Ukrainian Airlines

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Ukrainian Airlines. The main players of the airy game. Group 4. The crash of soviet airlines P rivatization and division of the market Current situation: Market shares Players and routes Problems and prospects. The history of crash. P rivatization and division of the market. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Ukrainian Airlines

  • Ukrainian AirlinesThe main players of the airy gameGroup 4

  • The crash of soviet airlinesPrivatization and divisionof the marketCurrent situation:Market sharesPlayers and routesProblems and prospects

  • The history of crash

  • Privatization and divisionof the market1991: AirUkraine the largest airlines in Europe

    1992: creating of joint ventures:KIY AVIA (ticket office - private)Ukraine International Airlines (joint venture)

    1993:Borispol Airport UKRAERORUKH

    1994: Aerosvit (joint venture of AirUkraine + Aron Mayberg)

  • Privatization and divisionof the market1996: state enterprise Ukraine (transportation of officials)

    1998: separation of regional airlines

    1999: Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (UMAir)

  • Grounding of AirUkraine2004 - AirUkraine finally stopped flights:

    Now the company exists only on paper.Almost all propertysold out.Dozens of aircraft have been cut into scrap metal.

  • Current situation: AirUkraines inheritors AeroSvit

  • Current situation: AirUkraines inheritorsUkraine International Airlines

  • Current situation: AirUkraines inheritorsDniproAvia

  • Current situation: AirUkraines inheritorsDonbassAero

  • Current situation: New playersWizz Air

  • Current situation: New playersWindrose

  • Current situation: Market shares

  • Current situation: routes

  • Current situation: routes

  • Problems and prospectsAir transportation market is highly segmented.Ukrainian Airlinescompete on a few routes.

    Each airline operates in itsarea (competing only on lines in Tbilisi and Dubai)

    As a result, this leads to higher ticket prices and poor service.

    Averageage of planes in Ukraine is about 15 years.

  • Problems and prospectsOpen sky?