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Take a Trip to. Thailand. A Map Of Thailand. The Flag Of Thailand. Official Language. Thai Click here to learn some basic Thai!!. Geography. 514,000 km (198,000 sq. mi.) 50 th largest country in land mass Location: Southeast Asia Mountainous regions Rivers Gulf of Thailand. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Take a Trip to</p> <p>Take a Trip toThailandA Map Of Thailand</p> <p>The Flag Of Thailand</p> <p>Official LanguageThaiClick here to learn some basic Thai!!Geography514,000 km (198,000 sq. mi.)50th largest country in land massLocation: Southeast AsiaMountainous regionsRiversGulf of ThailandBordering CountriesBurmaLaosCambodiaMalaysiaClimateTropicalMonsoonsRainy, warm, and cloudy May-SeptemberDry, cool November-MayPopulationCurrent population: 65,493,298GovernmentConstitutional MonarchyHead of Government: Prime MinisterHead of State: Hereditary MonarchJudiciary is independent of executive and legislatureThe KingBhumibol Adulyadej</p> <p>Thai National AnthemThai Lyrics</p> <p>Pra thet thai ruam nu'a chat chu'a thaiPen pra cha rat pha thai kho'ng thai thuk suanYu dam rong khong wai dai thang muanDuay thai luan mai rak sa makkhi Thai ni rak sa ngoptae thu'ng rop mai khaltEk ka rat ha mai hai khrai khom khiSa la luat thuk yat pen chat phliTha loeng pra thet chat thai tha wi mi chat chai yo.English Translation</p> <p>Thailand embraces in its bosom all people of Thai blood.Every inch of Thailand belongs to the Thais.It has long maintained its sovereignty,Because the Thais have always been united.The Thai people are peace-loving,But they are no cowards at war.They shall allow no one to rob them of their independence,Nor shall they suffer tyranny.All Thais are ready to give up every drop of bloodFor the nation's safety, freedom and progress.</p> <p>Thai National AnthemClick here to listen to the Thai National Anthem! Sing along!CultureInfluence from:IndiaChinaCambodiaLaosVietnamMalaysiaBurmaReligion in ThailandBuddhists 95%Muslims 4.6%Other smaller religions make up the rest of the .4%Some Foods</p> <p>Pad ThaiCoconut rice w/ mangoUnique Method of TransportationThe tuk tuk</p> <p>So come and visitTHAILAND!!</p>