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  • GuiresEditing & Proofreading Services

    We Work with You Until You are 100%Satisfied

  • Who We AreThe Guires outsourcing Company is the leading

    service provider of knowledge (Research &Analytics), business process management, &technology solutions to its clients globally.

    We provide end-to-end solutions to delivergrowth and business agility.

  • Our MissionTo make our customersmore competitive byhelping to drive productivityand efficiency through ourmeasurable results bytaking a truly globalapproach.

    We make it possible through our domainexpertise and the depth of experience by deliveringinnovative, reliable, and cost-effective and strive for thehighest professional excellence service.

  • Our Resources & Capabilities 500+ passionate editors & proofreaders across the

    globe Standardized and automated processes (technology

    enabled models, cloud based analytics) Provide broad distribution network Our corporate

    office located in Chennai (delivery centre), salesoffice in the US, UK, and Dubai

    Multichannel customer care support with 24/7 ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

  • Editing & Proofreading SolutionsEditing & Proofreading areoften neglected, but they arethe important final stages ofthe writing process. Thesmallest error in the documentcan result in costly outcomes.

    Understanding theimportance of the service,guires offers editing &proofreading services thatprovide clarity, coherence,consistency and correctnessin the document.

  • We Edit & Proofread Book (Nonfiction/Fiction) Manuscript for Peer reviewed Journals Academic documents (Dissertation, Theses,

    research papers) Power Point for Business Presentation Business documents (Memos, an annual

    corporate reports, emails, a newsletter,tender proposals, reports, a PDF)

  • Our Specific Capabilities Formatting Citation & References

    Style (APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA, CSE, Tuabian &others)

    Work on PDF, LaTeX Plagiarism Peer review support Journal Selection Cover Letter Pagination, graphic designing, typesetting

  • How We Handle Copyediting

    Mechanical Editing Spelling, Hyphenation, Capitalization, Punctuation, Treatment of

    numbers and numerals, quotations, abbreviations, acronyms,italics and bold type, treatment of special elements (headings,lists, tables, charts and graphs), format of footnotes, or endnotesand other documentation

    Correlating Parts Verifying any cross-references, numbering of footnotes, endnotes,

    tables and illustration, placement of tables and illustrations,content of the illustrations against the captions and the text,reading the lists of illustration against the captions and the text,table of content against the manuscript, reading the footnotesagainst the bibliography or references.

  • Copyediting Language Editing: Grammar, Usage and Diction.

    Correct whatever is incorrect, unidiomatic, confusing,ambiguous, inappropriate with attempting their imposetheir stylistic preferences or prejudices on the author.

    Content editing Call the authors attention if any internal inconsistencies

    or discrepancies in content or any structural ororganizational problems.

    Offer a polite query about factual statements.

  • Copyediting Permission

    Lengthy quotation from a publishedwork remind the authors toobtain permission. Permissionobtained for reprint illustrations,graphs, charts & tables

    - TypecodingTypecode that are not regular running texts. These includetitles, and subtitles, headings & subheadings, lists,extracts, equations, table numbers, titles, source titles,footnotes & figure numbers.

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  • The Guires Company Our Resources & Capabilities

  • Our differentiation Key differentiation: Our open & consistent

    communication model, looking at sustainable long-termrelationship.

    We have expertise in all specialization including Science,Medical, & Technology

    Continuous Business Process Improvement:Flexible, cost effective, speed and on-time delivery

    Strategic partner: We act as a true strategic partner &an authentic brand ambassador, & extension of clientbusiness

    Right Talent: Our business model is built to handlesourcing & developing the right talent to serve as a hugecompetitive advantage.

  • The Guires Advantage Global Subject Matter Experts: Guires language

    editors are PhDs or PhD candidates, native Englishspeakers with excellent communication skills & Scientificbackground.

    Eye-for-detail: Ensure the errors are cleared and thedocument is quality checked twice for an error freeoutput.

    100% on time delivery: Deliver at the right time with theexpected quality.

    Unlimited Support: Round the clock 24/7, unlimitedsupport to the needs, dedicated project manager,

    An ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company

  • Guires Healthcare Private LimitedCorporate office#10, Kutty Street, Nungambakkam,Chennai 600 034, India

    Sales Office: Barranca, Pittsburgh, CA 94565, California 94565 | info@guires.comM: +91 98406 74433 | L: +91 44 4212 4284 / 4212 7284Toll Free No: US: 1800-601-9750 I Aus: 1800-011-276 I UK: +44-1223926607Skype : guiresresearch


    Business EnquiryRaj. KM: +91 98406

    Partnership EnquiryGanesh. AM: +91 96000