The Connection August 2009
The Connection August 2009
The Connection August 2009
The Connection August 2009

The Connection August 2009

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Kennebec Telephone Company's August newsletter.

Text of The Connection August 2009

  • From time to time, a customer will say to me, Im surprised you stock that item; that saved me a trip out of town. While we arent trying to be a hardware store, and we dont have every item under the sun, we do stock a good selection of plumbing items, electrical items, telephones, etc. If we dont have what you are looking for, we usually can get it quickly. So the next time you are tempted to drive out of town, stop in or give us a call. Chances are we just might have what you need.

    Jesse PalmerInventory Manager

    Manager Moment

    Who and Where to call when you have Trouble

    Trouble with telephone, internet, cable TV, electrical, or digging that occurs between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday should be reported to Ken-nebec Telephones business office by calling 869-2220. A CSR (Cus-tomer Service Representive) will take your call and create a trouble ticket with all the pertinent information. The CSR will then contact a Technician to repair the problem. Most problems can be repaired the same day that the trouble was reported.

    Troubles that occur after 5 PM, weekends, or holidays should be reported by calling the after hours number at 869-2424. The Technician on call will answer on his radio. These calls sound a little different so try to talk clearly and slowly. Give the Tech a short description of the problem along with a phone number to get back in touch with you. We will then get a person qualified to repair the problem; these are usually done within an hour depending on the situation.

    The trouble tickets get turned in at our office after the problem has been repaired. A CSR will make a follow up call to determine if the job was completed and to make sure you are satisfied with the work that was done. This is a great time for customers to ask questions about services, features, or anything involving Kennebec Telephone.

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    Call before you dig! * Trees * Fencing * Waterlines * Any other escavation

    inside this issue:Page article2 Fit tV2 Featured cell Phone3 tabbed browsing

    Volume 4 Issue 8


  • Tired of the same old workout routine? Why not spice it up a little by going to Fit TV on channel 458 on our digital programming. This channel has an array of workout series from the hard-core to an easy-to-follow exercise program. Some of the workouts you can find on Fit TV include Urban Fitness, Breath-ing Spaces, In Shape with Sharon Mann, and Fit TVs Housecalls.

    Urban Fitness is a fast pace and

    visually exhilarating series that explores the latest topics and the

    best new ways to get fit. The host, Derek Noble, reveals the tricks of the trade to get that perfect body.

    Breathing Spaces is all about yoga. It is an exercise pro-gram that combines the tradition-al practices and the meditation part for an effective workout.

    In Shape with Sharon Mann is a daily exercise show that blends Pilates, Kickboxing, Tai chi, Box-

    ercise, Boot Camp, Yoga, and Interval training. The episodes are loaded with information pertain-ing to the workout and provides extra fitness tips. This series also offers workouts for the beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels.

    On Fit TVs Housecalls you dont need a gym or equipment, so there is no excuse for not work-ing out. All you need is the desire and the creative thinking from the people on Fit TVs Housecalls.

    Fit TV

    Featured Cell Phone

    Ken-nebec Tele-phone offers a variety of cell phones to choose

    from. So to get a feel for what we

    have, we thought that we would feature a phone in our newslet-ter so that you can see what the capabilities and features are.

    This months phone is an Audio-vox CDM-8910. This phone has a VGA camera with flash and speakerphone. It also has a dual display, voice dialing and text messaging capabilities. If you

    would like to purchase this phone it will be $111.25. You can also pay $47.25 for a 1 year contract or its free for a 2 year contract.

    Unlimited Long DistanceTired of standing outside on your cell phone to make a long distance call? Well we have a so-lution for you. It is our Unlimited Long Distance. Its our newest and greatest service of all. Get

    a cup of coffee and sit in your recliner while talking on your house phone. Call whoever you want, whenever you want to all fifty states. The

    cost is only $21.95 plus tax a month. Call in today and talk to us about saving money.

    with a Telecom CareerCONNECT

    View the video! See more about this exciting program at:


    Get t

    he Ed

    ge yo

    u nee

    d to e

    nter t

    he fas


    ng Teleco

    mmunications and Data Networking industry!


  • Tabbed Browsing

    Are you tired of opening sepa-rate web browsers to compare items with one another? Or do you visit the same web sites everyday. How would you like to view those pages using the same web browser? You can with tab browsing. Tab browsing allows you to open up multiple web sites at one time without opening extra windows that use system resources. Follow the steps below to get your browser working for you effectively.

    1. Open Internet Explorer 7

    2. To create a new tab click on the new tab button located under

    the address bar.

    3. A second tab will ap-pear. The main screen will say youve opened a new tab and in the address bar it will say about:tabs. In the address bar you will enter the website

    you want to tab. Then press enter or click on the arrow button on the right hand side.

    4. To close a tab, simply click on the X located on the right of the


    5. Repeat steps 2 & 3 to open additional websites.

    Who and Where to call when you have Trouble Cont..

    One question we get a lot is what should I call in about after hours?

    You can call in about any of our services that you have that are not working correctly like a noisy phone, internet not working, CATV channels out, etc.. Ques-tions about bills can only be an-

    swered during our business hours. Some problems may be fixable over the phone, for instance if your high speed internet quit working, a Tech may tell you how to reboot your modem and router. That may get the problem fixed quicker and save us from sending a Tech to your house. Our goal is

    to provide reliable services and to take care of them as quickly as possible if they are not working correctly.

    Important Dates:

    School starts Aug 19

    Out of Sight. But Never Out of Reach.Make Safety a Priority.You cant take your childrens safety for granted. With a wireless

    phone, you can stay in touch every time they leave home. You wont

    have to wonder where they are or what they are doing.

    We offer a variety of affordable plans to fit your familys needs.

    Call or stop by today.

    Directory Changes:

    Nicole Husman 895-2101Carmen Jessop 895-2590


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