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Sample issue for Vida Latina Magazine.

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premiere issue

SALSA of PUERTO RICOLegend Interview With LocalOrlando Ortiz

La Abuelita dice! L.A.M.A

Tips From Our Kitchen to Yours. Latin American Motorcycle Assoc.

More than a bike club


SpringfieldS next Mayor???

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Table Of Contents


38 School St. Springfield MA 01105Western MA Edition413-282-VIDA Publisher: Vida Latina MASS President/CeO John Padilla Roman exec. v.President/CFO ernesto Cruz Public relations/sales Mildred Montalvo Promotions Adam Gomez

05....FRoM THE EDIToR 08....JoSE DELgADo 09.....CHASTELyn RoDRIguEz 10....L.A.M.A. 11....BEAuTy In THE kITCHEn 14....oRLAnDo oRTIz 15....JoSE ToSADo 17....P.R. CuLTuRAL CEnTER 18....ITS ouR TIME (COver sTOry) 19....nuMBER AnD FACTS 20....SABoR DE PuERTo RICo

table of ContentS

editor in Chief femcee Cincere entertainment editor Mary Huertas sr. Photographer/ Columnist Darlyn Diaz-Lindsay Fashion Photography David Blazze Contributing Writer Isel Osoria Contributor Louwendy Padilla

Cover Photo: David Blazze (Blazze Photography) Photography: Darlyn Diaz Linsay, Daniel Rosa, (DRosa Photography) Cover Design: John P Roman Printing : MASS Appeal Printing Company

Copyright 2011 by Vida Latina Mass. All rights reserved. reproduction without consent is Prohibited. Vida Latina Magazine is a publication of Vida Latina MASS. Printed In The United states The opinions of contributing writers may not be the opinion of Vida Latina Magazine.

From the Editorwe are, a group of young Latino individuals taking the initiative of creating a magazine OUr way. We are the einsteins behind this atomic bomb, the monsters behind this machine. Like the Wright brothers who invented the first airplane, we are soaring and innovating a new resource that everyone will benefit from. In this issue, we will focus on the unique individuals and organizations of the Latino community that are working toward helping this community gain recognition. Not only on a local, but on a national scale as well. respect is what we hope to gain from all of our readers. so its only right that we give respect where respect is due; to our accomplished Latinos. After all, respect is the quality that is most important when establishing any new kind of relationship. We invite all of our readers to share this journey of print media with us; as we bring forth a publication that not only will discuss topics pertaining to just Latinos, but of topics that will appeal to all ethnic communities across the nation. It is essential for all of our readers to comprehend that our views and opinions do not reflect the views and opinions of the organizations and political figures mentioned throughout this magazine. Most are probably wondering the reason behind all content written in english if this is suppose to be a Latino magazine. The answer is, we not only wish to target Latinos that are only of decent. In addition, we wish to target the children of parents who came from decent. In other words, not all Latinos of our community predominantly speak spanish. In contrast, most predominantly speak english. We wish to relate to them as well. Although this group in particular is targeted, our general purpose is to reach out to everyone across the world regardless of ethnicity or cultural background. All collaborators of this magazine have a movement of their own. Im sure youve heard of all of our names before. Thats exactly what Im talking about. As history repeats itself, so do we, right before your eyes. All of us have made an impact on this community in one way or another. so therefore, we have combined our brainstorms, in addition bringing our talents to life. Together, we are a power house movement. Again, this is being done OUr way, which for us, is the BesT way that makes sense. vida Latina Magazine would like to give special thanks to Carlos Gonzalez, (Massachusetts Latino Chamber of Commerce) Attorney Reinaldo Gonzalez, Javier Mulero, Daniel Rosa, (D. rosa Photography) Barbara Rosas, (The Light Magazine) David Blazze, (Blazze Photography) Ivette Cruz, (Puerto rican Cultural Center) Jose Tosado, Chastelyn Rodriguez, Lily Tyson, DJ Don Chito, Orlando Ortiz, Mike Reyes, Attorney John E. Miller, Telemundo and the community. As writer, vocalist and emcee I sign off as your....


Editor in Chief, femcee Cincere

MR AnOnyMOUSIt Is What It IsSpringfield, Springfield, Springfield..... Its a tough city to grow up in. The mentality is: earn respect at any cost necessary,and for the mild mannered, let no man disrespect you. Its not until you reach a certain level of maturity,that you realize how true respect is earned off of your successes and accomplishments. Life in Springfield is not looked upon as a precious opportunity to make your mark and experience things that only certain individuals dream about. Instead, life is looked upon as something that is short lived, stressful, and that can be taken away from you at any moment. It is a city in which fashion trends and your knowledge of hip hop culture earns you a higher status, than becoming a member of the honor society. Planned parenthood, out the window. Credit.... Whats that? Its the oh well, thats who I am, and I aint changing for no one attitude that creates the level of poverty and ignorance that leads to such a violent culture. Its a city that lacks respect for the police department. you talk back to a cop in Ny or LA and see what happens. What impact do drugs have on our community? Its the number one employer in the city; always hiring with little or no experience. No dress code and no strict rules to abide by. Unfortunately, our youth cannot differentiate between fact and fiction from the individuals they idolize in the Hip Hop culture. The toughest thing Kanye West has ever done is steal the limelight from Taylor swift during an award show on MTv. Jay-Z and drug money; yeah right!!!! real estate and stocks in major corporations is how he earns his living now a day. Dont be mistaken! Springfield is no different than any other urban city in America. We just live here! Is it a lost cause? you decide. The only way that things will ever change is for the nearly impossible to happen; for the smart kids that have a positive outlook on life to claim the role as the cool kids and for the gang related, drug dealing individuals, that have no respect for their own future, to be looked at as the idiots that they are. We need to reward the positive and change the front page story from Two Shootings Took Place in Springfield over the Weekend, to Young Hispanic Family Man Starts His Own Business, and Buys a New Home in the Same Year. Until that takes place in Springfield, this will always be the city with the slogan, It is what it is!

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JOSE DELGADODelgado, current Mayoral Aid to the honorable Domenic J. sarno was born and raised in the North end of springfield, Ma. Delgado, a Westfield State University graduate, studied Mass Communications with plans to be an outreach worker and help others. After graduating college, he joined Americorps, a non profit organization that focuses on helping members of the community. As a member of Americorps, Community service is rewarded with education awards, that can be used to pay for college or any other expenses that have to do with education. Delgado became a member of Americorps with the assistance of the Massachusetts Latino Chamber of Commerce, which would then become his work place for the follow