Electronic Practice Assessment: Get Ready

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Get Ready: Preparing for Implementation of ePractice Assessment

Dr Fiona Work and Dr Karen Strickland

Gathering the evidence making the case for changeSystematic review of the literature on mobile learning in clinical practice

Review objectivesTo examine primary research articles published between 2001- December 2014 focussed on issues for students and educators involved in assessment of practice learning using m-learning,To identify the benefits of m-learning tools in practiceTo identify the challenges and issues

Results1470 abstracts screened 1371 excluded99 full text papers reviewed23 included in paperEarliest study 2002, most after 2008UK 7; US 7; Canada 4; Australia/NZ 3


Information for healthcare practiceKnowledge and skill acquisitionReflection on learning in practice

Challenges Permission to use (Saunders & Dearnley, 2009)Concerns over security of patient & student data (Lindquist et al, 2008; Applegate, 2010; Norman, 2011)Risk of transmission of infection (Phyllips & Wyatt 2011)Lack of skill bases/reluctance to accept (Norman 2011)Time for users to bond with their device (Saunders & Dearnley (2009)

Technical challengesBattery life (Applegate, 2010)Intermittent internet access Screens too small (Scordo et al, 2003; Norman, 2011; Skiba, 2011)Students with disabilities (Applegate, 2010; Saunders & Dearnley, 2009)Damage/loss/theft of devices

Setting the scene in RGU

Ongoing Achievement Record (Scotland) and the School of Nursing and Midwifery eLearning Strategy

The RGU 2015 vision

Student-centred benefits preparing practitioners for digital eraPersonal tutor (PT) engagement whilst still on practice

NSS resultsclinical assessment feedback

Increase confidentiality and security yet reduce fraudulent activityno more left on the busAnalytics-NMC (2008) StandardsIncrease timeliness, accessibility, consistency and quality of feedback (pedagogy)

Innovative, technologically enhanced learning environments and secure experience

Access for students, staff, external markers, administrative staff, PTmentors, practice teachers and practice learning staff

Tablet or computerReasonable adjustments

Lean methodology

Electronic Clinical Assessment Tool (ECAT) Implementation plan and wider groupPractice learning to explore support in practiceRisk assessment to explore solution focussed approach to riskPre-registration (nursing and midwifery) to explore student experiencePost registration to explore student experienceInformation technology to explore information governance, reasonable adjustments, SITS and InPlace development, etc.

Electronic Clinical Assessment Tool (ECAT) Implementation planMapped to A Clear Future

ECAT Steering Group

ECATOperational groupFive Working groups

KOLB, D.1984 Experiential Learning. Experience as the Source of Learning and Development. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. Action research process

ECAT project implementation planJune 2015 Steering group and ECAT formedFeb 2016 return to Nursing Practice 30 students June- Sept 2015 eOAr 240 studentsSept-2016 intake eOAr Masters portfolio Return to Midwifery practice

Ready? Feedback and Feed forwardFailure to prepare and prepare to failLiterature searchingFirewall testingPartners in Practice and practice educators act as gatekeepers- buy in (Permission to use -Saunders & Dearnley, 2009)DELTA, eLearning, ITNS, Disability services, Study support, students, HSE staff and peers all matter and need to feel engaged Monthly multi-agency meetings with staged implementation planRisk assessment- identified lack of resources such as computers in wards

Ready? Feedback and Feed forward (contd)Digital literacy and fears (Lack of skill bases/reluctance to accept -Norman 2011) increased my confidence with technology encouraged me to use online banking nowwhy are we the guinea pigs and not enough PCs on wardsTable top exercise Browser issues internet explorer 8 required for patient recordsHelplines and emailsStoryline training guides and high quality training materials Analytics and NMC (2008) standards

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