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Dia 1

March 13Justine Deceuninck1ContentDelhaize?Balance sheet analysisEPS & DividendAnnual incomeFinances LeverageIncome statementFacts March 13Justine Deceuninck2

March 13Justine Deceuninck3

What or who?Why should you invest inDelhaize group?March 13Justine Deceuninck4

A food retailer8 countries3 continentsMarch 13Justine Deceuninck5InvestyesNoMaybe

Balance sheet analysisMarch 13Justine Deceuninck6

March 13Justine Deceuninck7

March 13Justine Deceuninck8

In millionMarch 13Justine Deceuninck9

March 13Justine Deceuninck10

March 13Justine Deceuninck11Finances - leverageSee graphic on next dia.

FactsA lot of growth potentialThe shares are intrestingSales keep on rising The leverage will decrease sharplyMarch 13Justine Deceuninck12

March 13Justine Deceuninck13

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