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Monthly publication of The Salvation Army USA Central Territory.

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  • THE SALVATION ARMY10 W. Algonquin RoadDes Plaines, Illinois 60016

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    by John Larsen

    Earlier this summer, theMetropolitan Divisionsmassive emergency disasterservices centera ware-house and high-tech communica-tions facility located in Chicago-sub-urb Elk Grove Village, Ill.becamearea command headquarters for ahuge, week-long joint disaster train-

    ing exercise involving personnelfrom more than 50 local, state, feder-al, private and international disasterresponse agencies.

    In addition to Salvation Armyemergency disaster services (EDS)personnel, participants includedmembers of the Illinois NationalGuard, U.S. Department ofHomeland Security, Federal

    Emergency ManagementAgency, Region V FederalBureau of InvestigationNational Guard Bureau,Illinois State Police andthe City of Chicagospolice, fire/hazmat,bomb/arson investigation,aviation, transit and emer-gency management units.

    The joint training exer-cise was designed to testcivilian and militaryresponses and coordina-tion within the context ofmultiple disaster incidentsoccurring throughoutIllinois.The Salvation Army cen-

    Army vital to disaster drill

    Major David Dalberg, Metropolitan divisional director ofemergency disaster services, talks about The SalvationArmy response at the Homeland Security press conference. Continued on page 8

    Volume 40, Number 8 August 2010

    We are all one body, we have the same Spirit, and we have all been called to the same glorious future. Eph. 4:3,4 (NLT)

    The Salvation Army / USA Central Territory

    News and Views from the Midwest

    Robertsnamed national leaders

    Commissioners William andNancy Roberts, CentralTerritory officers currentlyserving as territorial leadersin the Kenya West Territory, have beenappointed as national leaders for theUnited States by General ShawClifton. Commissioner WilliamRoberts will be the national comman-der and Commissioner Nancy Robertsthe national president of womensministries as of November 1, 2010. Inorder to serve for three years in theirnew appointment, the General hasextended their active service as offi-cers until October 31, 2013. They suc-ceed Commissioners Israel L. and EvaD. Gaither who will be retiring.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed ourall too few years in Kenya West,where we have come to love theplace and the people, as we havehelped to advance the mission of theArmy there, said CommissionerWilliam Roberts. We will now trustGod, as we have for all of our officer-ship, to use us and to make us useful,as we take up our new appointmentsat National Headquarters. We believe

    that our service outside of the UnitedStates these past nine years will helpus to serve effectively as we return toour home country.

    The Roberts entered the School forOfficers Training in 1969 and after onlyone year were appointed to serve ascorps officers in Kansas City, Kan. Afterseveral other corps appointments, theyassumed roles in administration, even-tually leading the Western Michiganand Northern Indiana Division and thenthe Metropolitan Division. In 2001 theywere appointed as territorial leaders forthe South America East (SAE) Territory.During their tenure in SAE they guidedthe territory through one of the worsteconomic and political crises inArgentinas history.

    In February 2005 they wereappointed to InternationalHeadquarters (IHQ) in London,England, with him serving as interna-tional secretary for business adminis-tration and her as secretary for IHQstaff development and IHQ chaplain.They have been serving as leaders ofthe newly formed Kenya WestTerritory since March 2008.

    Targeting education

    In keeping with their ongoingsupport of The Salvation Army,Target Corporation donated justover $272,500 designated tocreate libraries and/or media centersin each division across the territory.Their goal was to increase traffic in

    learning environments and, ulti-mately, promote education.

    Each division chose an Army facil-ity to renovate or in which to createa library and/or media center.

    One corps which has particularlybenefited from the grant is in CedarRapids, Iowa; they lost the entirelower level of their building duringthe June 2008 floods. The lower por-tion of their building is now com-plete and even improved, thanks toTarget, with the addition of a newlibrary and media center.

    Nearly 50 children stop by thecorps after school to use the mediaroom daily. More than 30 childrenuse it for character-building pro-grams and around 55 have access toit through day camp this summer.Social services staff use it as aresource for older adults.

    According to Corps Officer Lt.Michael Sjgren, This project hasbeen described as a sign of hope and

    progress, as well as a finalchapter in the Armys recov-ery process in Cedar Rapids,Iowa.

    Another location that hasbenefited is the WayneWestland, Mich. Corps,which is located in a lower-income community ofapproximately 37,000 resi-dents. In 2007 they opened acomputer lab to meet thehigh demand for after-school programming butcould only afford a fewcomputers that were unreli-able at best. Thanks to the grantthey now have a renovated spacewith 11 computers, a printer andeducational software.

    We serve an average of 40 peopleMonday through Friday, saidCaptain Derek Rose, corps officer.Having a media center connects thecommunity to the Army and the

    valuable media services they need.At the Emergency Lodge Shelter in

    Waukesha, Wis., men are using newcomputers for internet access to jobsearch, and at the Eagle Creek, Ind.,Corps the rapidly expandingHispanic community benefits fromEnglish as a Second Language classesthe new library provides.

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    by Lt. Colonel Dawn HeatwoleTerritorial Candidates Secretary

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    Nautas saluted for stellarservice

    Get in the mix

    Lt. Colonels James and JaniceNauta retired this summerafter 20 years of faithful ser-vice as officers. When com-bined with nearly 20 years James wasan employee, serving as divisionalsocial service secretary for the Indianaand the Western Michigan andNorthern Indiana divisions, 40 yearsof exemplary service were given.

    The Nautas retirement servicewas an uplifting celebration of Godslove. It featured inspiring music, thebeautiful scripture passageEphesians 3: 14-21, and tributes bytheir son Tim and longtime friendsLt. Colonels Mickey and JuneMcLaren, who cited the Nautaswonderful example of Christiancommitment and strength.

    After becoming officers in 1989,James served as social service secre-tary and Janice as volunteer directorin the Western Michigan andNorthern Indiana and the Westerndivisions. In 1994 James wasappointed as divisional secretaryand Janice as home league secretary

    for the Western Division.From 1995 to 2003 James served

    as territorial social service secretarygiving policy, planning and adminis-trative oversight to the Armys vastsocial services in the Midwest.Janice served as older adult min-istries director, giving leadership tothis important ministry niche.

    In July 2003 the Nautas becamedivisional leaders for the WesternMichigan and Northern IndianaDivision. Five years later they wereappointed back to territorial head-quarters as secretary for personneland associate secretary for person-nel. In 2009 they were promoted tothe rank of lt. colonel.

    The retirement ceremony wasconducted by Central territorialleaders Commissioners Paul R. andCarol Seiler.

    The Nautas have given stellar ser-vice in their years as employees, asauxiliary captains working in socialservices and aging, as divisionalleaders, and as secretary for person-nel in these last two years, saidCommissioner Carol Seiler. ColonelJan is known for her grace and gen-tle spirit, a godly woman whoremains firm in Christ regardless ofthe challenges faced. Colonel Jimhas led with passion and commit-ment, expecting the best from othersand giving his best to the Army. Hisheart has been anguished by thechallenges of officers, and yet he hassteadily, with dignity and integrity,followed through on complex situa-tions. His prayer and attention to theplacement of officers and their fam-ilies has required hours and hours ofdiscussion and consideration.

    The Nautas have three marriedchildren: Captain Timothy (Teri)Nauta, Julie (Jamy) Johnston, andElaine (Jamey) Shiels, and six grand-children.

    Ilove to bake. Homemade choco-late chip cookies are one of myfavorite things to make for fam-ily and friends. I use the stan-dard recipe found on the back ofreally good chips, then add an addi-tional cup or two of chips. I figureanything with that much chocolatecant go wrong.

    I thought about the officers Iknow. I realized we all share somesimilar characteristics, mainly a call-ing and a willingness to serve othersand to go where the LordthroughThe Salvation Armyplaces us. ButGod also gave each of us differentgifts and talents which make usunique. Though were SalvationArmy officers, we can be very dif-fer