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  • Vyshyvanka is the collocquial name for the

    embroidered shirt in Ukrainian national

    costume. Vyshyvanka varies from region to


  • The vyshyvanka not only speaks of its Ukrainian

    origin but also of the particular region in which it

    was made. The knowing eye could detect where

    a person comes from by the ornament on the


    Embroidery is an important craft within Ukraine

    and different techniques exist to suit local styles

    with their own particular patterns and colours.

    Traditionally, the thread was coloured according

    to local formulas using bark, leaves, flowers,

    berries and so on. In this way, the local

    environment is literally reflected in the colour of

    the embroidery.

  • Vyshyvanka was used as a talisman to

    protect the person wearing it and to tell a


    Embroidery was used in vulnerable places

    on the garment where evil spirits could

    potentially enter the body: along the

    neckline, cuffs, shoulders, back and hem.

  • Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated on the third

    Thursday of May.It is intended to unite all

    Ukrainians over the world, regardless of religion,

    language they speak or their place of

    residence. It is a flash mob holiday, which is not

    attached to any public holiday or feast day.On

    this day many Ukrainians wear vyshyvankas to

    demonstrate adherence to the idea of national

    identity and unity and to show their patriotism.

  • During Paris Fashion Week 2015, Ukrainian

    fashion designer Vita Kin was featured

    in Vogue magazine

    and Harper's Bazaar for introducing

    vyshyvankas as modern Bohemian

    style designs that attracted fashion icons

    like Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma,

    and Leandra Medine.'s_Bazaar