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  • 1. Welcome to...A Game of Xs and Os Susan K. Smith, CIS 111, TVCC, Winter Qtr. 2012

2. Another Presentation 2000 - All rights 3. 1 2 34 5 67 8 9 4. Scoreboard1 2 3 X4 5 6 O7 8 9Click Here if X WinsClick Here ifO Wins 5. 1In Vista, after an error and system restart, a user gets a window sayingthat Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown, and clicksCheck for solution What will happen? 6. 1 Microsoft displays information about the problem and its possibleHomesolution 7. 2When XP encounters a problem with an application, if you areconnected to the Internet, a window will come up Should you choose Send Error Report, or Dont Send? Why? 8. 2 Choose Send a Report to get suggestions about the problem fromHomeMicrosoft. MS will also use the informationfor future updates and patches. 9. 3You can identify or eliminate a problem with memory by using what tool in Vista? 10. 3 Memory DiagnosticsHome 11. 4You can test memory at any time using the command prompt.Explain how to get there. 12. 4 Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. TypeHomemdsched.exe, Enter and respond to the UAC box. 13. 5If the Windows Vista desktop cannot load, how can you run the diagnostic test from the Windows Vista boot menu? 14. 5 During the boot, press the Spacebar. A menu will appear. UseHome the Tab key to highlight WindowsMemory Diagnostic and press Enter 15. 6What utility, used by Windows Vista and XP protects system files and keeps a cache of current system files in case it need torefresh a damaged file? 16. 6 System File Checker, also known as SFCHome 17. 7Explain how to access the SFC utility in the command promptwindow. 18. 7 Enter sfc/scannow in the command prompt window to access theHome System File Checker 19. 8In Vista, how can you get an elevated command prompt window? 20. 8 Start, All Programs, Accessories. Right-click Command PromptHome and select Run as an administrator 21. 9What utility runs in the background to put stress on drivers as they are loaded and running, and can help troubleshoot intermittent hardware problems? 22. 9 Driver Verifier (verifier.exe)Home 23. 1Using the Driver Verifier Manager, to be on the safe side, whichoption should you should when selecting drivers to verify? 24. 1 Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer.Home 25. 2If you choose Automatically select all drivers installed on thiscomputer for the Driver Verifier Manager, what should you be aware of? 26. 2 You should be aware that the more drivers the utility monitors, theHomemore system performance will be affected. 27. 3Why would it be a good idea to use the Drive Query tool to saveinformation about your system to a file when the system ishealthy? 28. 3So if later, you have a problem with drivers, you can compareHomereports to help identify the problem driver 29. 4Using Device Manager to update drivers, when should you clickBrowse my computer for driver software? 30. 4 When you have already located an updated driver andHomedownloaded it to your computer. Windows will belooking for an .inf file. 31. 5What would Vista do if you had clicked Search automatically forupdated driver software? How does it differfrom what XP would do? 32. 5 Vista will search the Microsoft Web site and the manufacturersHome Web site. XP will only search the Microsoft Web site for drivers. 33. 6A system lockup means that the computer freezes and must be restarted. These errors are most likely caused by what? 34. 6 A system lockup error is most likely caused by hardware such asHomememory, the motherboard, CPU, video card, or the system over heating. 35. 7When you encounter the Blue Screen of Death how can you evaluate the problem? 36. 7 Note the stop error at the top, and the specific number of the errorHome near the bottom of the screen and search the Microsoft Web site on these two items. 37. 8True or False According to Microsoft documentation, the boot record is on the system partition. 38. 8 TRUE Although Id like to know whoseHomebrilliant idea THAT was! 39. 9 True or False - If you need to use a recovery disc for yournotebook or name computer, just get an off-the shelf Windowsset-up disc. Explain your answser. 40. 9False - The notebook or brand company has specific drivers for your system with all kinds of changes made to it. Use theirs. IfHomeyou have misplaced your disc, contact them. 41. 1 If you are experiencing a problem and go into DeviceManager to check your hardware, how would you know adevice has a problem? 42. 1 Device Manager indicates a problem with a yellow trianglewith an exclamation point inside of it.Home 43. 2If you can identity the approximate date an error startedand choose to use System Restore, how should you select a restore point? 44. 2 Select a restore point just before the problem started.Home 45. 3You find you need to boot from the Windows setup DVD.How do you set this up? 46. 3 Access BIOS setup by rebooting the PC. Look for message on what to press for the BIOS utility to load. In the bootHome sequence screen, make sure the DVD drive is listed beforethe hard drive. 47. 4How can you go about recovering a deleted file? 48. 4 Look in the Recycle Bin. Drag and drop the file to whereit belongs, or right-click the file andHomeclick Restore on the shortcut menu. 49. 5How can you recover a corrupted data file? 50. 5 Try using the Recover command. Boot into Windows RE to open a command prompt window. InHomeWindows RE, drive C is the current or default drive. 51. 6The Programs and Features window can be sued to uninstallwhat type of device? 52. 6 A USB device.Home 53. 7What is a driver rollback? (and no, it has nothingto do with Nascar) 54. 7 It is a term used to describe the undoing of a driver updateHome 55. 8Youve been told that in order to clean up space, you can delete a file called Windows.old but wait, what is in that folder? 56. 8 It is the name of the folder that was created when files froman old installation are moved during a reinstall of Vista.HomeYes, they are OK to delete. 57. 9You booted in Safe Mode. What is the name of the log file Windows uses for this? 58. 9 Ntbtlog.txtHome