Software Vendor Selection for Southeast Georgia Health System Amanda Franklin Brian Fagan Chris Califf Chris Cash Matt Harrison

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Software Vendor Selection for Southeast Georgia Health System Amanda Franklin Brian Fagan Chris Califf Chris Cash Matt Harrison Slide 2 Agenda Problem Benefits of replacing HR/Payroll System HR/Payroll Software Choices Time Attendance Software Alternatives to Time Attendance Software Deliverables Trip to SGHS Value Gained/Added for Project Slide 3 Problem SGHS is replacing HR/Payroll System Three possible software vendors Data in five separate databases Currently running a McKesson AS/400 IBM System Audits are a difficult process Currently printing paper check stubs Slide 4 Benefits for SGHS Data centrally located Independence from IT Efficient audit process Time savings Cost savings Slide 5 HR/Payroll Software Choices SAP Lawson Ultimate Pro Slide 6 SAP Integrates data for all campuses Easy custom report generation Easily integrates with other systems Slide 7 SAP Implemented in over 1,000 Healthcare Provider Organizations Addresses issues of security (HIPPA) Most mature architecture Slide 8 Industry-specific software solutions Over 400 healthcare implementations Trusted by Industry Leaders Designed to conform to healthcare regulations Slide 9 Benefits Administration Employee and Manager Self-Service HCM on Demand Human Resources Payroll Personnel Administration Resource Navigator Slide 10 ULTIMATE PRO Software-as-a-service vs. on-site Compliant with Healthcare Regulation Easy integration Single database design Voted as a leader in US Midmarket HR Management Systems by Forrester Research Slide 11 ULTIMATE PRO Custom Reports Reliant on IT Security Slide 12 Systems Rating Matrix RequirementsSAPLAWSONULITMATE PRO Consolidate into one database 5/5 Integration with Legacy Systems 5/53/54/5 Custom Reporting Features 5/5 1/5 Standard Reporting Features 5/5 4/5 Security4/53/5 Web Based Payroll Application 0/55/5 Independence from IT2/54/52/5 Total Weight26/3530/3524/35 Slide 13 Time Attendance Software and Alternatives Kronos Tenrox API Slide 14 Labor management software solution used by over 40,000 organizations and over 4,000 healthcare providers Used by UGA payroll integrated with a web-based service developed by UGA programmers Extends functionality of an ERP solutions (HR/Payroll) At a time when our organization grew by 21% and faced numerous logistical and workforce related challenges, the dollar savings realized by using Kronos were close to $4million. This is a compelling example of how automation pays ff within a relatively short window of time. -Richard Rogers, CIO Health First, Inc. Slide 15 Solutions to Current Problems Touch ID/Biometrics Improved accuracy Web-based payroll Eliminate paper check stubs Cost savings Slide 16 Workforce Central System Slide 17 Tenrox Automated Anywhere, Anytime Time Entry Built-In Out-of-box Integration Real Time Differentiated Time Spreadsheets Customized Time Tracking and Expense Slide 18 API Employee Access 24/7 Standard Administration Tools Expanded Automation Multiple Input Options Slide 19 Deliverables Recommend software selection approach Provide time attendance alternatives Eliminate buyers remorse Create software matrix Offer additional research resources Slide 20 Trip to SGHS Slide 21 Value Gained by Project Team Experience in client interaction and communication Systems analysis skills Group communication tools and techniques Knowledge of healthcare industry and HR/Payroll software Networking opportunities Slide 22 Value Added to SGHS Improved communication between IT and business Jumpstart on HR/Payroll software solution Documented system requirements Received guidelines for new vendor selection Third party insight on business processes