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Get ‘em while they last! Top 5 Flash Sales tips

Top 5 Flash Sales · PDF fileTop 5 Flash Sales tips Get ‘em while they last! A couple of hours may be all you need Two hour Flash Sales report the best click-to- open rates, which

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Text of Top 5 Flash Sales · PDF fileTop 5 Flash Sales tips Get ‘em while they last! A couple of...

  • Get em while they last!

    Top 5 Flash Sales tips

  • Flash Sales are all the rage in email marketing right now engaging customers more than most other types of sales and promotions. The number of daily deal companies continues to increase and traffic to Flash Sales websites increased more than 128 percent in June 2011 over June of last year according to Experian Hitwise. Flash Sales are more than timely offers.

    The Flash Sale is proving to be one of the hottest tools today to capture customers attention and foster ongoing engagement. It also is a great tactic for single brands looking to compete with the various Group Buying sites.

    Email is a key traffic driver for advertising Flash Sales. On average, traffic from email represents 18 percent of the referrals to Flash Sales websites higher than social (13 percent) and search (11 percent).

    To uncover the trends and optimal strategies that email marketers need to know about Flash Sales, Experian CheetahMails Strategic Services team analyzed the performance of Flash Sales compared to bulk promotional campaigns from January 2010 through February 2011. For the purposes of this study, Flash Sales were defined as sales lasting less than 24 hours. After analyzing the data, it is clear that there is a recipe for Flash Sale success.

    Top 5 Flash Sales tipsGet em while they last!

  • A couple of hours may be all you need

    Two hour Flash Sales report the best click-to- open rates, which are 14 percent higher than the average for the same businesses. Three hour Flash Sales have the best transaction-to-click rates, which are 59 percent higher, as well as the highest transaction rates (.14%).

    If youre goal is purely engagement, or re-engagement, shorter Flash Sales can be more effective.

    Regardless of your industry, Flash Sales can be a great tool for retailers to get rid of excess inventory, for hotels to drive bookings in specific regions, for restaurants

    to drive traffic on typically slow times of day, and so on.


    Flash Sales increase engagement

    Fifty-six percent of businesses have higher click-to-open rates on their Flash Sale emails compared to their yearly click-to open rate. The metrics prove that these sales promote deep, long-term customer engagement with your email program.


  • Flash Sale emails have more than 2x the increase in transaction rates compared to other offers

    Overall, Flash Sales generate a 35 percent lift in transaction rates. This is noteworthy given the fact that all mailings with offers in subject lines have an average lift in transaction rates of 16 percent less than half of the increase Flash Sale emails provide.


    Create a sense of urgency by clearly mentioning the discount, as well as the time limit of the discount, in the subject line.

    Flash Sales cause more actions and transactions

    Seventy-four percent of mailers have higher transaction-to-click rates, and 67 percent have higher transaction rates, on their Flash Sales compared to their yearly rate.








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  • Flash Sales perform well in the evening

    Flash Sale emails sent after 3pm tend to perform better than mid-day or Lunchtime sales. Evening Flash Sales have 9% higher open rates than Lunchtime sales, and 33% higher total click rates.

    Transaction rates are 23% higher for evening Flash Sales compared to Lunchtime sales, and revenue per email is 30% higher in the evening. Regardless of the reason for the higher performance, testing time of day can help your message stand out.


    If you cant test sending a Flash Sale later in the day, test sending a reminder to those that opened and clicked but did not convert. The lack of inbox competition for the customers

    attention later in the day, offers email marketers an opportunity to optimize Flash Sale campaigns to improve ROI.







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    Transaction rates and revenue per email are higher in evening Flash Sales

    For more information on Flash Sales, email [email protected] or visit our blog at experian.com/MarketingFoward.

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