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The Horus Heresy March 25th 26th

The Horus Heresy - Warhammer World · publications from Forge World, including all ... rulebook. Age of Darkness vs the 41st Millenium ... the Horus Heresy Book 5

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Text of The Horus Heresy - Warhammer World · publications from Forge World, including all ... rulebook....

  • The Horus Heresy

    March 25th 26th

  • Welcome to Throne of Skulls

    Welcome to Throne of Skulls: The Horus

    Heresy an entry level, non-competitive

    gaming event for anyone who wants to play

    fun games set during this age of darkness and

    treachery. This event features a relaxed

    atmosphere where players can focus less on

    winning games and more on rolling dice,

    killing Space Marines and enjoying

    themselves. All the awards are based on

    sportsmanship, painting, gentlemanly conduct

    and having a good old laugh with like minded

    people. If that sounds like something you

    would like to take part in, then read on.

    Whats the Horus Heresy?

    The Horus Heresy is a story from the distant

    past of the Warhammer 40,000 universe - a

    galactic civil war that ended in the creation of

    the Imperium as we know it today. It was a

    time of legend, betrayal and strife and makes

    an ideal battleground for our games.

    At its most basic, this means we use a special

    series of supplements produced by Forge

    World designed to let you re-create these bat-


    Event Essentials

    Date: 25th 26th March

    System: Warhammer 40,000 - Horus Heresy -

    The Age of Darkness (more details on this be-

    low in the section titled Maelstrom of War

    in the Age of Darkness)

    Points Value: 2,000-3,000 points (read more

    on this under the Army Size section!)

    Number of games: 5

    Army Selection: Use the rules presented for

    your army in the appropriate Horus Heresy

    publication. See below under Army Size for

    further details.

    Scenarios in use: Maelstrom of War

    (randomly determined) See below under

    Maelstrom of War in the Age of Darkness for further details.

    Publications in use: All Horus Heresy

    publications from Forge World, including all

    campaign books, experimental rules and event


    A note on painting and basing:

    We will ask you during registration if you

    have any unpainted or unbased models left to

    finish. If you do, show us and we will tell you

    what needs to be done in order to make the

    models up to standard for the event. Then we

    will do our best to give you the time and space

    to get your models finished.

    Planning something outlandish?

    Many hobbyists take it upon themselves to

    create truly incredible models, through kit

    bashing, green stuff, and straight up weapon

    swaps. While most of these are awesome,

    there are some which are not suitable for use at

    our events.

    For example, any model that could be

    confused as another, or one which doesnt

    accurately represent the original model

    produced by Games Workshop. Examples of

    this would be Fire Raptors being used as

    counts as Storm Eagles, or Cataphractii

    Terminators being used as Tartaros

    Terminators. Though these might even seem

    commonplace in your local gaming club, at a

    Throne of Skulls part of your ticket is being

    provided opponents who are using not only

    fully painted and based models, but the correct

    models as well. Using the right models adds

    massively to overall feel and quality of the

    event, and Horus Heresy events at

    Warhammer World have always had an

    exceptional quality which we are determined

    to maintain.

    Take a look at our handy chart below for our

    rules on proxies and conversions.

  • Are you planning to use converted models or prox-

    YES NO

    Contact us at

    [email protected] or ring us 0115 900 4994 and check to make sure your conversion/proxy is appropriate for our events.**

    Carry on.

    Nothing to worry about ex-cept mould lines

    and getting it painted on time.

    *A proxy is when you use an unconverted model as a Warscroll/Datasheet entry different to the one it

    normally represents. Examples include Arachnarok Spiders as Stonehorns, Cadian Shock Troopers as

    Scion Tempestuss, Skeletons as Grave Guard and so on.

    **This is only for our gaming events, held at Warhammer Fest. This doesnt count for your local

    model shop, Games Workshop, Warhammer Shop, club or even a regular gaming evening at

    Warhammer World. Get in touch with them to see what their standards are.

    When you contact us, it would help a lot if you include pictures of the models in question.

    Also, dont panic. We are really nice and we LOVE cool hobby.

    Note: Fully assembled means just that fully assembled. Examples of models that are not fully as-

    sembled are cavalry without riders, artillery pieces without crew, one Mangler Squig on a base rather

    than two, half a skeleton representing a full one and so on. Please bear that in mind before deciding

    what to bring along!

  • If you arent sure what you need to do, give us

    a call on 0115 900 4994 and we will happily

    talk you through what we look for.

    A polite but very friendly warning; we will

    have no choice but to disallow models which

    arent suitable for the event, either by way of

    conversion/proxy or by being unpainted or

    unbased. We will do everything in our power

    to get your army battle ready, but we cant

    allow your potential opponents to feel hard

    done by after going to the effort of getting

    everything ready and having gone to the time

    and expense to get a full army ready for play,

    only to find the Grey Legions arrayed

    against them.

    Youve been warned dont risk it (Horus did,

    and look where it got him)!


    Before the event gets under way we need to

    register you and your army. When you register

    we will need to know what Faction you wish

    to fight for (Loyalist or Rebel) and as well as

    that we need to know what Faction your army

    is, eg. Death Guard, Ultramarine etc. In order

    to prevent confusion, this is referred to as

    Army-Type throughout this event pack.

    Note: In order to qualify as a particular

    Army-Type, you must have that Army-Type as

    your Primary Detachment, and spend the ma-

    jority of your points on it for every game.

    Also, you need to use that Faction in every

    game you play over the weekend.

    Once we have your details, we will ask if

    every model you will use over the weekend is

    fully painted and based, and then if the answer

    is yes then you are good to go.

    Wed recommend getting in as soon and regis-

    tering as the door is open, so you can get a fa-

    mous Bugmans Breakfast in before your first


    The Schedule


    9:00am Warhammer World main doors open,

    Registration begins.

    9:55am Welcome and event briefing

    10:00am- 12:30pm Game 1

    12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch and the Primarch,

    Hero and Artefact of Legend Painting Com-

    petitions 1:30pm - 4:00pm Game 2

    4:00pm - 4:30pm Break

    4:30pm - 7:00pm Game 3

    7.00pm - 7.30pm - Entries taken for the

    Company of Legend Painting Competition 8:00pm Warhammer World closes


    9:00am Doors open.

    10:00am - 12:30pm Game 4

    12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch and voting for the

    Best Army Competition 1:30pm - 4:00pm Game 5

    4:00pm - 4:45pm Break

    4:45pm- 5:00pm Award Ceremony

    5:00pm Event closes

    Army Size

    Throne of Skulls is one of Warhammer

    Worlds best entry-level events. If you arent

    sure you are ready to duke it out with the best

    at a Grand Tournament, then Throne of Skulls

    allows you to come along and take part in an

    organised play event (note: Throne of Skulls is

    really really not a tournament!) without any

    pressure to win your games or squeeze the

    most out of every unit.

    Horus Heresy games tend to be played at

    bigger points values, but not everyone has

    3,000 points ready to go, so we use a Flex

    system in order to make sure that everyone

    gets to play a decent sized game, while

    allowing anyone who wants to get into the

    Horus Heresy the opportunity to do so.

  • The Flex System:

    At this event, the minimum size army you

    should bring is 2,000 points, but, if you

    happen to have more than that, bring it along

    and if your opponents are up for it, you can

    play a larger game of up to 3,000 points. In

    general, you should expect to play 2,000 point

    games, and anything larger than that is a

    bonus. A good idea is to write a separate army

    list at 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 points. That will

    allow you to easily flex your choices between

    games to suit your game.

    Also, there are lots of exciting extras like Rel-

    ics, Force Organisation Charts, Fortifications

    and legendary characters available to players

    that are specific to the Horus Heresy. These

    are found across the various publications from

    Forge World and all of them are fine to use at

    our event!

    If you see something and you are not sure then

    just give us a call on 0115 900 4994 and ask -

    we are more than happy to help.

    Multiple army lists are allowed!

    Please be aware that we dont expect you to

    stick to the same army all weekend. You are

    more than welcome to bring a variety of

    armies and units and change between games.

    The only stipulation is that you stick to the

    points values set down in each game. Please

    bear in mind that if you wish to qualify for a

    Praetorian award, you will need to use the

    same Faction all weekend.

    Maelstrom of War in the Age of Darkness

    We will be using the Maelstrom of War

    scenarios from the main Warhammer 40,000

    rulebook to play our games over the weekend.

    We will randomly select missions from the list

    on page 148 to 153 of the Warhammer 40,000

    rulebook for you to play in your games. Each

    mission will only be used once, if we roll it

    again, we simply re-roll it.

    Unique Tactical Objectives Deck

    Additionally, we are going to use a modified

    set of Tactical Objectives to make the games

    feel like they are happening in the Horus

    Heresy. These cards will be made available to

    each player on the day. They will contain

    unique Tactical Objectives for the weekend, as

    well as some of the standard ones found in the


    Age of Darkness vs the 41st Millenium

    Please be aware that gaming in the Age of

    Darkness has a few extra rules that you ought

    to be aware of. They are in pages 159 - 160 of

    the Horus Heresy Book 5 - Tempest book pro-

    duced by Forge World.

    One of the biggest changes to bear in mind is

    that only Troops count as scoring units in

    Age of Darkness - and while the Tactical

    Objectives in the deck of Objectives that we

    will be giving you wont exclusively deal with

    capturing objectives at this event, there will be

    some and they may feature extra points for

    objectives that are completed by scoring units

    so bear that in mind!

    Secondary Objectives and Force Organisa-

    tion Charts:

    The Age of Darkness supplements list a series

    of extra rules which are used in Horus Heresy

    games. For claritys sake, overleaf is a

    complete list of the standard rules that you can

    expect to be used at this event.

    Please note: These rules are presented in all

    of the various Horus Heresy publications,

    and the best place to find them are the most

    recent Army List Books. If you need

    anything clarified, just ring us on 0115 900

    4994 or email [email protected]

  • Age of Darkness Scoring Units

    Age of Darkness Denial Units

    Lords of War in Battles in Age of Darkness

    Games (Updated Rules)

    The Battles in the Age of Darkness Force

    Organisation Charts

    Battles in the Age of Darkness Alternative

    Force Organisation Charts*


    *Please note that this does not include the

    Leviathan Force Organisation Chart. We really

    like Titans, but in games of this size the

    addition of one of these behemoths means

    there isnt much else on the table! This often

    means games are typically over very, very

    quickly and tend to be quite one sided, one

    way or the other, as the Titan either annihilates

    everything, or miserably fails to get any

    Victory Points as its accompanying forces gets

    set upon by the other side. In our experience

    this tends to be less satisfying than a really

    close, two hour game of back and forth

    carnage, so for this event we dont allow their


    There will of course, be many other events

    during the year you can use your beloved

    Titans at, so if you are desperate to use your

    God-Engine, then just keep an eye out on our


    Note that the Secondary Objectives for

    Maelstrom of War are being replaced in favour

    of the ones printed in the Horus Heresy

    supplements as mentioned above. In other

    words, First Blood, Warlords and Linebreaker

    Secondary Objectives are not in use.

    Finally, there are is list of errata and FaQs on

    Forge Worlds website at the following link so

    check those out as well before the weekend!



    Tactical Specialities

    Each Tactical Objective will be assigned to a

    different army from the Age of Darkness that

    specialises in that kind of warfare. If that army

    completes that Tactical Objective, they gain an

    extra Victory Point. The army that gains the

    extra Victory Point will be listed on the

    Tactical Objective cards.

    Factions Upon registration, you will need to declare

    your allegiance - will you fight for the

    Emperor of Man, or the rebellious Warmaster?

    Your Victory Points will go towards your

    faction in order to see which side wins. Each

    member of the winning faction will receive an

    award to celebrate their victory.

    In addition you will only fight members of the

    opposing faction at the weekend.

    Note: If you want to be able to choose your

    Faction, then make sure to turn up early! If

    you arrive later to the event, then we may have

    no choice but to assign (read as: conscript)

    your army to the Faction that needs more

    numbers in order to make the event work.

    Favourite Game votes Favourite Game Votes are simple - just pick

    the game you enjoyed the most that weekend.

    Its a great way to acknowledge a really fun

    game, an opponent with whom you had a great

    rapport, or maybe it was just that their army

    looked fantastic. Votes are taken at the end of

    the weekend with the results of your final

    game, so please show your appreciation of

    your favourite opponent.

  • The Praetorian Awards

    At Throne of Skulls, we also like to

    acknowledge the outstanding hobby and effort

    that goes into creating a perfectly themed and

    well rounded army for the Horus Heresy, as

    well as engaging with your opponent to make

    sure they have a good time. These awards will

    be given to the best players from each of the

    factions listed below under the Awards

    section. These awards are known as the

    Praetorian awards and are awarded as follows:

    You will be awarded a score based on your

    total Victory Points and Favourite Game Votes

    from the weekend. Your Victory Points and

    Favourite Game Votes are already recorded so

    all we need to know is what you think of your

    opponents army in each of your games!

    After each game you will be asked to hand in a

    results slip from the game. This slip will detail

    what you thought of your opponents army.

    All you will need to do is tick the following


    Army Theme: How was your opponents

    army themed?

    Army Basing: How well was your opponents

    army based?

    Army Painting: How well was your

    opponents army painted?

    Additional Extras: Did your opponent go to

    any extra lengths to make their army look

    great or your experience enjoyable? Extra

    basing details, custom objective markers,

    themed giveaways or excellent conversions are

    all examples of this.

    Each of these is rated either Normal, Great or

    Outstanding. For every Great you receive,

    you get an additional 5 Praetor Points. For

    every Outstanding you get an additional 10!

    Your Victory Points will be translated directly

    into Praetor Points.

    Finally, for every Favourite Game Vote you

    get, you will also get an additional 5 Praetor


    You will then need to write down what Faction

    their army was from. This is so we can make

    sure that the player in question is using the

    same Faction all weekend.

    We will then sort all the players by their

    Faction which is decided by which Primary

    Detachment you are using.

    You must also have spent the majority of

    your points on this detachment in order to

    qualify for that Faction.

    It would, after all, be very disheartening for a

    player to win using just a minority of a Legion,

    backed up by someone else!

    How to win the Throne of Skulls

    At the end of the weekend, we will call the

    player (or players, if there is a tie) who has

    earned the most Favourite Game votes to the

    stage. If there is a draw between these players,

    the one who has scored the most Victory

    Points will be awarded the legendary Throne

    of Skulls trophy. Only players who themselves

    handed in a Favourite Game vote are eligible.

  • Other activities during the event

    Legends painting competitions The Legends Painting competition gives you

    the chance to show off your skills with single

    models and units rather than with whole

    armies. Simply enter the relevant category

    when its open (see the schedule for these

    times); once all the entries are in, we will ask

    all the players to vote for their favourites. The

    player that earns the most votes in each

    category will win the relevant prize. (please

    note: you may enter any Horus Heresy

    miniature from your collection in these

    competitions, not just ones from your


    Hero of Legend: All types of Infantry,

    Cavalry, Bikes and Jetbikes

    Primarch of Legend: All of the Primarch


    Artefact of Legend: Any unit not covered by

    either of the above categories

    Company of Legend: Any unit of 5 or less

    Infantry or cavalry on 40mm bases or smaller

    or 3 or less Cavalry, Bikes, Jetbikes or

    Infantry on 50mm bases or larger.

    The Best Army competition Every Legion had the utmost pride in its

    heraldry and history and would go to great

    lengths to ensure that their weapons and

    armour were worthy of their Primarchs

    honour. Players are no different and many

    armies at our events are truly spectacular.

    To celebrate this, the Events Team will

    nominate exceptionally well painted and/or

    converted armies from the event for you to

    vote on during the Sunday lunch break. The

    team who receives the most number of votes

    will earn the coveted Best Army award.


    The Throne of Skulls: This fabled award

    goes to the player with the most Favourite

    Game Votes from each faction as described

    above. In the case of a draw, we will use

    Victory Points as a second sorter.

    The Best Army: This award goes to the player

    who scores the most votes in the Best Army


    Primarch, Hero, Artefact and Company of Legends: These awards will to go the owners

    of the entries that had the highest number of

    votes from their respective categories.

    The Warmasters Chosen: This is the player

    from the Rebel Faction that scores the highest

    Battle Points. We will determine your Battle

    Points by multiplying your total Favourite

    Game Votes times Victory Points.

    The Emperors Champion: This is the player

    from the Loyalist Faction that scores the

    highest that scores the highest Battle Points.

    We will determine your Battle Points by

    multiplying your total Favourite Game Votes

    times Victory Points.

    Note: Its quite likely that the player who wins

    the Throne of Skulls will win either The

    Emperors Champion or the Son of Horus

    award. If this is the case, then we will award

    the prizes to whoever is in second place from

    that Faction as well.

    Below are all the Praetorian Awards.

    The Knight of the Order for the Best Dark

    Angels player at the weekend.

    The Wolf of Fenris for the Best Space Wolf

    player at the weekend.

    The Master of the Hunt for the Best White

    Scars player at the weekend.

    The Worldbreaker for the Best Iron Warriors

    Player at the weekend.

  • The Ward of the Imperium for the Best

    Ultramarines Player at the weekend.

    The Tip of the Spear for the Best Sons of

    Horus Player at the weekend.

    The Butchers Nails for the Best World Eaters

    Player at the weekend.

    The Bearer of the Word for the Best Word

    Bearers Player at the weekend.

    The Blade of the Host for the Best Blood

    Angels Player at the weekend.

    The Prince of Crows for the Best Night

    Lords Player at the weekend.

    The Rage of the Gorgon for the Best Iron

    Hands Player at the weekend.

    The Exemplaris Legionis for the Best

    Emperors Children Player at the weekend.

    The Paladin of Terra for the Best Imperial

    Fist Player at the weekend.

    The Scourge of Worlds for the best Death

    Guard player at the weekend.

    The Lord of the Scales for the Best Alpha

    Legion Player at the weekend.*

    The Anvil of the Imperium for the best

    Salamanders player at the weekend.

    The Shadow of Terra for the best Raven

    Guard player at the weekend.

    The Lord of Sorcery for the Best Thousand

    Sons Player at the weekend.

    The Master of Mankind for the best player

    of the Imperium (this award covers any army

    of the Imperium that is not a Legion specific

    force Custodes, Questoris Knights, Adeptus

    Mechanicus armies, militia and so on).

    The Champion of the Warp for the best

    player using none of the above. This award

    covers armies that may come out in the future

    that are not categorised above such as

    Daemonic Hordes and so forth.

    *Please note that only actual Alpha Legion

    players will be considered for this award.

    Armies bearing the heraldry, weapons and

    units of other Legions will not be counted, no

    matter how convincing their cover story, or

    how sneakily the Alpha Legion infiltrated

    them! Obviously.

    Contact Us If you want to ask us questions, discuss the

    models you wish to bring, or want to find out

    more about Throne of Skulls, please feel free

    to get in touch with us:

    Phone: 0115 900 4994

    Email: [email protected]

    Post: Warhammer World Events Team

    Games Workshop

    Willow Road




    NG7 2WS

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