Central Connection - August 2012

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August 2012 issue of the Central Connection newsletter from the USA Central Territory.

Text of Central Connection - August 2012

  • THE SALVATION ARMY10 W. Algonquin RoadDes Plaines, Illinois 60016

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    Volume 42, Number 8 August 2012

    The Salvation Army / USA Central Territory

    News and Views from the Midwest

    We are all one body, we have the same Spirit, and we have all been called to the same glorious future. Eph. 4:3,4 (NLT)

    4,000 attendChicagoKrocCenter opening

    message of chari-ty and brotherlylove. Let yourlight shine as abeacon to guideothers unto thepath of serenityand steward-ship.Commissioner

    Paul R. Seiler,Central territori-al commander,

    and opportunities that are here foryou at the open house following theceremony. There is something herefor everyoneno matter what yourageno matter what your interest.Representing the Chicago Bulls and

    the Chicago White Sox was ChairmanJerry Reinsdorf, a long-time SalvationArmy supporter. The Chicago WhiteSox Charities and the Chicago BullsCharities each generously donated$1 million.Its a joy to know that the White

    More than 4,000 peoplejoined The Salvation Armyto celebrate the grandopening, June 15-17, of the

    Ray and Joan Kroc Corps CommunityCenter on Chicagos South Side.The festivities began Friday with an

    appreciation luncheon where morethan 200 donors, friends and support-ers joined Salvation Army leaders andcity and state officials for a sneakpeek, a gourmet meal prepared bystudents in the Kroc CentersCulinary Certification Program, andthe unveiling of the Donor Wall creat-ed by Kroc Center architectural firmAntunovich & Associates.Saturday featured the state-of-the-

    art facilitys grand opening and rib-bon-cutting ceremony with membersof Joan Krocs family, IllinoisGovernor Pat Quinnand other electedofficials, communityresidents, donors andsupporters. TheSalvation Army paidtribute to Joan Krocwith a presentation toher granddaughter,Amanda Latimer.Amanda read aninspiring letter hergrandmother hadwritten to her on her21st birthday thatsaid, Serve othersjoyously, and yourreward will be great.Carry with you the

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    delivered a congratulatory message.He was joined at the dedication byCommissioner Carol Seiler, territorialcoordinator for strategic mission plan-ning; Lt. Colonels David and SherryGrindle, former Metropolitan divi-sional leaders; and Lt. Colonels Ralphand Susan Bukiewicz, currentMetropolitan divisional leaders.For all of our neighbors from the

    nearby community today, this is yourKroc Center, said Colonel RalphBukiewicz to the crowd. We inviteyou to explore the many programs

    by Alyse Chadwick

    Lt. Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz, Metropolitan divisionalcommander, and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn cut theribbon opening the Chicago Ray and Joan KrocCorps Community Center.

    Amanda Latimer (Joan Kroc's granddaughter) and her family withLt. Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz, Metropolitan divisional commander.

  • 2by Colonel Merle HeatwoleChief Secretary

    For those of you who werealive in the 70s, youllremember the Bee Gees hitwhich asks the question,

    How deep is your love? Althoughthis song is not meant to be religious,listen to the words of the secondverse: I believe in you, you knowthe door to my very soul, youre thelight in my deepest darkest hour,youre my savior when I fall.Too many people in our world

    today are looking for a savior in all

    make disciples of all nations andyet too often were content to staywithin our personal comfort zone.How do we reignite a passion forlost souls so that we love people theway Jesus loves them?Jesus taught us in Matthew 22:37-

    39 (NIV) that the two greatest com-mandments are to Love the Lordyour God with all your heart andwith all your soul and with all yourmind and to Love your neighboras yourself. These commandmentsteach us that to have a deep love forothers, we have to start with a deep

    love for God. When we have fullyentered into a deep love relationshipwith God, we can then begin to lovepeople the way that He loves them.When we recognize the love Godhas for us in spite of the way wevetreated Him, we begin to under-stand how important it is for othersto experience His love and we willdo whatever it takes to make surethey receive this message.While lifeguards spend most of

    their time on the shore or at theside of the pool, they cant afford tosimply stay on the sidelines whensomeone is drowning. They have tobe prepared to dive in as deep asnecessary to save that person. Letus also be prepared each day todive in deep to reach out in love tothose who are drowning in sin.May our love be just as deep as theFathers love for us.

    HowDeep Is Your Love?

    the wrong places. They look for sal-vation in romance, wealth, power, ordrugs and alcohol when what theyreally need is the true Savior, Jesus.We have to ask ourselves why

    more people arent finding the trueSavior. Could it be because ourlove for those around us is simplynot deep enough? Have we becomemore concerned about what hap-pens inside the church instead ofcaring for those on the outside?Jesus commanded us to go and

    Apeaceful retreat

    CentralConnectionTHE SALVATION ARMY10 W. Algonquin Road Des Plaines, Illinois 60016847-294-2000WILLIAM BOOTHFounderLINDA BONDGeneralCOMMISSIONER PAUL R. SEILERTerritorial CommanderMAJOR JOHN WILKINSCommunity Relations and Development SecretaryELIZABETH KINZIEEditorial DirectorANNE URBANEditor/WriterJACQUELYN BENTSONCommunications SpecialistFERN CALDWELLCirculation ManagerKENNETH ROMINGraphic Design and ProductionVISIT OUR WEBSITEwww.usc.salvationarmy.org1-800-SALARMY

    The Battle Creek, Mich.,Corps received a $150,000grant from the WK KelloggFoundation, a non-profit

    organization that brings groups

    together to help underprivilegedchildren. The grant will be usedover the next two years to assiststruggling families through thecorps Healthy Kids Build StrongFamilies initiative.Were so thankful for this

    award, said Major Thomas Riggs,Battle Creek corps officer.Vulnerable families will haveaccess to basic needs assistance andtheir children to opportunities toobtain the educational and lifeskills they need to become strong,healthy adults.Among other things, the grant

    money will enable children toattend The Salvation ArmyOutdoors summer educational pro-gram, a nine-week outdoor summercamp, and WOW (Wild onWednesdays), a weekly character-formation program that takes placethroughout the school year.To help a child succeed in

    health, education and life is one ofthe greatest gifts you can give toanyone, said Thomas.

    Granting healthy futures

    GetConnected!Check out our complementary material on the web.www.usc.salvationarmy.org/getconnected

    Resources/LinksOfficer Candidate websiteChicago Kroc Center WebsiteWK Kellogg Foundation website

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    During a service held at theIndependence Mo., CorpsMajors Richard and JudyForney retired after nearly

    70 years of combined service.Fellow officers, friends and fami-

    ly gathered to honor them; Lt.Colonel Robert Bonifield presided,while Lt. Colonel Ted Dalberg con-ducted the retirement ceremony,both have been friends and mentorsto the Forneys. The Forneys threeadult children participated in theservice as did their six grandchil-dren who passed out bulletins andparticipated in musical numbers.My parents have set an example

    for me of what it means to have astrong work ethic, find ways towork with limited resources, relyon the Lord to meet even our mostbasic needs and live the life of offi-cership to the fullest, said theirson, Lt. Richard Forney, who wascommissioned last year.The Forneys met at Vennard

    Bible College in Oskaloosa, Iowa, in1964. She came from a farm townin northern Minnesota and he, theson of officers, moved regularly.They were married, attended theSchool for Officers Training withthe Undaunted Session and werecommissioned in 1970.In addition to 16 corps appoint-

    ments, the Forneys had appoint-ments in disaster services andsocial services. They each attended

    the Brengle Holiness Institute andthe Biblical Education Tour to Israelin 2009.According to Major Judy Forney

    their most memorable appointmentwas the years their family spent inBuenos Aires, Argentina.In retirement, the Forneys will

    reside at Marion County Lake inthe Flint Hills of Kansas. They planto be active in a corps and their lit-tle community and open their hometo officers, retired officers, mission-aries and friends as a peacefulretreat.

    Major Riggs with children whove attended The Salvation Army Outdoors program

    Majors Richard and Judy Forney with Lt. Colonel Ted Dalberg

  • Cassandra BellCassandra Bell is the Kroc

    Centers young peoples sergeant-major (YPSM). Her energy andenthusiasm jump-started the corpssinging company, which consists ofnearly 30 children. Among otherthings she enjoys leading the danceteam and greeting soldiers andguests on Sunday mornings.Cassandra is passionate about

    corps youth participating in every

    major event for the Kroc Center.She also has been intentional anddedicated in preparing leaders andparents for the greater influx ofyoung people prior to the KrocCenter opening its doors.Every parent who comes

    through the door with their chil-dren I ask to help out, saidCassandra. I say that Im alwayslooking for parent leadership, andbelieve it or not, it works! Theyfind out who we are and are reallyhappy to help!Cassandra started coming to the

    corps through her cousins, Vincentand Sherry Johnson. A new believ-er, she immediately felt very com-fortable.