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  • Ad management platform, that helps publisher to sell available inventory to advertisers.DFP acts as an interface between publishers and advertisers, where we set the campaign and run according to contract i.e, IO.DFP network - define inventory, create and manage campaigns for advertisers.Key concepts of DFP are :InventoryTaggingTraffickingForecastingReportingAccount administration

    Created by Rishabh Mishra*Introduction

  • Created by Rishabh Mishra*

    DFP Small BusinessDFP PremiumDFP Small business is the free product, you do need a Google Adsense account. DFP Premium is a paid product and it's meant for massive sites. Supports single level ad unit hierarchy.Supports 5 level ad unit hierarchy.Suggested Ad Unit feature is not available.Supports Video ad trafficking.We can bulk upload and download ad units in DFP SB but not in PremiumOver lay ads, out of page.

  • http://www.yahoo.com

    User navigates to a siteCommunicate to Publisher web-server1Publisher web-serverHTML file is returnedCommunicate to Publisher ad-serverAd-server returns best adRequest includes;Ad tagHTML header (character sets, cookies, User Agent, JavaScript, OS, Flash Player etc.)Priority

    Specific Targeting(Behavioral, key-word/Key-value)




    Ad Selection AlgorithmImpression recorded in Publisher ad-serverPublisher ad-server records impressionCommunicate to third-party creative serverThird-partyCreative serverFinal creative is returnedThird-party server records impressionLife Of An Ad CallClicks recorded upon user click

    Created by Rishabh Mishra*


  • Move fasterReduce training time, execute campaigns more quickly and avoid costly data entry errors.Work smarterMake better business decisions by getting the data you need, as fast as you need it.Maximize yieldGet the most revenue from your indirectly sold and non-guaranteed inventory.Grow with the platformStay flexible with an open API and enjoy worry-free ad delivery via Googles fast and reliable infrastructure.

  • It integrates with Ad sense easily. Here publishers sells some ads directly but monetize remnant inventory through Google ad network.

    Differentiate your inventory with advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to traffic a variety of rich media campaigns with ease.

    Save staff time and reduce costs with simple and efficient trafficking workflow and an intuitive interface.

    Make better decisions with comprehensive forecasting and decision-support tools.

    Improve campaign performance and client satisfaction with detailed and actionable reporting.

    Created by Rishabh Mishra*

  • In order to maximize revenue, we can have multiple ad networks to fill unsold ad inventory. DFP can serve ads from a network, in order to fill the blank slots. This can be done by using passback tags.Passback tag: An ad tag that we give to network as a fallback tag.

    Goals of targeting multiple ad networks to single ad unit:Avoid missing out on impressions.Always serve Ad which has highest revenue


  • OrderLineitemCreativesAd UnitPlacement


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  • Sponsorship : Premium Percentage - 4Standard : Premium Absolute (Low-6, Normal-8, High-10)Network : Remnant Percentage - 12Price priority : Remnant Price-priority - 12 Bulk : Remnant Absolute - 12House : Own promotion - 16

  • Deliver impressions : Evenly, Frontlyloaded, As fast as possibleDisplay Creatives : One , One or more, As many as possibleRotate Creatives : Evenly, Sequential, Optimized and WeightedFrequency capping & Day and Time


  • Inventory TargetingGeographical TargetingCustom TargetingDevice targetingUser Domain


  • Ad Selection AlgorithmEliminate Candidate AdHighHighExclusiveHighHighLowLowLowLowNot ExclusiveSameSameSameSame


  • *Fill in the campaign details using the naming conventionsAdd in the campaign name and advertiser and relevant traffickerClick on optional order fields to show more

  • Once expanded add in relevant details including Agency, Sales person and PO number.

    If the Advertiser does not exist, create a new one:

    Trafficking continued


  • Here you can add in tiling. If you have 2 lines with the same label- they will not appear on the same page

  • Basic way to define inventory in DFP.Targeted to different campaigns.Generate tags for each ad unit and put them on web pages.User visits your webpage, tag identifies each ad unit and requests ads from DFP.

  • Ad units can be created in two ways.Create ad units in DFP and then add the tags to the web pages.Include ad units in the ad tags beforehand. Once the ad server receives 10 requests for the ad unit. DFP will suggest to define the ad unit in the inventory tab.

  • How to create an ad unit- continued

  • Google Publisher Tags:

    Enable single request Enable synchronous requestsCreate passback tag

  • Generate tags in DFP

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  • OTHER FEATURESPlacementsReportingForecastingTroubleshootingDFP cerification Exam

  • Google Console

  • Google Publisher Toolbar

  • Google Publisher Toolbar

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