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Art Costa’s Habits of Mind

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Text of Art Costa’s Habits of Mind

  • 1. Art Costas Habits of Mind [Adapted] Originals: Lizzie Chase Clip art version posters at

2. I keep going when I feel like giving up. 3. I think before I do it. I hit the pause button. 4. I listen and care. I am there for friends. 5. I think flexibly I brainstorm ideas. I look at it another way. I change it. 6. How will I think about this? How do I like to learn? Alone? In pairs? How do I feel right now about this? 7. I check my work and fix it. I do my best. I aim high. 8. I ask questions. I find out answers. I solve problems. I ask Why? & What if? 9. I use what I have learned, in a new place. My learning is a bridge for my new ideas. 10. I choose the right words and images for my audience and my purpose. I eat healthy food and I exercise. I sleep enough to think clearly. 11. I use my five senses to get information. I pay attention to the world around me. 12. I create, imagine and innovate. I try new ways of doing things. 13. I love being in new places. I love learning new things. I find the world amazing. 14. Cows dont usually fly! I am brave I do something which is new. I get out of my comfort zone. 15. I find the funny side of things. I have a laugh its good for me. 16. I am a good team member. I listen well to others. I do my bit. 17. I want to keep learning. Im okay with my mistakes. Im on a lifelong learning journey.