Designing Virtual Learning Environments that Engage Students

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<ul><li>Designing Engaging Virtual Learning Spaces </li><li>I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. by Albert Einstein </li><li>Join the best features of in-class teaching with the best features of online learning to promote active independent learning. Blended Learning </li><li>Online Learning Spaces </li><li> </li><li>Events Categories Search Links Home Page Events Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission. Google Plus Communities </li><li> </li><li>Which web tools and apps? </li><li>Multiplatform Security options Embeddable Register Age appropriate </li><li>Digital Blooms by Kelly Tenkely, </li><li> </li><li> </li><li>Focus on the learning! iPad car mount by hammershaug, Flickr </li><li>iPad car mount by hammershaug, Flickr Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator. by Michael Fullan </li><li>Exploration Creativity Collaboration Experimentation Connectivism Play Citizenship Peeragogy Real-world connections </li><li>Connect Communicate Collaborate Create </li><li> </li><li>3,2,1 Introduction 3 Things we should know about you 2 Places you love to visit 1 Job you wish you had </li><li>Students shape their learning &amp; the curriculum Instructor(s) builds the foundation &amp; provides various opportunities for learners to collaboratively create and curate the content and resources Students learn from &amp; support each other Howard Rheingold Co-learning &amp; Peeragogy </li><li>PearlTree Pinterest Livebinders Collaborative Bookmarking </li><li> </li><li>PearlTrees </li><li> </li><li>Peer Groups with Leaders </li><li>Peer Edit HangOuts </li><li> &amp; Free App All Devices </li><li> &amp; Works on Mobile Devices </li><li> </li><li> Free iPad app Students doodle, comment by voice/ text Upload videos, images, documents </li><li>Encourage play with a digital sandbox! </li><li> </li><li>Image caption contests Post multimedia Live events Memes Fill in the blank Keep it Active </li><li>GoogleandtheGooglelogoareregisteredtrademarksofGoogle Inc.,usedwithpermission. </li><li> 350+ Free Printables Visual writing prompts &amp; challenges </li><li>Google </li><li>Goobrics and Flubaroo! </li><li>Get parents to sign a Respectable Use Policy! </li><li> aupexample </li><li>Resources at </li><li> Twitter:@ShellTerrell </li></ul>