344Water pump1 541 633DC 11applicationDC 12 DSC 12 DT 121114441 375 383959691 388 6781114401 403 1291112311 675 602111441Oil cooler1 423 290Oil pump1 384 00438SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 39. G Oil seal for hubs and wheels dph-no.OEM-no.application61645300 278Front axle AM55/60 Size: 110x140x12/21 NBR special K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14261651375 087AM56 Size: 110x140x15 NBR ASW spezial34423173 320AS60, ASA60/70 Size: 117,47x142,87x12,7 NBR A blue K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14270447121 257RP652, R653 Size: 136,52x161,92x12,7 NBR A98517309 113Reductor hub Size: 161,92x187,32x12,7 NBR A K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14250177370 076Rear axle AD/AS90, AD85 Size: 145x170x15/20 NBR B spezial K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14234422159 496AD90 (brake shoe: 203 mm) Size: 150,8x177,8x12,7 NBR AS blueSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0739 40. G Oil seal for hubs and wheels dph-no.OEM-no.application50176370 075AD100 shaft RB/RBP803 Size: 155x180x24/29 FPM B spezial K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14261641120 310AD/AS90 Rubber cork Size: 158x170x5,361649375 086AM56/61/70 Size: 125x160x15 NBR AS WG Oil seal crankshaft dph-no.OEM-no.application1114521 375 002Size: 145 x 175 x 13 special1114531 433 183Crankshaft rear DC 11 DC 12 DT 12111285369 477Size: 80 x 100 x 13 special111272369 478Size: 130 x 160 x 15 FPM AW/BS LD Crankshaft rear DS9 DS11, DN11, DSC11 DS14 DSC1440SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 41. G O-ring/hubs and wheels dph-no.OEM-no.application80851392 309/AD100298 021Size: 249,2x5,7 T142, R142, T93/113/143, G-P-R93, P-R113, R143G Repair kit/compressor (engine) dph-no.OEM-no.application816771 108 223Compressor 15,5 W81716278 198Compressor 15,5 W828351 103 236Compressor 15,5 WG Repair kit dph-no.OEM-no.application81715/1 108 228/15,5 compressor Bendix82817300 162828361 327 886SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0715,5 compressor Bendix41 42. G Repair kit dph-no.application82837141 964Bendix Tuflo 50081725229 373Inlet exhaust valve kit81714282 501Trailer control valve kit81717282 799D2 governor kit70814309 164-2For same type as 272 760-08171842OEM-no.313 004Hand control valve kitSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 43. G Repair kit dph-no.OEM-no.application81719319 477Trailer dump valve kit82816293 546G Cylinder liner shim dph-no.OEM-no.application330081 114 036DS11/DSC1101 For cylinder liner 1114035 Late productionG O-ring/fuel system dph-no.OEM-no.application93837242 857Size: 60x4 NBR All models98656252 496Size: 14x18x1,5 CU All models98658192 871Size: 16x20x1 CU All modelsSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0743 44. G O-ring/fuel system dph-no.OEM-no.application21255170 424Size: 9,6x19,7x2 CU All modelsG Seal ring/cooling system dph-no.application32990170 205For: Thermostat Scania 251 899 and 255 5027031544OEM-no.291 826L-LS-LT111, LB-LBS-LBT111, T112/113, G-P-R112, P-R113SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 45. Rubber cushions for engine, exhaust systems and gearboxG Oil seal dph-no.OEM-no.application70525386 901Transmission, mechanical Size: 85x105x13 NBR BS blue7048432 201Transmission, mechanical Size: 35x52x10 NBR A70475254 635Transmission, mechanical Size: 25x35x7 NBR B dph967161 318 388Input gearbox Size: 55x75x9 FPM BS RD Engine DS11, DSC11: K113 CLB Bus 91-> Engine DSC14 V8: R143L-R4x2, 6x2-6x2/4; 8x2, 6x4; 8x4 88->, 144L 95-> DSC12: 124C96-> DSC9: 94G 96->,84541294 275Size: 75x90x10/11 blue DSC12: 124C 96 ->, DCS14: 144L 95-> DSC9: 94G 96-> DSC9 6L: G93, P93, R93 6x4 `86->, G82, P82 `86-> DN11, DS11, DSC11 6L: G112, 112, R112, T112 `80->, P113, R113 4x2; 6x2, 6x4 `88-> DS14 V8: L141, LB141, LS141, LBS141; LBT141, R142, T142 `80->81460329 638R143L-R, 4x2; 6x2-6x2/4, 8x2 `88->Size: 25x35x7 BABSL NBR For gearshift shaftSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0745 46. G Gasket dph-no.OEM-no.70495366 54670514371 498963131 392 936/applicationApplication: water pump371 50097851/1 329 58570442461 305 139/978521 320 298SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 47. Clutch, gearboxG Clutch servo cylinder dph-no.OEM-no.application81422/345 362/(Wabco); GR871 (no. 6337157-6339120), interchangable81092550 720with Scania 371 612 T112/T113/T142/T143; G-P-R112; R142, P-R113, R14381524360 717T82, T92, T112; G-P82, G-P-R92/11281525371 612/T82, T92, T93, T112, T113, T140; G-P82, G-P-R92/93/112;818031 331 770P-R113, R143G Repair kit clutch servo dph-no.OEM-no.application81723550 422For: 360 717 (old version)81463550 453For: 360 717 (new version)81724550 455/6/For: 371 612519261 336 159SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0747 48. G O-ring/gearbox control dph-no.OEM-no.application32996244 446For: control cylinder 284 015 All models Size: 41,2x3 NBR93838804 662For: control cylinder 284 015 T82/92/93/112/113/142/143, G-P82, G-P-R92/92/112, P-R113, R142/143 Size: 24x3 NBR96197194 414Size: 199,3x3 NBR For gearbox G770, GS770, GH774, GS771, GS772, GR871, GR-E871, GR-H88081720810 983For: control cylinder 284 015 All models Size: 79,2x5,7 NBRG Oil seal/gearbox dph-no.OEM-no.application81462388 528/Size: 45x65x10/8 FPM A/BS LD70483314 063-9Size: 45x65x9 ACM BS RD LA For gearbox G770, GS770, GH774, GS771, GS772, GR871, GR-E871, GR-H88048SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 49. Brake partsG Brake part front-/rear wheel brake dph-no.OEM-no.application3892810 970Size: 33x3 NBR, all models, Quantity required: 8 L/LB, 80H, L/LB81, 81H, F/G/K/P/S/T82, BR/CR/L/LBS/ LS85, 85H, B/BF/BR/L/LB/LBS/LS86, F/G/K/P/R/T92, F/G/ K/R/P/T93, BR/CR/L/LB/LBS/LB/LS/LT110, 110H, B/BF/BR/ CR/L/LB/LBS/LBT/LK/LKT/LS/LT111, 111H, SBA/SBAT111, BF/BR/CN/F/G/K/MTR/N/P/R/S/T112, BN/CN/F/K/L/N/ P/R/T113, BR116, L/LB/LBS/LBT/LS140, 140H, L/LB/LBS/LBT/ LKT/LS141, 141H, R/T142, R/T143, BR/CR/LT145, LT1463889182 930Size: 31x4,5 NBR, all models, Quantity required: 8 L/LB, 80H, L/LB81, 81H, F/G/K/P/S/T82, BR/CR/L/LBS/ LS85, 85H, B/BF/BR/L/LB/LBS/LS86, F/G/K/P/R/T92, F/G/ K/R/P/T93, BR/CR/L/LB/LBS/LB/LS/LT110, 110H, B/BF/BR/ CR/L/LB/LBS/LBT/LK/LKT/LS/LT111, 111H, SBA/SBAT111, BF/BR/CN/F/G/K/MTR/N/P/R/S/T112, BN/CN/F/K/L/N/ P/R/T113, BR116, L/LB/LBS/LBT/LS140, 140H, L/LB/LBS/LBT/ LKT/LS141, 141H, R/T142, R/T143, BR/CR/LT145, LT14669284123 102Size: 38x50x7 NBR A all models Quantity required: 468810120 828Size: 45x60x7 NBR A blue all models Quantity required: 434425214 008Size: 90x110x14 BS NBR blue Differential, assembly K-92/112 N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/142692301 338 019/Size: 31x4,5 MVQ381 962G93, P93, R93, T93 K93CLB from chassis no. 1820107-, K113TLA from chassis no. 1820107-, N113CLL/CRL, N113ALLB/CLB/CRB/DRB from chassis no. 1820118-, L113TRB, P113, R113, T113, R143, T143SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0749 50. G Brake part/front-/rear wheel brake dph-no.OEM-no.application1041111 338 018/For brake shoe roller 1542591 307 340Size: 32,5x3 mmG Valve lifter dph-no.OEM-no.application513071 116 635/D8, DN8, DS8, DSI8, D11, DN11, DS11, DSC11,1 103 422DSI11, DTC1101, D14, DS14, DSC14, DSI14 P113, R113, T113, R143G Valve guide dph-no.OEM-no.application61147300957INTAKE DS8/DSI8 late production, DN9, DS9, DSC9, D11, DN11, DS11, DSC11, DSI11, D14, DS14, DSC14 Not for cyl. heads ref. 300612-7. 397775-8 Not for engines with catalytic converter61148300958EXHAUST D8, DN8, DS8, DSI8, DN9, DSC9, D11, DN11, DS11, DSC11, DSI11, D14, DS14, DSC14 Not for cyl heads ref. 300612-7, 397775-8 Not for engines with catalytic converterG Valve intake dph-no.OEM-no.application61144272 804INTAKE DS11, L-LS-LT111, LB-LBS-LBT11193994270 247INTAKE DS-DSI14, L-LS141, LT146, LB-LBS-LBT14150SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 51. G Valve intake dph-no.OEM-no.application98678294 674/INTAKE136 083-6DS11-turbo, DN14, DCS14-turbo215 715INTAKE93995Engine D42098681INTAKE1 361 18998679272 803/D101 319 081INTAKE DS9-turbo, DSC9-turbo1107711 360 836INTAKE1107731 361 190INTAKESCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0751 52. G Valve exhaust dph-no.OEM-no.application61145232 018EXHAUST DN-DS-DSI-DSC11 DS-DSI14 (- motor 5530537)98680EXHAUST1 360 833110772366 256/DS9-turbo, DSC9-turbo1 361 195EXHAUST DS9-turbo, DSC9-turbo98682D10, DN14352 347/EXHAUST1 360 834DCS14-turbo168 843/EXHAUST136 119-593996EXHAUST1 361 19798683243 477/Engine D440G Valve seal ring dph-no.OEM-no.application9399717 115Engine D420 5650 ccm 66 kW (90 PS)52SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 53. G Valve seal ring dph-no.OEM-no.application9399817 543Engine D440 6230 ccm 73 kW (100 PS)61149289 517INTAKE DN11/DS11/DSC11 engine no. 5220094-, DS14/DSC14/DSI14 engine no. 5504736-61151242 672EXHAUST D11/DN11/DS11/DSC11 engine no. 3075634, 4070104-. 5307760-, DS14/DSC14/DSI14 engine no. 5530537 Not for cylinder hea ref. 163588G Repair kit/brake valve dph-no.OEM-no.application81682319 475For: Scania 290 01382819313 114For: Scania 290020 foot brake valve = G-P-82, G-P-R92, 112, R142, T82/92/112/142 T92/112/142/93/113/143 T92/93/112/113/142/143SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0753 54. G Diaphragm/Brake part54dph-no.application69213203 670T9, dia 13069215171 566T12, dia 14069217160 342T16, dia 15069218151 476T20, dia 16569219143 112T24, dia 18069220143 113T30, dia 2006922354OEM-no.143 118T36, dia 230SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 55. G Repair kit air dryer drain valve dph-no.OEM-no.application82818309164For Bendix air dryersG Gasket for oil filter dph-no.OEM-no.application69816382 361-4For oil filter 382353-1 (not in our range)G Oil seal dph-no.OEM-no.application963111 345 279Size: 44,5x58x7,5 SPNBR blue For brake shoe shaftG Oil seal brake part dph-no.OEM-no.1095311 100 6451095301 343 372application Size: 54,1 x 70/74 x 7,5/11 NBRSize: 45 x 60 x 7 NBR A blau Steering knuckle pin1095291 395 999Size: 56x72x7 NBR SP A Steering knuckle pin1122661 409 889Size: 142 x 170 x 15/16 NBR Wheel hub, inside1122821 409 890Size: 75 x 100 x 10/13 NBR Wheel hub, outsideSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0755 56. G Oil seal brake part dph-no.OEM-no.1113301 502 384application Size: 84,93x104,77x18,26 FPM/ACM spezial11137285x105x18 FPM SP LD704861095325633 326347 468Size: 70 x 100 x 12 A NBR blauSize: 56 x 70 x 6 NBR A SPSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 57. Front and rear axle parts, steeringG O-ring/front axle dph-no.OEM-no.application94398182 935Upper AM55 Size: 49x7 NBR81721811 045Lower AM56/61/70 AM800/820 Size: 84,5x3 NBRG Gasket bogie axle dph-no.OEM-no.application95869204 750Application: bogie axle L, LS, LT110, LB, LBS, LBT140H, L, LS, LT111, LB, LBS, LBT141, T112, T142, G82, P82, G112, P112, R112, R142, T93, G93, R93, T113, P113, R113, T143 2 pcs. requiredG Gasket for steering dph-no.OEM-no.application704371 305 341For steering70510371 495(For hydraulic pump 300130/571368)SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0757 58. G Oil seals front and rear axle, steeringdph-no.OEM-no.application34421338 643DN8, DS8, DSI8, DSC8, DN9, DS9, DSI9, DSC9 DN11, DS11, DSI11, DSC11 DN14, DS14, DSI14, DSC14 Size: 80x100x12 FPM BS LA RD Front70461178 866DN11, DS11, DSI11, DSC11 DN14, DS14, DSI14, DSC14 Size: 130x160x13 NBR B Rear69285366 303DN9, DS9, T92/93/113/142/143; G-P-R92/93, P-R113; R143 Size: 130x160x15 MVQ AS W LD Rear70527386 967Front axle Size: 72x105x13 NBR BS green7048532 898Front Axle AM55 (1st series) size: 120,65x146,05x12,7 K-92/112, N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/142388833 352Rear axle AD90 (ext.) size: 75x100x10 NBR A blue K-92/112, N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/14270481297 991Size: 137x161,92x15/12 BS WD SP LA Rear axle58SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 59. G Oil seals front and rear axle, steering dph-no.OEM-no.application34428231 938Size: 130x160x15 MVQ AS W LD Engine, crankshaft rear K-92/112, N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143, T-82/92/112/14261643297 999Size: 115x135x10 A SP blue Rear axle70449136 106Size: 28x38x7 NBR A For steering70473Size: 25x35x8 AD NBR216 608For steering1 363 673/Rear axle AD851 303 673/96111211 337/Size: 145x170x14,5/18 FPM BS special K-92/112, N-112 P-82/92/93/112/113 R-92/112/113/142/143, T-82/92/112/142120 979/Front/rear axle227 138/Size: 80x100x10 A NBR green304 55270446D10, D11, DS11 L75, L76LS, LKS101, L, LS110, L, LS, LT, LK111, R112 (112M,H,E) B75, B76, B110, B111, BR115, BR11670452144 116Rear axle Size: 30x55x10 NBR A34426124 268/Rear axle388 728Size: 80x100x13 BS NBR K-92/112, N-112, P-82/92/93/112/113, R-92/112/113/142/143 T-82/92/112/142 Also for transmission GR870/GR871T61647370 074Size: 137x161, 92x15/20 NBR BS WD SP LA, Rear axle AD80 outer/inner, K-92/112, N-112, P-82/92/93/112/113, R-92/112/113/142/143, T-82/92/112/142 Engine DSC14 144L `95-> Engine DN11, DS11, DSC11 6L: G112; P112; R112; T112 80->, P113, R113 4x2; 6x2, 6x4 `88-> Engine DS9 6L: G93, P93, R93 4x2; 6x2; 6x4, G92, P82, `86-> Engine D8, DS8 6L: L86, LS86, LB86, LBS/LBT86, L81, LB81 `75-> Engine DS14 V8: R142, T142 `80->, R143L-R, 4x2, 6x2-6x2/4; 8x2, 8x4 `88->110713125 766Size: 70x90x10 A LDNBR L75, L76 LS980601 393 331Size: 85x105x18 FPM LD SP SteeringSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0759 60. G Oil seal front and rear axle, steering dph-no.OEM-no.application824971 363 674/Size: 158x188x14,5/18 FPM RWDR Kassette130 934-2Wheel bearing, exterior DSC12: 124C `96->934281 342 363With Polrad934301 334 535Size: 125x150x14 NBR AS SO blue847301 335 243Crankshaft, front Size: 80x100x12 FPM BS LA RD Engine DS11, DSC11, DN11: K113 CLB Bus 91->, P113, R113 4x2; 6x2 88-> 6L, P113, R113 6x4 88->, G112, P112, R112, T112 80-> Engine D11, DS11: L110, LS110, LB110, LBS110 74->, L111, LB111, LS111 75->, LB111H, LBS111H, LBT111H 77->80, engine D14, DS14: L140, LB140, LS140, LBS140. LT146, R142, T142 80->, BR145, CR145 Engine D8, DS8, DN8. DSI8: L86, LS86, LB86, LBS/LBT86, 75->, L81, LB81, 75->, L81, LB81, LBS85, G82, P82; T82 80> Engine DS14 V8: L141, LB141, LS141, LBS141, LBT141, R143L-R4x2, 6x2-6x2/4; 8x2 88-> Engine DSC14 V8: R143L-R, 6x4; 8x4 88-> 144L 95->, Engine DS9, DSC9 6L: P92, R92, T92 86->, G93, P93, R93 4x2; 6x2 86->, G82, P82 86->34427291 076Rear axle, interior Size: 145x170x15/20 NBR B spezial Engine DSC12 124C`96-> Engine DSC14 144L `95-> Engine DSC9 94G `96-> Engine DSC9 6L: G93, P93, R93 4x2; 6x2, 6x4, G82, P82 `86->, Engine DN11, DS11, DSC11 6L: G112, P112, R112, T112 `80->, P113, R113 4x2; 6x2; 6x4 `88-> Engine DN8, DS8, DSI8 6L: G82, P82, T82 `80-> Engine DS11, DSC11: K113CLB Bus `91-> D8, DS8 6L: L86, LS86,k LB86, LBS/LBT86 `75-> Engine DS14 V8: L141, LB141, LS141, LBS141, LBT141, R142, T142 `80>, R143L-R, 6x4; 8x4 `88-> Engine D11LB, DS11 6L: LB111H, LBS111H, LBT111H `77->80G Oil seal rear axle dph-no.OEM-no.111548370 076application Size: 145 x 170 x 15/12 B special FPMG Oil seal differential bevel pinion dph-no.application1 383 129Size: 84,93x104,77x18,26 FPM/ACM SP 11113301 502 3849806160OEM-no.956491 386 594Size: 84,93x104,77x18,26 FPM/ACM SP 2SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 61. Front and rear suspension partsG Shackle bushing dph-no.OEM-no.application70172135 036For shackle pins: 355147, 355149 Dia. 46x89, 2 pcs required REAR SPRING70448135 698For shackle pin: 355148 Dia. 46x102, 4 pcs required REAR SPRINGG O-ring for shackle pins dph-no.OEM-no.application61342182 929For shackle pins: 355145, 355146 Dia 23x6,5 mm NBR FRONT SPRING All models61343182 931For shackle pins: 355147, 355148, 355149 Dia 31x6,5 mm NBR REAR SPRING All modelsSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0761 62. G Seal ring/wiper ring for gearbox dph-no.OEM-no.application81458315 022G-GS770, GH774, GR-GRE870/871 Size: 60x80x8,25 rubber/metal95851244 448GS771/772; GR-GRE870/871 Size: 25x35x5/7 T112/R142 transmissionG Vibration insulator (motor hood) dph-no.OEM-no.application81975329 583T82/92/112/142/93/113/143G Rubber bushing dph-no.OEM-no.application82302137 207/Left & Right332 7388197162340 895SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 63. HoseG Hose dph-no.OEM-no.81973241 805SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07application63 64. Overview of most popular oil seal types acc to DIN 3760/3761ApplicationApplicationDescriptionmetal cased openrubber version with single lipBAmetal cased open with dust liprubber version with sealing and dust lipBSASmetal cased closedrubber version with 2 lips and 2 springsCADmetal cased closed with dust liprubber version with sealing lip and corrugated profileCSAWmetal cased open with 2 lipsrubber version with sealing lip and dust lip and corrugated profileBDASWseal with combined elastomer/metal outer cover with dust lipseal with combined elastomer/metal outer coverA/BSA/BAbbreviations at style FL Washer PR Profile seal OR O-Ring WR Oil seal64DescriptionComplimentary definitionsAbbreviations at mat (material)RD LD WD SF OF V LA W SPACM FPM MVQ NBR EPDMRight hand helix Left hand helix Double helix Special design Without spring Reinforced seal lip With sealant film Corrugated profile SpecialPolyacryl rubber Fluor rubber (Viton) Silicone rubber Nitril rubber Ethylen-Propylen-DienrubberPTFEPolyterafluorenethylen HNBR Hydrogenated NBR AL Aluminium CU Copper FE Iron FZ FeltSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 65. Standard terms and conditionsStandard Terms and Conditions of Trade and Delivery, as established by Dichtungspartner Hamburg GmbH, Ferdinand-Harten-Str. 15, 22949 Ammersbek, Germany, hereafter referred to as dph: Application The terms and conditions set out below form part of all contracts for services, supplies and quotations by dph. Sales shall be made solely on the basis of the terms and conditions below. Ancillary agreements and amendments shall only be deemed valid if in writing. If our contracting partner has its own terms and conditions which differ from dphs terms and conditions, we shall only be bound by the aforementioned terms and conditions of the contracting partner if we specifically accepted them in writing on conclusion of the contract. We hereby specifically state that we shall not accept a counter-confirmation by the customer with reference to its own terms and conditions. Quotations All quotations are subject to change. We shall not be bound by any arrangements made orally, by telegraph or telephone until we have issued a written confirmation. Any details given in brochures, advertisements, etc., including prices, shall not be binding until specifically agreed in writing. Prices Our prices are given in euros (EUR) ex works and exclude German VAT. Prices exclude postage/delivery, packing and insurance. Delivery 1. Prices are given ex works. Unless free delivery has been agreed, the purchaser shall bear the costs associated with dispatch/shipment. It shall also bear costs ex delivery destination. Freight refunds are not granted. The goods shall be insured only if the customer so requests in writing, and insurance shall be at the customers expense. 2. Collection and dispatch of the goods ex works or distribution warehouse is in all cases at the customers risk. 3. We reserve the right to charge a minimum-quantity flat rate or a minimum cost-contribution flat rate for small orders. 4. In the case of blanket/call orders, we are entitled to procure the material for the whole order and to manufacture the entire quantity ordered immediately. Any change requests by the customer cannot be accepted after the order has been placed, unless this was specifically agreed. Payment 1. Our invoices are payable in euro (EUR). 2. Invoiced amounts are payable (free of dispatch costs and other expenses) within 14 days after invoice date less 2% discount, or within 30 days after invoice date without deduction. Default interest is payable at the rate of 8% above the base interest if payment is late. 3. Cheques shall be regarded as cash payments, provided they have been sent to us in sufficient time that they can be cashed within the above payment periods. 4. Only payments made at the place of performance have the effect of discharging obligations. Payments made to employees of our company shall only discharge obligations if such employees have the appropriate collecting power (Inkassovollmacht). 5. If it becomes apparent after conclusion of the contract that our claim to payment may be in jeopardy because the customer is not able to discharge its obligations, then any other debt claims we have shall become due and payable immediately. In this event, we are entitled to make any remaining deliveries subject to payment in cash or the provision of security. This will not affect any further legal claims. 6. The customer may only set off payments against counterclaims which we have accepted or which have the authority of a final court judgment. This also applies to the retention of payments.SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07Tools and equipment Tools and equipment which we manufacture or engage a third party to manufacture shall be our property, even if our customer pays part of the manufacturing costs. Packaging Paper packaging shall be subject to the lowest-possible charge. Chests, crates, barrels, sacks and other types of packaging shall be invoiced and, if returned freight-paid and in good condition within 4 weeks after receipt of the delivery, a credit note will be issued for 2/3 of the amount charged. In the event that a rail company classifies a delivery as inadequately packed, this may not be used against us. Periods of delivery 1. The periods of delivery shall begin when all details of the order have been explained, however, not before the purchaser has fulfilled any contractual obligations which must be performed beforehand. The delivery date is deemed to have been met if the goods have left the warehouse by the end of such date or, if the delivery is delayed for reasons not attributable to us, on notification that the goods are ready for dispatch within the agreed period of delivery. 2. The delivery obligation is subject to the condition that dph has been supplied correctly and in due time by its suppliers. 3. Partial deliveries within the agreed time and quantities are permissible and may be invoiced separately. 4. If any acts of force majeure, industrial disputes or their consequences or other events which are outside the scope of our control delay the performance of our delivery obligation, regardless of whether they affect us or our sub-contractors, the period of delivery shall be extended by the length of such delay. Both parties shall have the right to cancel the contract if the delivery later becomes impossible or unreasonable for one of the parties due to an event of the above nature. 5. The purchaser is entitled to terminate the contract, in accordance with the legal provisions, in the event of delay or if delivery is impossible for reasons attributable to us. If the delivery is delayed and if the purchaser thereby suffers loss, it is entitled to demand a lump-sum amount as compensation for the delay. Such compensation shall be, for each full week of delay, 0.5% of the value of that portion of the total delivery which, as a result of the delay, cannot be used on time or in accordance with the contract, up to a maximum of 5% of such value. 6. If delivery is delayed at the purchasers request, the purchaser shall be charged the costs of storage, commencing 2 weeks after notification that delivery is ready, subject to a minimum charge of 1% of the invoice amount for each week. Tolerances Any recommendations we give as to the use of our products are made to the best of our knowledge. The purchaser is at all times under an obligation to satisfy itself by means of its own enquiries that the goods delivered are suitable for the intended purpose. Deviations from samples and earlier deliveries are permissible if they do not affect quality and use. We reserve the right to deviations in quantity of 10%. Complaints and liability for defects 1. Immediately after receipt, the purchaser must inspect the goods and give written notification promptly, or no later than within 10 days after receipt, of any obvious visible defects, incorrect quantities or incorrect deliveries, specifying the defect. In the case of latent defects, it must do this within 10 days after discovery of the defect. 2. If there are defects, we guarantee as follows: We shall, at our discretion, replace free of charge or repair all parts which prove to be unusable or whose use is not inconsiderably affected as a result of circumstances existing before risk was transferred.65 66. 3. The purchaser is entitled to rescission of the contract or to a reduction in price if we allow a reasonable extension of time for post-performance or repairs to elapse without resolving the defect, or if more than one attempt at post-performance or repair does not resolve the defect. If we deliver a defect-free item for the purpose of supplementary performance, or if the purchaser rescinds the contract, then it must pay value-related compensation for the benefit derived. The value of the benefit derived shall be determined by pro rata temporis straight-line depreciation in the ratio between the actual period of use and the estimated useful life. 4. The statutory limitation period of 2 years shall apply to notification of defects under Section 437 BGB (Brgerliches Gesetzbuch German Civil Code). 5. The provisions below under General Liability shall apply to liability to pay compensatory damages for liability for defects. General liability 1. Without prejudice to the provisions under point 5 of Periods for delivery, claims for damages of any kind in connection with and apart from liability for defects are excluded for delay or impossibility, for breach of other contractual obligations, for mistakes on conclusion of the contract, for tort or for any other legal reason, in particular also for damages which do not occur to the items delivered themselves. There shall only be liability where there is intentional conduct, gross negligence, culpable injury to life, limb or health, defects which we have fraudulently concealed, on assumption of a warranty made regarding the existence of any specific feature or for defects in the items delivered, to the extent that there is liability under product liability laws for material damage to privately used items and for personal injury. 2. We shall also be liable for culpable breach of essential contractual obligations. However, provided there is no gross fault, such liability shall be limited to damage which is deemed typical as regards this type of contract and reasonably foreseeable. Returns Returns which are not based on a legal claim shall only be accepted, carriage paid, with our express written consent. As compensation for the costs incurred on any return, we shall retain from the credit note a corresponding reduction in the net invoiced value of the goods, subject to a minimum of 20% of the net invoiced value of the goods. Reservation of title 1. The goods delivered shall remain our property until all outstanding amounts owed to us in connection with the business relationship, including incidental expenses, have been paid. If operating an open account, the property subject to the reservation of title shall be deemed to be security for our current account. 2. If our goods are combined or mixed with other goods which do not belong to us, we shall have joint ownership in the new object or the mixed item in proportion to the invoice value of the goods subject to the reservation of title compared with the value of the other combined or mixed goods at the time they were combined or mixed. If, as a result of combination, the purchaser acquires sole ownership in the new item, it hereby assigns to us joint ownership in the new item in proportion to the invoice value of our goods subject to the reservation of title compared with the value of the other combined goods remaining at the time they were combined, and shall keep such item in custody for us using the care of a prudent merchant. 3. Resale of the goods delivered, even if combined or mixed, is only permitted to resellers in the usual course of business and subject to the reservation of title and only if the debt claim arising from the resale is assigned to us. The purchaser may not pledge the goods as collateral nor transfer ownership therein by way of security, nor may it agree on a non-assignment clause. The purchaser must notify us immediately if there is any pledge or any other third-party action which may affect our rights. 4. The purchaser hereby assigns to us in advance any outstanding debts owed to it from the resale or for any other legal reason in respect of the goods we have supplied, both existing and arising in future as soon as they come into being. We accept such assignment. The value of the goods subject to the66reservation of title shall be our invoice amount plus a security premium of 10% which shall however not apply if third-party rights present an obstacle to this. If our goods are resold after they have been combined or mixed with other goods, or if the new item which arises through combination is resold, the claim against the purchasers customer will be assigned in the amount of the invoice value of our processed, combined or mixed item, or up to the amount which corresponds to our share in the joint property, if this is lower. 5. The purchaser is entitled to collect the debt claims assigned provided that it duly fulfils its payment obligations to us. 6. If the value of the security assigned to us exceeds our debt claims by more than 10% in total, we are under an obligation to release the securities of our choice upon request by the purchaser. Ownership in the goods subject to the reservation of title and the assigned debt claims shall pass to the customer on payment of all our debt claims in connection with the business relationship. Property rights If we have made our supplies in accordance with drawings, models, samples or other documents provided by the purchaser, the purchaser guarantees that third-party property rights are not breached. If a third party claims in such a case that we are breaching a property right, e.g. through the manufacture or supply of the goods, then we shall be entitled, without further inspection, to discontinue our activity subject to our other rights. The purchaser undertakes to notify us immediately if there are any risks of breach or alleged cases of breach as soon as they become known. Place of performance, jurisdiction, applicable law, general 1. The place of performance for deliveries and payments is Ammersbek. The courts of Ahrensburg will have jurisdiction for any disputes with traders or with people who do not have a legal domicile within Germany even in the cases involving bills of exchange and cheques We are also entitled, at our discretion, to bring an action against the purchaser before the courts which have jurisdiction in the place where the purchaser has its head office. 2. German law will apply to the contractual relationship. The provisions of UN sales of goods law will not apply. 3. The latest version of Incoterms 2000 will apply if clauses defined in the Incoterms are agreed. Data storage As required by Section 28 of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzt (Federal Data Protection Act - BDSG), we draw attention to the fact that the data necessary for the purposes of our business will be processed and stored using data processing equipment in accordance with Section 33 of the BDSG. The purchaser agrees that we may use the data obtained from our business relationship with it, in accordance with data privacy provisions, only for our own business purposes. Severability and concluding provision If any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Any provision which is void will be replaced by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the purpose sought by the void provision. This is an English translation of the original Standard Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English translation and the German original, the German original shall prevail. Neither the Company nor the Language Professional can accept liability for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages arising out of erroneous translations. Only the German version shall be deemed authoritative Date: June 2004SCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/07 67. RemarksSCANIA Spare parts for trucks 06/0767 68. D.E. SIEVERS DESIGN, Hamburg Fotos: Walter Fey Development: Alexandra GilbertWe supply gaskets and other spare parts worldwideDichtungspartner Hamburg GmbH Ferdinand-Harten-Strae 15 D-22949 Ammersbek Germany P.O. Box 651144 D-22371 Hamburg Germany Phone Fax++49 (0)40-66 86 13-0 ++49 (0)40-66 86 13-90E-mail [email protected] www.dph.deDichtungspartner Hamburg