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  • 1. House Style NME

2. Theses are the three magazines that I am going to be comparing. The house style of a magazine is the way that the front cover is laid out on every issue. The magazine that I am going to be evaluating isNME . 3. Magazine Title NMEmagazine is an acronym ofN ewM usicalE xpress. By displaying the name in large, uppercase red lettering has made the name of the magazine stand out more and has turned it into a very recognisable logo. In every issue the magazine title is located in the same area. In the first magazine the title dominates the page and is layered above everything else. This is different in the other two magazines as the image used slightly overlaps the title. This may have been done to show the importance and maybe the first image was put to the back as that band may not be seen as popular as the second and third magazine images. 4. Layout The three magazines shown have all been laid out very similar to each other.The text has been laid out around the edges of the main image. This is done to create a frame around the artist face to make them stand out. This technique is used as whenever frames are present you instantly look what's inside them so this draws all of the attention onto the images. Also the splash has been located in the same area on the magazines. It is always presented in the centre of the cover. The splash is the most important part of the magazines cover as this shows what the main story is going to be about and this can inform music fans to buy the magazine if their favourite performers are inside. 5. Images On all of the front covers there is at least one person looking directly into the readers eyes. This is done to engage the reader and make them pick up the magazine and look at who is in this weeks issue. On every issue there are famous musical celebrities which will hopefully make people buy the magazine. The first and second magazine cover have used more than one images unlike the final magazine that has just used one image to catch the readers eye. The other images used are called cameos. These are small images used to show other important information that will be present inside the magazine. 6. Language The language used is very chatty and informal. This is done to sound as though they are communicating with the readers as though they are speaking to their mates in a pub.The target market for the magazine is 16- 30 year olds. At this age category they generally prefer to read as though they are being spoken to by friends. If it is written this way then they are more likely to read and find out all of the gossip in music and then by the following weeks issue. Why Britains gone silly for the lords of in indie dancefloor Im having a personality crisis right now I was worried the Monkeys would think Id had an affair