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Students Hand Book 2014

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  • Students Hand Book

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    Welcome Note... 4

    Shops & Services 5

    a. Cafeteria & Common Room Facilities... 5

    b. Girls Common Room (GCR).. 6

    c. Stationary Shop... 6

    d. Banks.. 6

    Travelling 6

    Shuttle Services through Directorate of Services. 6

    Buss Passes 8

    Students Concession 8

    Medical Department. 8

    Sports Section 9

    Sports Facilities.. 9

    Main Campus 9

    LEJ Campus 10

    City Campus.. 10

    Event Calendar 2013 for Sports 10

    Intervarsity (Boys) Championships (Championship Schedule) 2013-14 .. 11

    Intervarsity (Boys) Championships (Training Camp Schedule) 2013-14.. 11

    5th Inter Faculty Games 2013 11

    NEDUET Road Race 2013. 11

    Co-Curricular Activates Organised by Department of Students Affairs. 12

    Events / Programmes Organised by Department of Students Affairs. 12

    Event Calendar 2013... 14

    Student Chapters of Professional Bodies 15

    Students Based Services 15

    Scholarships through Students Affairs... 15

    Hostel Facility through Provost, Directorate of Services.. 16

    Document Processing. 16

    Class Advisor Setup. 16

    Internet & Computing through Information Technology Department 17 Information Technology Department.. 17

    Internet and Computing 17

    Internet & Network Services. 17

    Portal Services 17

    High Performance Computing Services... 18

    Procedures for Service Registration and Accessibility 18

    Internet / Network Services..... 18

    Information Systems Services / NEDUET Portal... 18

    (R&D) / (HPC) Services 19

    Procedure for Password Change. 19

    Contact Details for Assistance and Technical Support. 19

    Printing & Photocopy.. 20

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    Engr. Abul Kalam Library. 20

    Library Services 21

    Reference Services....... 21

    Lending Services 21

    Inter Library Loan Service.. 22

    Digital Library Services. 22

    Web & Portal Services 22

    Library Outreach Services.......... 23

    Academic Calendar 2013.. 23

    Course Registration - Online Registration Except First Semester.. 24

    Services & Facilities provided by Students Affairs Department.. 24

    Directorate of Industrial Liaison. 24

    Examinations Department. 26

    Semester Examination .. 26

    Class Attendance 26

    Admit Cards...... 26

    Grade Point 26

    Marks Distribution 27

    Examination Timing. 27

    Award of Degree of BE, BCIT & B.Arch. 27

    Gold Medal. 28

    Merit Certificate.. 28

    Timing for Public Dealing. 28

    Mode of Payment for the Issuance of Documents/Verifications.. 28

    Admission in Bachelors Degree Programmes 30

    Information regarding the Academic Session.. 30

    Four Years Bachelor of Engineering Programmes 30

    Five Years Bachelor of Engineering Programmes. 30

    Five Years Bachelor Programmes... 30

    Four Years Bachelor Programme. 30

    Eligibility for Admission 30

    Important Instructions for Students by the Administration... 32

    Foreign Language Courses offered by Humanities Department... 33

    English Oral Proficiency Course... 33

    IELTS Preparatory Course... 34

    GRE Preparatory Course... 34

    NED Academy 34

    General. 35

    Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE)... 35

    Centre for Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes (CMPP)... 35

    Map of All Three Campuses. 36

    Main Campus 36

    City Campus.. 37

    LEJ Campus 37

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    Welcome to

    NED University of Engineering and Technology

    Coming to NED University of Engineering & Technology could be one of the

    most rewarding experiences of any students life after getting admission on

    the basis purely of merit within the category under which he or she applies.

    Intellectual challenges to extend knowledge and skills of each student have

    to be faced; however there would also be chances to develop new

    acquaintances - possibly also some friendships. The discipline of choice

    must in each case be decided at the time of coming for admission.

    The NED University is presently located in three campuses, the main one on

    University Road in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, the LEJ Campus near TV Station and

    the City Campus on Maulana Din Muhammad Wafai Road near Pakistan

    Chowk - with possibly more being added in the near future.

    The NED University always looks forward to welcoming successful

    performers at one of the two oldest institutions in Pakistan for teaching

    and training Graduates in Engineering.

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    Shops & Services

    Cafeteria & Common Room Facilities

    Facility of Cafeteria, Boys Common Rooms

    (BCR), Girls Common Rooms (GCR) and

    Seven Canteens situated at various

    locations on the Main Campus are

    maintained under the administration of

    Students Affairs Department. Besides

    these, one canteen each is functioning at

    the City Campus & the LEJ Campus each.

    Name of Persons In-charge of the various canteens are:

    S.No Name of Person In Charge Canteen Office No. /

    Extension No.


    Mr. Muhammad Umer


    Urban Engg. Deptt.

    Main Cafeteria 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2451)


    Muhammad Nasir


    Electronic Engg. Deptt.

    Humanities Corner



    (Ext: 2215)


    Dr. Huma Khalid

    Associate Professor

    Civil Engg. Deptt.

    Girls Canteen (GCR) 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2683)


    Ms. Nida Nasir,

    Assistant Professor

    Telecommunication Engineering


    Student Resident Canteen 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2431)


    Dr. Huma Khalid

    Associate Professor

    Civil Engg. Deptt.

    Food Centre For Girls 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2683)


    Mr. Ghazanfar Hussain,

    Assistant Professor

    Chemistry Department

    Teaching Staff Centre 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2604)


    Mr. Ghulam Nabi Gabool

    General Secretary

    NEDEA 2013-14

    NEDEA Canteen 021-99261261-8

    (Ext: 2406)


    Ms. Fahmida Bano Sheikh,

    Assistant Professor

    Architecture & Planning Department

    City Campus Canteen 021-32620793


    Ms. Urooj Fatima,


    Bio-Medical Engg. Deptt.

    LEJ Campus Tuck Shop 021-99230604

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    Girls Common Room (GCR)

    A Girls Common Room is also available at

    the University. Necessary facilities such as

    prayers room, telephone, reading material,

    attached bath/ powder room etc. are

    available, two maid servants have also been

    deputed to look after the GCR.

    Stationary Shop

    There is a University General Store in the Main Campus for meeting the general

    stationary requirements of the students. It works on a no-profit basis and is managed

    under supervision of Controller Students Affairs.


    Two Banks are functioning at NED Campus:

    i. National Bank of Pakistan

    ii. Habib Metropolitan Bank

    Travelling Shuttle Services through Directorate of Services

    The Shuttle Service Facility is available for the University Students as per exiting

    number of Shuttles, which is in 17 Nos. The shuttle service is provided at the specified

    stops only, while in case of uncertain situation in the city, the shuttle services shall be

    suspended or routes may be rescheduled as per situation.

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    ROUTE. NO.


    1 7:40 a.m City Campus Jama Cloth Radio Pakistan 7Day Hospital Numaish Gurumandir Jamshed Road (No.3) New Town Askari Park Mumtaz Manzil NEDUET (Main Campus).

    2 7:40 a.m Paposh Nagar Nazimabad (No.7) Board Office Hydri 2K Bus Stop Sakhi Hassan Shadman (No.2) Namak Bank Sohrab Goth Gulshan Chowrangi NEDUET (Main Campus).

    3 7:40 a.m Nazimabad (Petrol Pump) Inquiry Office Golimar Chowrangi Chuna Depu Daak khana Liaquatabad (No.10) Karimabad Ayesha Manzil Mukka Chowk Farzana Dawakhana 13D More NEDUET (Main Campus).

    4 7:20 a.m Korangi (No.5) Korangi (No.4) Korangi (No.31/2) Korangi (No.21/2) Korangi (No.2) Korangi (No.1, near Chakra Goth) Nasir Jump Korangi Crossing Qayyumabad Chowragni Akhtar Colony Kala Pull FTC Building Nursery Baloch Colony Karsaz NEDUET (Main Campus).

    5 7:45 a.m 4K Chowrangi 2 Minute Chowrangi 5C-4 (Bara Market) Saleem Centre U.P Mor Nagan Chowrangi Gulshan Chowrangi NEDUET (Main Campus).

    6 7:15 a.m Dawood Chowrangi Landhi 89 Babar Market Landhi (No.5) Landhi (No.6) Korangi (No.5) Khaddi Stop Singer Chowrangi Bagh-e-Korangi Shah Faisal Police Station Shama Shopping Centre Natha Khan Drig Road Gulistan-e- Johar NEDUET (Main Campus).

    7 7:35 a.m Orangi (No.5) Metro Cinema Abdullah College Ship Owner College Qalandarya Chowk Sakhi Hassan Shadman (No.1) Buffer Zone Fazal Mill Nipa NEDUET (Main Campus).

    8 7:30 a.m

    ONLY MORNING: Punjab Chowrangi KESC Office Defence Mor Akhtar Colony Express Way Iqra University Mehmoodabad (No.6) Baloch Colony Bridge Nursery Noorani Kabab Shahed-e-Millat Road LEJ Campus Agha Khan Hospital Daalmian Millennium Mall Laal Flat NEDUET (Main Campus).