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House style

The house style of the classic rock magazine is very noticeable. They typically put their main image in the centre of the cover to almost say this is the most important person this week it also allows the reader to clearly see what the magazine issue is focusing on. They have also included the bands name, which is layered over the artist to further aid the reader in what the focus of the magazine is. The main images in all three magazine covers have their similarities and differences. For instance, the guns and roses and muse magazine cover both have a serious nature about them, which is shown through there NVC. We can clearly see the artist of muse with his arms crossed starring directly into the camera. Not only does this add direct address, it also makes the reader feel like the artists means business and does not mess about. Another part of the house style is their positioning. In all three magazine covers, the artists head is positioned so that he is in the general area of being over the O and C of the word rock. This helps with other magazines, as they will all be similarly positioned. In addition, both muse and metallica both use high key lighting and are well lit from all angles. Where as the guns and roses cover uses low key lighting and is being lit from the side. This gives the cover a mysterious feel. It also indicates to the reader that the main image plays a major ole in this issue of the magazine.

The magazine also consistently uses the same logo for their magazine. This allows them to layer the main image of the artists over their masthead, without the reader not knowing what the magazine is. This is because the masthead has become second nature to regular readers who will be able to notice the magazine even if it is slightly covered. The colour of the backgrounds generally black or grey, this is used to as rock music is commonly associated with darkness and also allows the text on the magazine cover to stand out to the reader and the more colourful parts, such as the puffs, immediately attract the attention of the reader before anything else.

The word classic on this magazine has never been covered by the main image. This is because they are trying o connote an old vintage vibe and one way in which that they can do this is by leaving the word classic untouched. In addition, the main cover line covers all of the artists chests, which shows the reader that they are part of that band and may be the mot important aspect of it. The cover line may help the reader understand the type of rock that the band plays. For instance, the word Metallica is in a font, which comes across as very sharp and brings a heavy metal feel with it. However, the font of the cover line does change depending on who is starring on the front cover of the magazine. They change in a way, which portrays the bands style and music. For example, the word Muse is written in large thin letters which bring a clean and calm feel compared to he guns and roses name which seems t have wisps coming off of the letters which may portray fire and depict their fiery nature and tendency to go crazy on stage.