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  • The Atomic Theory Timeline Project

    To help you piece together the story of what we know about the atom, you will be creating a timeline depicting the development of the scientific model of the atom. It has been through debates by ancient philosophers and new discoveries by physicists and chemists over the past 2500 years that our understanding of the atom has developed. Your assignment is to research the major contributors and significant discoveries that have impacted the atomic model and develop a timeline.

    DUE DATE: __________________________________

    Your timeline must:

    1. Include AT LEAST 3 scientists from each of the following time periods. There are more than 3 scientists in each time period. For each scientist included provide their name, dates of birth and death, country of origin, year of discovery and contribution.

    a. Ancient Greek/Roman/Asian/African philosophers b. 466-1700 c. 1700-1800 d. 1800-1875 e. 1875-1900 f. 1900-1915 g. 1915-2012

    2. Include the following pictorial models of the atom along with an explanation of the model including the date developed:

    a. Small, spherical, solid, indivisible model b. Electron cloud model c. Plum pudding model d. Rutherford-Bohr model e. Planetary model

    3. Contain 3 major world events in each time period: a. Ancient b. 500-1800 c. 1800-1875 d. 1875-1900 e. 1900-1915 f. 1915-1950 g. 1950-2012

    4. Be chronological in its sequence, with the dates clearly shown although it need not be to scale. Place the world events on top of the timeline, and the scientists on the bottom of the timeline. Make sure that the data you select is appropriate and significant for each time period.

    5. Be neat and legible.

  • The Atomic Theory Timeline Project

    List of scientists with contributions to the modern atomic theory:



    Antoine Lavoisier

    Charles-Augustin deCoulomb

    Sir Isaac Newton

    **John Dalton

    Michael Faraday

    Julius Plucker

    Dmitri Mendeleev

    James Clerk Maxwell

    George Johnstone Stoney

    Sir William Crookes

    Eugen Goldstein

    **Wilhelm Rentgen

    **Henri Becquerel

    **Joseph John Thomson

    **Ernest Rutherford

    **Marie Curie

    Max Planck

    Albert Einstein

    **Robert Millikan

    Frederick Soddy

    Hantaro Nagaoka

    Richard Abegg

    Hans Geiger

    **Erwin Schredinger

    Henry Moseley

    Francis William Aston

    **Niels Bohr

    **Werner Heisenberg

    Louis de Broglie

    John Cockcroft, Ernest Walton

    Paul Dirac

    **James Chadwick

    Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassman

    Glenn Seaborg

    Enrico Fermi

    Murray Gell-Mann, George Zweig

    **These scientists must be included.


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