Horror Poster Analysis

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  • 1. Analysis of 3 horror posters

2. The central image of this poster is the eye. This takes up almost all of the page, which reflects the narrative of the film which is about a woman who has an eye transplant. The colour of the poster is mostly white from the pale skin, with a brown eye. This brown draws you into the image and reflects the expression of the shocked and scared woman. The hand coming out of the eye is mysterious and eerie and somewhat unappealing to look at. This is probably the intention to make it clear it is a horror movie. The title of the film The Eye is simple, yet relates to both the films narrative and the posters image. The word Eye is in black bold writing and has a powerful impact against the pale background. 3. The top words on the poster name other famous horror films which would attract people who liked those films to watch Mirrors. The main central image of this poster is the face of the screaming woman. We can only see half of her face which reflects her mouth being pulled apart like in the film.The woman's eyes are wide to suggest a scared and helpless woman as if she is being tortured. There is also a smear of dark red across the woman's face as if it is dripping blood which reflects connotations of violence and pain. This links to the red bold title of Mirrors which has a reversed R suggesting that the horror film does have relations to mirrors. 4. Having a strap line is very important for horror films to create tension and mystery for someone who walks by and sees this poster. Like the first poster I analysed the central image is of an eye. However, instead of having an eye coming out of the eye, this hand is trapped behind the eye and acts as the pupil. This is very creepy and horrible to look at it which is exactly what the poster wants to create so that people will go and watch the film. The title links to my previous poster that I analysed as it has a reversed R to reflect the idea of returning, which is the same as the title of the film. 5. In the background of this poster, you can see a suburban house and dark clouds. This has a big contrast to the orange and red colours of the hot flames which creates a bold colour contrast that stands out. The main central image is of a young girl, who looks like she would live in the house in the background. The hands that are dragging her down are coming up from the flames which looks like they are coming up from hell and dragging the girl down with them which reflects the title of the film.