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2. GeorgeEnescuRadu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 3. Who was GeorgeEnescu? George Enescu was born on august 19, 1881 in the village ofLiveni-Vrnav from Botoani County, in the family ofarendaului Carson Ed and his wife, Mary, daughter ofMichael priest. Manifested since childhood a tremendous inclination formusic, beginning to play the violin at the age of 4, and at theage of 5 years appears in his first concert and beginscomposition studies under the direction of Eduard Caudella.The first musical guidance he received from his parents andfrom a famous Fiddler, Helen Cameron.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 4. George Enescu and hismusic! Between 1888 and 1894, he studied at the ViennaConservatory, with teachers among others JosephHellmesberger, Jr. (violin) and Robert Fuchs(composition). In the coming years become a great composer andviolinist of Romania. In the early years of the twentieth century dates back tohis most famous compositions, such as the two RomanianRhapsodies (1901-1902), the Suite No. 1 for Orchestra(1903), his first Symphony (1905), Seven songs withlyrics by Clment Clment Marot (1908). His musical activity alternates between Bucharest andParis, undertakes tours in several European countries,having such prestigious partners as Alfredo Casella orLouis Fournier.Radu Mdlina & Andrei Gabriela 5. But maybe the most powerful appreciation ofGeorge Enescu comes from his closest pupil, SirYehudi Menuhin, renowned violinist andconductor, and one of the most prestigiousmusicians of the 20th century. If the reader would be able to imagine anencyclopedic mind twinned with the mostgenerous and selfless heart that could be, allthese - in a man with a noble and handsomeappearance, with a romantic face alwaysanimated by creative genius whether he wasspeaking, teaching, conducting, playing the violinor the piano, but mostly while he was composing- the image would still not be complete. To me,Enescu is the most extraordinary human being,the greatest musician, and the most powerfulinfluence someone has ever had over me.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 6. Some of the songs ofthe great interpreter! Romanian Rhapsodies Suite No. 1 The First Symphony Seven songs with lyrics by Clment Clment Marot .Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 7. George Enescu Festival! Festival "George Enescu" is a Romanian musical eventof international prestige, started in 1958 in memory ofthe great composer and virtuoso romanian violinistGeorge Enescu. Initially, the festival was held everythree years. In the 80s, the festival has lost its lusterafter the 1979 edition taking place irregularly.It was resumed after the Revolution of 1989 (the firsttime in 1991) and by Government Decision no. 258 of13 March 2002 on the organization of two years fromBucharest International Festival "George Enescu"Festival established the current rhythm.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 8. Pictures from theFestival:Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 9. The 14th edition of theGeorge Enescu InternationalCompetition, the onlyclassical music competitionorganized by Romania toattain recognition within theinternational musical world,will take place between 6thand 27th of September, 2014,at the The RomanianAthenaeum and The NationalMusic University. TheCompetition has foursections: Violin, Cello, Pianoand Composition.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 10. Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 11. A general characteristic of our [Romanian]national music is the ubiquitous sadness,present even in happiness. This dor [painfullonging, nostalgia] is indefinite yet deeplymoving. But to me this music is, above all, amusic of reverie - a music prone to the minormode, the color of nostalgic dreaming,thought George Enescu.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela 12. Thank you forThis project has been fundyed owituh sruppaortt frtome thne Eturiopoeann C!ommission. This publication[communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.Radu Mdlina&Andrei Gabriela