Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida February 2016

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The February 2016 Newsletter of the Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida

Text of Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida February 2016

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    February 2016 Volume XL Issue II Next Chapter Meeting February 21st @ Jerseys Sports Caf at 10:30 a.m.

    Member Gwynne Hickman


    The only Motorcyclists Rights Organization in the State of Florida Legislative News MSAP Instructors Community Service

    ABATE: American Bikers Aimed Towards Education

    We lobby and educate the Government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image.

    ABATE of Florida, Inc. 2010 ABATE of Florida, Inc., Southwest Chapter. All rights reserved. ABATE of Florida, Inc.

    and the Southwest Chapter do not condone drinking while riding or driving.

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    We are a non-profit organization of

    motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life.

    We lobby and educate the government and the

    general public to promote motorcycling in a

    safe and positive image. We endeavor to enlist

    the cooperation and participation of all

    organizations and individuals that share a

    similar interest in preserving our American

    tradition of FREEDOM. We promote

    motorcycle safety, training and political

    awareness. We ARE NOT A CLUB OR

    GANG. We fund our work through toy runs,

    poker runs, campouts and other motorcycle

    activities. We are your neighbors and friends

    who work, pay taxes and get involved with our

    community. We serve and support our country

    and believe in freedom. We use all legal means

    to protect our rights without infringing on the

    rights of others.


    To become a powerful and viable political

    force in legislative matters concerning the


    To promote safe riding habits without

    infringing on individual freedoms;

    To motivate bikers to write letters to their

    legislators before, during and after the

    legislative session; and

    To furnish our members with a newsletter to

    keep all bikers informed in regard to upcoming



    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21st @ 10:30 a.m.

    at JERSEYS SPORTS CAF 13971 N. Cleveland Ave.

    Fort Myers, FL

    (corner of 41 and Pondella)




    20th of the month for editorial and Board



    Southwest Chapter Newsletter

    Issue date: February 2016


    ABATE of Florida, Inc.


    PO Box 60745

    Fort Myers, FL 33906

    DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of ABATE of Florida, Inc. and/or the

    Southwest Chapter. The publication allows members to express their beliefs and opinions. ABATE of Florida, Inc., and the

    Southwest Chapter accept no responsibility for the comments, opinions, or views contained in this newsletter.

    Please direct correspondence in reference to this publication to: Heidi Szolga, Southwest Chapter, P.O. Box 60745, Fort

    Myers, FL 33906-6745 or email at

    Donations to ABATE of Florida, Inc. are not deductible for Federal Tax Purposes.

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    ABATE of Florida, Inc./Southwest Chapter


    PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 33906-6745

    President: Moe Moser / 412-999-3397

    Vice President: Frankie Kennedy / 239-693-7035

    Secretary: Gwynne Hickman / 239-246-2025

    Treasurer: Heidi Szolga / 618-616-0870

    Sergeant-At-Arms: Robb Rabell / 239-458-3136

    Membership Trustee: Charlie Fisher / 239-772-3972

    Public Relations: Gwynne Hickman / 239-246-2025

    Legislative Representative: Frankie Kennedy / 239-693-7035

    Safety Director:

    Newsletter: Heidi Szolga / 618-616-0870

    Webmasters: Taylor Musburger / 360-298-1921 and

    Ed Lufkin, / 508-685-9220

    Chapter Chaplain: Tom Provenzano


    Chapter Rep: Moe Moser

    Chapter Rep: Carl Nelson



    Presidents Message:

    Dear ABATE Members:

    Wow- what a crappy month January was. I barely got

    the bike out. Lets hope February is better. Please look at the ads in this newsletter and try to patronize our

    advertisers. If you do, make sure you tell them that

    youre there because of their ad. The only way they will continue to advertise with us is if they think it is

    generating business. Also regarding ads, Im asking all members to think about their favorite bar, restaurant,

    shop or whatever and consider asking them to

    advertise with us. The ad rates are here in the

    newsletter. We do not have enough advertising right

    now to cover the cost of the newsletter. At the very

    least, we need it to be a break-even proposition. Of

    course, if we had enough ads, it could actually be a

    money-maker. As an incentive, Im thinking that we could offer to pay a members annual dues if he or she brings in an ad. Please give that some thought and Ill bring it up at the February Chapter Meeting for your


    The next ABATE State Meeting is Saturday, February

    13th in Port Charlotte. All members are invited to

    attend. If you want to ride there with me and Heidi, let

    me know and well arrange a meet-up.

    Mark your calendars- Saturday, February 13th is Cape

    Coral Bike Night. We will be there with our

    membership and safety tent; please stop by. While

    youre at it- mark Sunday, February 21st for our Chapter Meeting. I hope to see you there.

    Ride free thanks to ABATE!


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    GENERAL MEETING Jerseys Sports Caf, Fort Myers on January 17, 2016

    CALLED TO ORDER AT 10:38 a.m.

    Salute the flag, Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence.

    Silence cell phones.

    Sgt.-At-Arms account of members present - 18 and 1


    President's Report - Moe Moser Welcome to visitor Bryan, a member of Crawford County,


    1) What direction do we want our chapter to take? We

    should do more riding, a ride to Everglades City was

    suggested. We can reach out to others and come up with

    more ideas.

    2) Chapter leadership - Elections are in June and

    Moe does not want to be President again. People need to

    step up to be on the Board. Please think about serving, the

    guidelines for each position are on the website and

    training is provided by State in July.

    3) The condition of ABATE of FL, Inc. - we are

    broke. ABATE has clout with the State of FL because of

    being an organization as a whole, so it is important to not

    let ABATE fail. The money in our chapter's account can

    be claimed by State and they might take 20% of each

    chapter's funds if needed for them to pay their bills. Will

    talk more about that later.

    VP Report - Frankie Kennedy 1) Thank you to all. We need people to step up and

    volunteer to be on the Board.

    Secretary's Report Motion to approve minutes as written made by Rob (Big

    Bird) and second by Robb Rabell. Approved.

    Treasurer's Report - Heidi Szolga Heidi may stay on as Treasurer. Heidi and President

    Moser will attend the next State meeting Feb. 13th at

    Peace River and someone needs to set up Bike Night in

    the Cape.

    Membership Report - Heidi Szolga Charlie was excused. December had 10 new members and

    2 renewals.

    Motion to approve last month's report as read by Heidi

    made by Robb R. and seconded by Tim. Approved.

    Old Business:

    1) The Veterans Christmas ride was a great success,

    thanks to all who supported the event. President Moser

    received a letter of thanks from the Veterans' Home; it

    was read by the Secretary and will be put into our

    records. Accounting given of monies donated and

    collected, costs associated with the ride and amount given

    to the veterans. Even though Moe does not wish to run

    again for President, he offered to serve on the committee

    for the next Christmas Veterans' ride.

    2) Contributions to the State treasury - As previously

    stated, the State treasury is almost broke. It was

    suggested by Moe that we donate 10% of our Chapter's

    account to ABATE of FL to help keep that account

    solvent. The State President is also our lobbyist; his

    contract expires in October, so it is unknown if ABATE

    will again incur that expense. Motion made by Rob (Big

    Bird) and seconded by Robb. Discussion was held. We

    are hoping for a successful event next October to help the

    State coffers. Vote taken to give 10% of our chapter's

    account to State - 16 ayes, one nay; motion carried with


    3) One of our goals for 2016 should be to raise money for


    4) We will wait until Ed Lufkin is here to install him as

    Safety Instructor and Webmaster (along with Taylor).

    New Busines