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Your advantage in thin sheets.

TruLaser 5030 fiber:

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Unbeatable for thin sheet metal.


Unbeatable for thin sheet metal. 2

Make the right choice. 3

A head start with

solid-state lasers. 4

Technical data. 6

One technology – multiple

benefits. 8

Outstanding value. 10

1 High productivity for thin sheet metal.

2 Minimal nonproductive time.

3 Optimum energy efficiency.

4 Minimal space requirements.

5 Wide variety of materials.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber from TRUMPF offers you the most

economical solution for highly efficient thin sheet metal pro-

cessing. With its dynamic drive system, it takes full advantage

of the high feed rates of the energy-efficient, fiber-guided

TruDisk laser. It reduces nonproductive time to a minimum, and

its compact footprint and versatile installation options give

you all of the flexibility you need.

Another major advantage is the wide variety of materials the

new TruLaser 5030 can handle. It cuts thin stainless steel and

aluminum as well as nonferrous metals such as copper and

brass – producing reliable and high-quality results. It also cuts

a wide range of sheet thickness in mild steel.

TruLaser 5030 fiber: Benefits at a glance.

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Make the right choice.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber is the perfect choice for:

Extractor hood made of thin stainless steel. Computer case made of thin mild steel. Façade elements made of copper.

n processing thin sheet metal economically;

n cutting mild steel in all sheet thicknesses as well as thin stainless steel;

n expanding your portfolio to include nonferrous metals such as copper and brass.

This machine is the ideal solution for both OEM and job shop production. Suppliers who already have a highly

versatile CO2 laser system in place will find that the new TruLaser 5030 is the perfect addition to their existing

machinery to process thin sheet metal cost-effectively.

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The most economical system is always the one that offers the

lowest costs per part. These costs depend on your level of

productivity, the initial capital investment, and operating costs

(see diagram below).

Solid-state lasers provide higher effi ciency than CO2 lasers,

and they reduce consumption of laser and assist gases – low-

ering your operating costs.

Extremely cost-effective.

The cost of electricity and gas has little impact, however,

on the costs per part (see diagram below left). Instead, fiber-

guided solid-state lasers reduce costs per part in the follow-

ing ways:

n In thin sheet metal they produce parts faster and

therefore, more productively.

n In the LaserNetwork, a single laser is used for multiple

machines, which reduces capital investment costs.

In case of the new TruLaser 5030 the solid-state laser generates

high productivity in thin sheets.

A head start with solid-state lasers.

[1] Calculations based on a facility producing parts in two-shift operation with average values for productivity, capacity utilization and mix of materials. [2] Independent of beam source.

Cost factors Machine A


Costs per part

Costs per part


Costs per part

Machine B

60 parts / h

4,02 € / part 3,32 € / part

86 parts / h

Machining costs (€ / h) Materials (€)

Productivity (parts / h) Part + = Costs per part (€ / part)

Electricity 3 %

Gas 3 %

Operators 18 %

Machinery 26 %

Materials50 %

Machining costs[1] Materials[2]

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More productive thanks to ideal machine concept.

Thin sheets absorb the light from a solid-state laser particularly well when they are cut with nitrogen (fusion cutting). That benefits

you in two ways – first, it provides the ability to achieve very high cutting speeds even at low laser output power, and second,

it produces superior quality cut edges. The process is quick, cost-effective and oxide-free, even when processing thin mild steel.

Converting these benefits into lower costs per part can only be achieved with a highly dynamic machine and the ability to reduce

nonproductive time to an absolute minimum. With features such as single cutting head strategy and automatic nozzle changer, the

TruLaser 5030 fiber is the perfect choice. An automatic pallet changer is also standard with the machine.

Energy-efficient specialist in thin sheets: the fiber-guided TruDisk

solid-state laser.

Machines with a fiber-guided solid-state laser are identified by the word “fiber”.

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Technical data:

Working range

X axis 3000 mm

Y axis 1500 mm

Z axis 115 mm


Max. weight 900 kg

Max. speeds

Simultaneous 235 m/min


Smallest programmable measurement path 0.001 mm

Average position range 0.03 mm

Dimensions and weight

Length 9373 mm

Width 2964 mm

Height 2383 mm

Weight 12700 kg

Laser data TruDisk 3001

Max. power 3000 W

Wavelength 1.03 µm

Max. sheet thickness

Mild steel 20 mm

Stainless steel 15 mm

Aluminum 15 mm

Copper 4 mm

Brass 3 mm

Electrical power consumption of entire system 23 – 33 kW

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One technology – multiple benefits.

Universal cutting head.

2.9 m

9.4 m

Compact footprint.

High productivity for thin sheet metal.

Solid-state lasers can as much as triple feed rates. Yet taking advantage of this benefit and achieving rapid part processing

requires a highly dynamic system. Thanks to its direct drives, this TruLaser 5030 makes optimum use of the fiber-guided TruDisk

laser’s high feed rates which translates to the shortest part processing times.

Optimum energy efficiency.

The efficiency of the fiber-guided TruDisk 3001 is twice that of a CO2 beam source which means less power consumption.

This slashes the machine’s total connected load paring down costs even further. The optional universal cooling interface ensures

maximum energy efficiency by drawing off the heat so that it can be put to further use.

Minimal nonproductive time.

The optimization strategies known from CO2 machines combine with the automatic

nozzle changer to keep nonproductive time to a minimum. In addition, the fiber beam

transport system is entirely maintenance-free. The optimized maintenance concept

with maintenance assistant reduces nonproductive time even further – and the collision

protection feature of the universal cutting head helps prevent unscheduled downtime.

Access to the complete cutting data by TRUMPF ensures a smooth start.

Minimal space requirements.

The compact design of the TruLaser 5030 fiber cuts space requirements by up to 20 %. The

switch cabinets and compact dust extractor are integrated within the machine. The fiber

beam transport system that is up to 40 m long, provides complete flexibility in setting up

your TruDisk laser – giving you the choice of placing it right next to the machine or in a

different area altogether. Therefore, it fits even in the smallest hall.

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Wide variety of materials.

Comfortable touchscreen.

Machine with top cover.

Wide variety of materials.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber provides a particularly cost-effective means of cutting thin stain-

less steel and mild steel using fusion cutting. In this field of application, it boasts even

higher productivity than a 5 kW CO2 machine. In gas-assisted flame cutting, the results

are comparable to those of a CO2 laser cutting machine of the same power. It can also

handle aluminum as well as highly reflective materials such as copper and brass. The abil-

ity to cut PVC-coated stainless steel adds to its list of capabilities.

Intuitive operation and ergonomic design.

All of the machine’s maintenance doors are easily accessible. The control panel and touch-

screen can be adjusted to your precise requirements to ensure ergonomic, user-friendly

operation. The large observation windows ensure that you have a clear view of the ma-

chine’s interior. A camera with flexible image transmission is available as an option.

Occupational safety.

The new TruLaser 5030 guarantees safety. The laser and the machine are fully enclosed

on all sides and by a top cover. The observation windows are specifically approved for

solid-state lasers. In addition, the top cover enables a quieter and cleaner workplace.

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Outstanding value.

Example application: extractor hood.

Extractor hood. Two-dimensional component of an extractor hood.

Material: Stainless steel (PVC-coated)

Material thickness: 1 mm

Cutting method: Fusion cutting (N2)

Savings with solid-state laser TruDisk 3001:

Part processing time: 29 %

Total costs per part: 6 %

When it comes to visible edges, the TruLaser 5030 fiber gives an impressive performance with its superb edge quality in thin

sheet metal. Despite this focus on achieving top-notch quality, its feed rates are just as high or higher than the high-speed

cutting processes of CO2 machines.

You achieve superior quality at minimal costs per part.

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Example application: computer case.

Computer case. Two-dimensional component of a computer case.

Material: Mild steel (electro-galvanized)

Material thickness: 1 mm

Cutting method: Fusion cutting (N2)

Savings with solid-state laser TruDisk 3001:

Part processing time: 18 %

Total costs per part: 13 %

Additional savings in subsequent processing steps

thanks to oxide-free edges.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber with TruDisk laser also achieves superior quality standards when fusion cutting mild steel. Despite using

nitrogen as a cutting gas, oxide-free cutting of mild steel parts is still more economical compared to flame cutting because it

achieves higher productivity. It also reduces the need for refinishing by producing high-quality, oxide-free edges. This creates

benefits such as the ability to paint the part immediately after it is cut.

Cut mild steel with oxide-free edges, at minimal costs and additionally save on refinishing.

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