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  • EREV SHABBOS / HILCHOS SHABBOS SHIUR Come join a 20 min Hilchos Shabbos Shiur, led by Rabbi Shalom Yachnes, before Friday’s Mincha. Fresh homemade Potato Kugel (under hashgocha) is provided every week to enhance the learning and evoke the Shabbos Spirit. The shiur is dedicated li’ilui nishmas Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg z”l. This week’s shiur will begin at 5:45pm.

    Shabbos Morning Youth Program Coordinated by Rabbi Mordechai Yachnes

    Preschool group in modular room 101 Girls’ group in modular room 102

    Boys grade 4-5 Back modular Rm 104 All begin at 10:15am.

    Supervised Playroom will be available from 9-10:15 am in Rms 101 & 102.

    Prize exchange will be open in Room 103.

    The Sisterhood Purim Mishloach Manos Campaign

    is well underway! Deadline is March 6th DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!

    LEVELS OF SPONSORSHIP ARE: Silver $50 – Gold $75

    Platinum $125 – Diamond $250 To sponsor or for more info: please email


    Matonos L’Evyonim The Rabbi is collecting monies for Matanos L’Evyonim, the special tzedakah on Purim for the needy. The funds will be distributed to organizations and individuals both locally and in other communities, as well as in Israel. Checks should be made out to the Rabbi’s Disc Fund (or “RDF”) or directly to “Od Yosef Chai” if you wish your donations to go to them exclusively. Or send via PayPal with a memo Matanos L’Evyonim.

    Nefesh B’Nefesh Workshop Aliyah & Life in Israel: 2 key aspects Healthcare and Real Estate Mon. March 16th, 7pm-9:30pm @ Hyatt Place Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Please register in advance: WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/FLORIDA


    SUNDAY, MARCH 15th, 2020 at 7:00PM Only Two Weeks from This Sunday

    RSVP and submit your Ad at yiboca.org Ads given or solicited totaling $400

    entitles you to 1 complimentary Dinner; $600 entitles you to 2 complimentary Dinners.

    Ad Deadline - this Tuesday March 3rd JOURNAL UPdATE:

    To date, we have raised $66,781 Everyone is needed to make our goal

    Bill & Debbie Rand $ 15,000.00 Rabbi & Rebbetzin & Mrs. Klein $ 7,820.00 Allen & Marlene Josephs $ 5,400.00 Rich & Jody Bennett $ 3,600.00 Mort & Ari Fertel $ 3,600.00 Bruce & Betty Polansky $ 3,600.00 Yoni & Toba Auerbach $ 1,920.00 Burt & Naomi Gursky $ 1,800.00 Mitch & Ruthy Weiss $ 1,800.00 Ron & Michelle Yellin $ 1,800.00 Anonymous $ 1,200.00 Avrohom Chaim & Yaffa Gutman $ 1,200.00 Helene Kalkstein $ 1,200.00 Alex & Shana Kramer $ 1,200.00 Bennett & Chanie Salamon $ 1,200.00 Rabbi Naftali & Carol Kalter $ 828.00 Norman & Bobbie Lieberman $ 791.00 Aaron & Bashi Levy $ 700.00 Eli & Shaindy Brown $ 600.00 Daniel & Rachel Ettedgui $ 600.00 Tobias & Roslyn Feinerman $ 600.00 Amitai & Sara Halper $ 600.00 David Jacobson $ 600.00 Howard Konig $ 600.00 Doni & Rivka Lindenberg $ 600.00 Donny & Tehilla Mocton $ 600.00 Michael & Ettie Schloss $ 600.00 Charles & Batya Stein $ 600.00 Allen & Amy Wolnerman $ 600.00 Shulamit Stander $ 509.00 Lawrence & Linda Leshnik $ 505.00 Ira & Perri Plitt $ 472.00 Menachem & Chanie Kirschner $ 400.00 David & Marissa Levenson $ 400.00 Mitch & Chaya Phillips $ 400.00 MISC. $ 2.836.00 TOTAL $ 66,781.00

    WARM & HEARTFELT ❖ Mazel Tov to Simcha & Sorah David on the marriage of their daughter Meira to Yossi Hollander! Our Mazel Tov wishes extend to Yossi’s parents, Yitzy & Naomi Hollander, and to the grandparents, Julie David and Robert & Diana Dornbush, and to the entire family! ❖ Mazel Tov to Besalel & Sylvia Belolo on the marriage of their son David to Susan Lehiani! Our Mazel Tov wishes extend to Susan’s parents, Henrique Krakower & Laurence Lehiani, and to the grandparents Rabbi & Mrs. Shlomo Benlolo, Rabbi & Mrs. Ibgui, Mrs. Penina Aboutbol, Janek & Dalia Krakower, Elie & Henriette Lehiani, and to the entire family! ❖ Mazal Tov to Dr. David & Sondra Rube on the birth of a grandson! Our Mazel Tov wishes extend to the parents, Dr. Yaakov & Devorah Rube of Detroit, to Devorah’s parents, great grandfather Dr. Eli Levy, and to the entire family! ❖ Welcome to our newest members Tzvi & Pearl Frohlinger. We are stronger with you! ❖ Appreciation to Avraham Chaim & Yaffa Gutman for sponsoring last week’s Boruch & Bracha Gross Dor L’Dor Learning Program. ❖ Appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Aryeh Benedek for coffee sponsorship this week. ❖

    REFUAH SHELAIMA ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Eliyahu Shaul Halevi ben Malka (Dr. Eli Levy), father of Sondra Rube. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Florence Joseph, mother of Jean Levy. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Marlene Josephs, Miriam Basya bas Geneshe. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Chaya Phillips, Chaya Breindel bas Misha Basya. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Bobbie Lieberman, Rachel bas Miriam. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to David Fried, Doniel Yeshiya Leib ben Mindel Yehudis. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Sara Devorah bas Sheva Libby, daughter of Shiva Kipperman. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Tzvi Cinner, Tzvi Chaim ben Malka. ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Allen Wolnerman, Avraham Pinchas ben Yentel, who is recovering from surgery ❖ Refuah Shelaima to Elisheva Esther bas Sasha Bracha, a newborn in ICU.


    Shabbos Bais Medrash Sponsored by Bruce Polansky 1 hr. before Mincha Amud Yomis Rabbi Kalter Shabbos:1 hr. before Mincha Sunday - Thursday 8:00pm

    Daf Yomi Shabbos 1 hr. before Mincha – Rabbi Issamer Mandel Netanel Myerowitz Sunday - Friday 7:00am NEW! Daf Yomi Chabura - Sunday 6:00am Monday - Friday 5:30am

    Morning Bais Medrash - Wed only this week Learning after Shacharis 9:30 - 10:30am

    Monday afternoon Gemorah Shiur 3:30pm

    Monday Night Mishmar Learning 8:00pm coordinated by Rabbi Amir Guttman – Shiurim and Open Bais Medrash Learning – Terrific Refreshments!

    Tuesday Night: Mussar Class 7:30pm Boruch & Bracha Gross Women’s Teleconference 8:15pm Wednesday Rabbi’s JCC Class In Sefer Shmuel 2:00pm


    Rabbi Avi Mandel will lead a Halacha Chabura in the Annex at 8:00pm on Sundays, continuing this Sunday. Sugya – Hadlokas Neiros & Kabbolas Shabbos. For more information speak to him.

    This Motzei Shabbos: the GRAND FINALE of

    ThE BoRuch & BRAchA GRoss DoR L’DoR LEARNING PRoGRAm

    The Boruch & Bracha Gross Dor L’Dor Learning Program will continue IY”H this Motzei Shabbos from 7:45pm - 8:45pm. In addition to great learning & pizza, there will be a terrific raffle and a great story! To sponsor, please speak to Rabbi Rabovsky or Rabbi Steinberg. This week is the GRAND FINALE with special raffles and a gift for all. More details to follow regarding the trip for boys who were in attendance 10 or more times!



    Candlelighting 6:03pm Mincha 6:05pm Sefardic Minyan Mincha in the BMK 6:05pm

    Shabbos Shacharis 7:30 & 8:45am Teen Minyan – IN THE ANNEX 9:30am Sof Z’man Krias Shema 9:39am BM & Kollel Learning, Daf Yomi in The Annex 4:55pm Amud Yomis 4:55pm Mincha 5:55pm Ma’ariv & Havdalah 6:58pm Baruch & Bracha Gross Dor L’Dor Program 7:45pm

    Sunday Shacharis 7:00am & 8:00am Mincha/Ma’ariv 6:05pm

    Monday & Thursday Shacharis 6:10 & 7:30am MiSheyakir Mon 5:57am / Thurs 5:54am Mincha/Ma’ariv 6:05pm

    Tuesday & Wednesday Shacharis 6:20 & 7:30am MiSheyakir Tues 5:56am / Wed 5:55am Mincha/Ma’ariv 6:05pm

    Friday Shacharis 6:20 &7:30am MiSheyakir 5:53am Candlelighting 6:07pm Mincha 6:10pm Early Mincha Z’manim: High School: Sun TBA, M-Th 1:50/Kollel M-Th 2:15/ Bais Medrash: Sun-Th 2:45 Late Ma’ariv Z’manim: Kollel M-Th 9pm/Bais Medrash: Sun & Mon 10:15pm/Thurs 10:45pm

    Shabbos Shmoozer Parshas Terumah

    4 Adar 5780 February 28-29, 2020 Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky Simcha David, Pres.

    Main Minyan Kiddush

    is sponsored this week by Simcha & Sorah David

    in celebration of the wedding of their daughter Meira to Yossi Hollander

    Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by

    Mrs. Irene Klein in commemoration of the yahrzeit of her beloved father John Gold z”l

    6 Adar

    This week’s Shmoozer is sponsored by Brian Gately of

    Gately Insurance Group Gately Insurance is now offering Homeowners and Auto Insurance – Reviews are available from Brian